20 Unsettling Hidden Secrets You Still Haven’t Found in Grand Theft Auto V

20 Unsettling Hidden Secrets You Still Haven’t Found in Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto has easily become one of the most beloved games in the gaming world, especially since the latest installment. With its recent updates and online interactive gaming capabilities, gamers have been even more invested in the series than they ever have been before. As with many other games, players devote tons of precious hours attempting to uncover many of the hidden easter eggs and other in-game secrets… and believe me when I say that there are a lot of them in this series. This is as true of Grand Theft Auto V as it is of any of the other games in the series.

However, there are still quite a few disturbing and unnerving gameplay secrets that many players have yet to discover. In a game this big, it’s sure that no player would notice all the secrets on their second or third playthrough, let alone their first. So, allow me to enlighten you about the dark side of GTA V. For fun, we’ve also included a few secrets from the other games for those of you who might have missed them. Beware of spoilers for those who would not like to have mission endings revealed! For everyone else, let’s jump in.

20. These Shoes Weren’t Made For Walking

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There are several mysterious writings that players can find on the walls near the movie theater and other areas of GTA V. Of course, anyone who’s ever played GTA knows that Rockstar Games did not place these here for the heck of it! If you go for a swim at the beach in GTA V, you might come across the body of a woman with concrete on her feet. Many players believed that this is related to the deaths of the concrete shoe men in GTA: Vice City, but if you take a look at the scrawling on the walls around town, your intuition may tell you otherwise…

19. The Mysterious Goatman

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There is a longstanding myth in GTA V about the mysterious Goatman. Apparently, this is based off of real-life “sightings” existing throughout the U.S., but what makes it even creepier is the fact that the bridge is based off of one in real life, in Maryland. In the game, if you visit Mount Chiliad during the day you can find a fire burning in a small cave, with occult symbols and a goat’s skull on the ground. If players investigate the mountain at night, they’ll be able to hear a strange buzzing noise. Stand beneath the bridge (leading toward Cape Catfish) at night, and you may catch the sounds of the Goatman walking across it. Very few gamers have ever caught it on film, which is why it remains an unconfirmed myth, but the mysterious noises and occult shrine is undeniable.

18. The Ghost Of Michael

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Michael is obviously a favorite character of many GTA V fans. In the final mission, players must choose whether or not to kill Michael (although he dies either way). After Michael’s death when players return to his mansion, they discover that his family has moved out and if they stand in the backyard, the painting of his wife Amanda watches you. Her eyes follow your every move. But this isn’t where it stops… upon entering the house (which is otherwise locked) you’ll discover that the mirror in the bathroom will flicker until completely turning to black. Some players have even got videos of what is believed to be an orb in the bathroom. The creepy painting alone would have kept me out of the house, but check it out for yourself if you’re feeling skeptical!

17. The Crystal Maze Mission Ghost

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In this mission, Trevor attempts to get information out of the O’Neil brothers who have a meth lab in their basement. After many threats, Trevor goes into the O’Neil Ranch, grabs a gas can from the basement, and sets the house on fire. Players speculate that during this fire, a child may have died. Their reasoning for this is because of the paranormal activity that can be discovered afterward. If players return to the burned down house, they can hear a distressed baby crying. We’ll likely never really know why this happened, but we sure hope that no babies died because of us…

16. Pennywise, Is That You?

Related image

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There are really eerie sounds that can be heard inside the sewers in GTA V. There’s been a longstanding myth that Ratman inhabits the sewers. This seems pretty far-fetched until players realized that when they shot the rats in the sewers, it would cause large splashing noises and the sound of a man(?) yelling out. A loud heartbeat can also be heard throughout the sewers, along with footsteps as if the player is being followed. There were many hoaxes in GTA IV where players created mods and claimed that they’d found “the real” Ratman, but maybe Rockstar Games is trying to keep the urban myth alive. This is an area to check out in a dark room, preferably with headphones to add to the effect!

15. Where Did These Clowns Come From?

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Many gamers speculate that Rockstar Games picked up on the hysteria over the creepy clown epidemic throughout the U.S. So, they created yet another easter egg on GTA V that can only be found under certain circumstances. While visiting the mineshaft around 3:00 AM players can encounter several dead bodies of clowns throughout. After exploring and finding many of these bodies, players will return to the entrance of the mine only to be met with a clown that is actually alive! Honestly, even if you’re not scared of clowns, this is not fun to see.

14. This Is Straight Outta Paranormal Activity

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While walking through Franklin’s house in GTA V, players can go down to the bottom floor and stand next to the door closest to the stairs and hear a crying baby. Gamers claim that it sounds like a baby, which it does at first, but after the baby’s cries you will be able to hear another entity. This one severely creeped me out. Don’t believe me? Hear it for yourself. We have to wonder if Franklin knows that he’s basically living out the plot of Paranormal Activity. If he knows, why is he still living in that house??

13. The Edinburgh Dog

Image result for the dog in the cemetery gta v

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This one is slightly more sappy than unsettling, although, many players are unaware of the existence of this easter egg altogether. If you follow a dog roaming the cemetery in GTA V, it will stop at a grave and sit in front of it while wagging its tail. This is based off of a real story in Edinburgh, Scotland where a dog spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave after his death, until the dog died as well. As it turns out, one of the GTA offices is located in Edinburgh.

12. Infamous Ghost Girl Screams

Aiming down your sights makes her stick around longer so you can get a better view. [Credit: Rockstar]

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It’s a well-known story throughout the GTA V fandom of the ghost girl that can be seen on Mount Gordo. What many gamers don’t know is that this legend is based on a real-life paranormal site known as Mount Gordon, PA. A similar story exists, where onlookers unwillingly encounter the ghost of a woman. In the game, you can hear her screams and indiscriminate whispers while standing near the bottom of Mount Gordo which is likely related to the ghost that can be found at the top of the mountain. It’s not confirmed whether or not this is actually the same ghost girl, but either way, the sounds are entirely disturbing.

11. Heeeeeeere’s Trevor

Image result for trevor jack torrance gta

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Most modern-day Americans are familiar with the popular thriller The Shining, which was written by Stephen King and later adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick. GTA V creators have incorporated the ability for players to dress Trevor in the same clothing as Jack Torrance (the main character from the film). The jacket is called “Overlooked Red Jacket” which is no coincidence since Jack Torrance stays at The Overlook hotel in the movie/book. Trevor is uncannily similar to Jack not just in dress, but also in his balding hair. Not to mention, he’s a bit psychotic like old Jack, himself.

10. Everything Is Connected To The Illuminati

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Rockstar Games has never failed to stay up with pop culture, and with the sudden conspiracy theories and celeb references to the Illuminati, what better symbols to insert throughout the game? The Illuminati symbols found throughout GTA V are also a part of a greater conspiracy to solve the meaning behind a questionable mural by the cable car. Players believe that the all-seeing eye symbol represents the in-game aliens are watching us. These symbols could all have a secret real-life message that would only confirm many beliefs, or the creators are totally trolling gamers everywhere.

9. Some Dead People Just Won’t Stay Down…

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While playing as Michael De Santa, players must uncover clues to solve a murder in the Murder Mystery mission. Gamers solve that Fred Quincy, a producer, killed one of his voice actors, Isaac, over a film disagreement in 1949, dumping his body off in an abandoned mine in Great Chaparral. What makes this mystery weird is Isaac’s body is fresh and hardly decomposed. As we see in another mission when Brad’s grave is dug up leaving his body exposed, Brad was a skeleton. Considering the fact that Isaac was killed long before Brad, this is strange to say the least. Also, if gamers shoot at Isaac’s body, it will bleed. It seems like this was an intentional factor on Rockstar’s part, but why?

8. We’ve Finally Spotted Him

gta v conspiracies bigfoot

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Bigfoot was first rumored to be lurking around in GTA: San Andreas, but Rockstar Games confirmed that the rumors were not true. In GTA V, however, it’s a different case; he is slowly introduced throughout gameplay in the Predator and The Last One missions. Players can fight the mysterious beast after undergoing several steps. In order to do so, the player must have collected 27 peyote plants, must have 100% complete save, and must have completed the mission The Last One (while taking care not to kill Bigfoot in this mission). If players can successfully beat the beast, they can then select it in director mode. While it was just a creepy urban myth in a previous release of GTA, Rockstar has made many horrors come alive.

7. Who Does This Grave Belong To?

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This particularly creepy site is located near the lighthouse at Cape Catfish. Players take Ursula, a deranged serial killer, to the lighthouse where she lives, in one of the game’s hitchhiking missions. During this mission, Ursula talks about a few mysterious deaths, including one of a person accidentally falling off of a cliff. Note that this is also the location where the screams at the bottom of the mountain can be heard, which many people believe belong to the ghost girl. Some speculate that the unknown grave belongs to Ursula’s mother, theorizing that the mentally ill Ursula, probably killed her. Cape Catfish, overall, is an eerie location and is definitely worth exploring.

6. Don’t Mess With The Cult

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This is an evil religious group which is considered to be cannibals based on the story mode of GTA V. In a mission, Trevor brings the cult hitchhikers in exchange for cash because they claim they need “lost souls.” The cult is often barely clothed, and despises all technology and modern commodities. The cult attacks anyone who enters their town and have many glyphs of suns and the words “Praise Him” throughout their town. This leads gamers to believe that the cult is also linked to the Mount Chiliad Mystery. What is especially chilling about the Altruist Cult is the real-life story that is supposedly the inspiration behind Rockstar’s creation of it. In real life, the Heaven’s Gate group was also a religious cult that gave up all material possessions including clothes, hated technology, and were in some ways violent. The Heaven’s Gate group committed a mass suicide in San Diego, CA in 1997, with 39 members found dead.

5. Who Is This Woman?

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This freaky character can be found in GTA: San Andreas walking around in either middle or low class neighborhoods. While she seems normal at first, gamers find that there’s something off about her once they begin interacting with her. The woman is depressed and wants to end her life, encouraging the player to beat her as they’re “doing her a favor.” She also mentions being controlled by the government. This has led many gamers to speculate that she is actually an alien. Whether she’s human or not, the woman’s eerie dialogue is strange to say the least.

4. A Little Bit Of Voodoo Never Hurt Anyone

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In GTA: Vice City, there are several forms of evidencing proving the practice of voodoo in Little Haiti. The character, Auntie Poulet, has skulls, candles, and voodoo equipment in her home. There are also prayer rugs at Auntie Poulet’s, which is a reference to voodoo deities. The Haitian gangs use symbols of voodoo dolls and they’re also used as a weapon by Haitians throughout the game. The imagery throughout the city is likely a reference to real-life Skull Voodoo.

3. Living By The Code

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Hypocritically enough, the Altruistic Cult who hates all technology actually has a website. What’s strange is they use the morse code on the site, but the weirdness doesn’t stop there. The morse code is actually a disturbing apocalyptic-like message. The image above is the successfully decoded from the in-game website. Rather than explain the whole thing here, it’s probably better if you just read it yourself (it’s long, so be warned!) but it’s a truly interesting read and gives a bit more background to one of the stranger parts of this game.

2. His Soul Isn’t At Rest

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It is common knowledge that the GTA creators avoid the use of children during gameplay. It’s been suggested that there were children in the beta version of GTA IV, but there has yet to be a release of a GTA game with kids in it for legal reasons. However, this apparently has not excused the possibility of ghostly activities of children. In GTA V, players can come across the ghost of a child if the moon is in a particular phase. The supposed backstory of this boy is that he comes from a wealthy family, and while playing in the park one day he never returned home; it’s believed that he was murdered. Players can interact with the ghost boy, and they will also encounter the boy’s mother who attempts to violently attack you. You can actually find the body of the child (still partially buried) only a few yards from the park, but you cannot dig it up.

1. Mystery Solved

Sir Galehaut's theory has the mural as plot diagram

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This is the mother of all GTA V‘s easter eggs. Most GTA V players know about the strange, unexplained mural near the cable cars found at the summit of a mountain. It’s also known as the Mount Chiliad Mystery. It’s evident that many of the symbols used in the mural can be found throughout the game, but few have been able to make out what exactly this means. SPOILER ALERT: after three years of the game having been released, gamers finally figured out what exactly the mural means. It’s actually an image of the storyline of GTA V. As simple as it seems, the bottom three images (the UFO, the egg, and the jetpack) represent the main characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin while the lines connect them to several different plot points, the last two boxes, plus the UFO at the top represent the three different possible endings to the game. The picture above outlines the meanings of the different symbols nicely.

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