Powerful: 25 Fun Facts That Make Vegeta From Dragon Ball Too Cool!

Many people believe Goku is the strongest Saiyan in the Dragon Ball universe. Don't let Vegeta hear them say that. Here are 25 reasons he's TOO Scary.

Some people love heroes, yet others love villains. Perhaps the best compromise is the presence of a redeemed character or an anti-hero who is not the squeaky-clean do-gooder who follows a boy-scout-like code of ethics. This is why Dragon Ball fans love the characterization of Vegeta, a Saiyan prince who was a murdering space pirate who reformed to the side of the Z Fighters.

If Goku has the perfect hero archetype, Vegeta has that bad boy archetype down to a tee. While the protagonist always has holy intentions, the anti-hero Vegeta boasts a lot of ego and selfishness in his personality. Still, even anti-heroes have their admirers. Why else would someone like Deadpool be so popular to comic book fans? Bad guys just have more fun.

Throughout the entire Dragon Ball Z series, as well as the sequels Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta have been involved in one of the most interesting rivalries this side of Namek. If Goku gets a transformation or power boost, Vegeta is always close behind and vice-versa. Here are 25 disturbing facts and trivia about Vegeta that proves that he is one crazy and powerful beast. Enjoy!

25 That Freakin' Mustache

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In the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga during the sequel series Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta is shown with a strange looking mustache and shorter hair. After his daughter Bulla makes fun of his mustache, Vegeta ends up shaving it off. Because the storylines of Dragon Ball GT were not written or supervised by Akira Toriyama, there are several inconsistencies with Vegeta's hair, such as it being said by Vegeta himself that a Saiyan's hair does not grow or deviate from childhood. Even Vegeta himself has two different hairstyles as a youth. Thus, it is up to interpretation if this also applied to Vegeta's mustache. It is notable that he does look rather similar to his father, King Vegeta, while sporting that facial hair. I wonder if the stache also glows when he becomes a Super Saiyan?

24 Brotherly Love

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Like Goku, Vegeta also has a brother, only his was not an evil warrior who kidnapped his son. Making his debut in the special “Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!!”, Tarble is Vegeta's exiled brother who travels to Earth seeking his elder sibling's help in dispatching two of Frieza's henchmen, Avo and Kado, who happen to not realize that their boss is currently dead. Tarble and his strange looking wife, named Gure, eventually solve their problem and return back to their current home planet. Bulma mentions Tarble, once again, in Dragon Ball Super when the cast scrambles to find a sixth Saiyan in order for Goku to reach Super Saiyan God status to battle the God of Destruction Beerus.

23 Trunks And That Other Kid

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While Trunks maintains most of the screen time in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta and Bulma do have another child named Bulla (Bra) who appears as a child in the final arc of the DBZ anime. Bulla is first on-screen (chronologically) in Dragon Ball Super as a baby, who appears to have a head shaped like an onion. She would be featured more heavily in Dragon Ball GT, where Bulla has grown into a teenager who looks like a carbon copy of her mother without any resemblance to her father. Notably, Goku, Bardock, and King Vegeta, also had two kids in their nuclear families. Unlike the other Earthling-Saiyan hybrids, Bulla would never fight in the series but does have a tremendous interest in shopping.

22 A Badman's Pink Shirt

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Even though he is quite the sourpuss, Vegeta does have several light-hearted moments in Dragon Ball Z, including his infamous pink Badman dress shirt, which has become a hit with Vegeta cosplayers. Given to him by Bulma, the extremely pink Badman shirt has been worn by Vegeta on several occasions in the series, with the first time being when Vegeta is resurrected onto Earth. Yamcha and friends end up laughing at his shirt when he walks out of the house. He is shown wearing the shirt once again when Future Trunks arrives and continues to stare at his pink shirt. The Badman shirt also makes another appearance when Goku returns from Planet Yardrat wearing the native's clothing after learning the Instant Transmission technique. This leads to Vegeta mocking Goku's outfit, and Goku commenting about the absurdness of his pink shirt.

21 The Executioner

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He might not have destroyed entire planets, but Vegeta has killed a fair share of characters, both innocent and evil. During the entire run of Dragon Ball Z, no other Z Fighter has killed more characters in the series than Vegeta. It has to be said that Goku was able to kill a fair amount in the original Dragon Ball series before the Z Fighters existed. Vegeta did his most damage during the early arcs in Dragon Ball Z, especially during the episodes leading up to the Frieza Saga, where he killed most of Frieza's henchmen who were on Namek; including Cui, Dodoria, Appule, and Zarbon. Unfortunately, he was unable to destroy Frieza, which was his ultimate goal. However, Vegeta is best known for eliminating a very popular villainous team that will be discussed later in this article.

20 Evil For Power

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In order to unlock his ability to ascend to the Super Saiyan 2 form, Vegeta embraced Majin influence and essentially turned into a villain, once again, during the Majin Buu Saga. Despite breaking this influence, Vegeta was able to attain this form without the help of Majin power after his reformation. Thus, this brings up a pretty valid question: Did Vegeta really have to turn to Majin influence in order to attain his Super Saiyan 2 form when he was able to employ it while being himself? As with many fictional speculations, we might never know the answer to this question. Currently, Vegeta is trying to master the Ultra Instinct transformation in Dragon Ball Super. Let's hope he doesn't turn evil again for the sake of power.

19 Coloring Problems

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During the initial run of the Dragon Ball Z animated series, there was an inconsistency with Vegeta's coloring, more specifically the color of his hair and armor. Notably, Vegeta debuted with reddish-brown hair and a greenish tint on his Saiyan armor. Since the original manga run lacked coloring, the artists for the anime at Toei accidentally interpreted Vegeta's coloring as such. Akira Toriyama was actually displeased with this coloring and told Toei to correct this error. Further appearances of Vegeta would contain his proper coloring, including the Dragon Ball Z Kai rerelease. It is noted that Nappa's coloring was not altered, despite also being incorrect. Bandai eventually released a special edition utilizing the original coloring error of Vegeta in their S.H. Figuarts toy line as a convention exclusive.

18 The Man With No Name, Okay One Name

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All of the cool people in history are known by only their first name, such as Cher, Madonna, and Vegeta. Despite being erroneously given a last name by people on the internet, Vegeta, like most characters in the Dragon Ball universe, does not have a last name (also known to us on Earth as a surname). It is unknown where this rumor began, but someone speculated that his last name was mentioned in the History of Trunks special as Breigh. Upon further inspection, the last name of Breigh is never mentioned, and the speculation appears to be a false bit of trivia. It is also unknown if Vegeta is perhaps a name shared by ruling males in the Saiyan race, as his father King Vegeta also shares the same name.

17 Super Saiyan Third Grade In Theory

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Of all of the characters able to achieve the Super Saiyan Third Grade transformation, including Future Trunks, Goku, Caulifla, and Cell, Vegeta is the only one not to feature in this mode at any point in fiction, onscreen or in the manga. Also, it is only speculated that this was achievable by Vegeta through an explanation from Future Trunks, who would use this very form to battle Cell. Super Saiyan Third Grade is known for giving its user a tremendous increase in muscles and strength. Vegeta chooses not to employ this transformation to the negative effects, such as quickly losing stamina and a reduction in speed. The highest form that Vegeta does use is Super Saiyan Second Grade, which he transforms to when fighting Cell.

16 Foreign Tongue

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While other characters in the series had their special moves in their native Japanese, Vegeta's signature attacks, such as Galick Gun and Big Bang Attack, were only given English names. Only on several occasions were the original Japanese names retained for its English dubbing, including the famous Goku attack “Kamehameha”. Upon further inspection, all of his signature attacks would retain their English names even in the original Japanese versions of Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama mentioned that this was attributed to the idea that he wanted the character of Vegeta to have some sort of foreign and alien nature to the viewers. By utilizing a separate language for his attacks, this helped maintain the illusion that Vegeta was not from this world.

15 Legendary Omission

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Where is Vegeta during the second battle with the infamous Saiyan, Broly? Being mentioned in the sequel film Broly: Second Coming, Vegeta does not make an onscreen appearance in the movie except in the introduction. It is not mentioned the reasoning behind his omission, but both versions of his son Trunks end up fighting Broly in his reappearance. Maybe Vegeta was on vacation or something. But why would the prince of the Saiyans be gone for such a tremendous battle against such a dangerous foe? We might never know the reasoning behind this question, either. For trivia sake, Broly holds the distinction for being the only Dragon Ball Z villain to fight both Kid Trunks and Future Trunks.

14 An Equal In Super Saiyan 4

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In terms of Dragon Ball power levels, they are always up for debate. Perhaps one of the most official designations is featured in various officially-released guidebooks. According to Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files volume two, when Vegeta attains his extremely powerful Super Saiyan 4 transformation, it is said to be an equal to Goku's Super Saiyan 4 form. Thus, this means that they are on par with each other, power-wise, when it is all said and done at the end of Dragon Ball GT. Knowing that Toriyama was not really involved in the writing and production of Dragon Ball GT, will this little sequel series eventually be ret-conned by the head honcho? Only time will tell.

13 Behind Or Not?

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Though it seems that he is constantly behind Goku in terms of power levels, there are several occasions when Vegeta has actually surpassed Kakarot, albeit being for brief moments. Before Goku was killed by Piccolo, Vegeta is vastly stronger. This continued on Namek, Vegeta was more powerful than Goku until the latter received a Zenkai boost after recovering. After he exits the Hyperbolic Chamber, Vegeta is once again stronger than Goku, having perfected several grades of the original Super Saiyan form. Vegeta would get a spike in Dragon Ball Super, with both times being before the Resurrection of F Saga and film. It is noted that when Vegeta gains the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, he is on par with Goku in power level.

12 Uncorrected Mistake

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Memorable for being erroneously quoted, the “It's Over 9000!” line is probably one of the most popularly misquoted phrases in popular culture, similar to the Darth Vader's infamous phrase of “Luke, I am your father” (which is also incorrect). Indeed, the correct phrase is “It's Over 8000!” The mistranslated quote was first featured in the Ocean (Saban) English dubbing of the Dragon Ball Z for the episode “The Return of Goku." While that error eventually became infamous on the internet for being a Meme and printed on tons of merchandise, the subsequent dubbing by Christopher Sabat for Funimation also embraces the incorrect phrase as it fits the mouth movement more naturally. Yep, something that was a mistake ended up being the acceptable translation.

11 Where Was He?

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There are two inconsistencies pertaining to the exact location of Vegeta when Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza. In the original run of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was aboard Frieza's spaceship when his planet was destroyed along with the rest of the Saiyan race. However, this is disclaimed by several other newer sources, such as in Bardock – The Father of Goku. In the corrected version, Vegeta is on another planet when Planet Vegeta is destroyed by Frieza. This is further complicated by the appearance of Raditz, who states that the surviving Saiyans were on other planets including Vegeta when their planet was destroyed. Spaceship or not, it seems that one place Vegeta wasn't at was on Planet Vegeta itself. Thinking about all of this really makes your head spin.

10 The Original Super Saiyan God

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There is a lot of speculation if will fans ever see the original Super Saiyan God, in the manga or the anime. In that special Bardock episode, Goku's father is shown to attain the Super Saiyan transformation after being transported back in time to fight Frieza's ancestor, Chilled. So, perhaps, he is the once in a thousand year Super Saiyan that Frieza was fearing. When audiences were given a glimpse of the original Super Saiyan God, it featured a silhouette that looked awfully familiar. Pretty much it looked nearly identical to Vegeta, from the hair down to the outfit. It is unknown whether or not Vegeta has a connection to the mythical Super Saiyan God, but that might be explained further in the run of Dragon Ball Super.

9 Killed The Ginyu Force

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Indeed, Vegeta single-handed picked off the entire Ginyu Force. Yes, he did get some much-needed help on several occasions (especially from Goku), but this should be a celebrated feat for the Saiyan prince. He first kills Guldo by decapitation and blowing up his head. After Burter is knocked out by Goku, he snaps his neck, killing him. After Goku dispatches of Recoome, Vegeta destroys his body. He finally kills Jeice by his lonesome. It wouldn't be until Dragon Ball Super, that Vegeta dispatches his last victim, Captain Ginyu, while Ginyu was in Tagoma's body. It is unknown how Ginyu was able to survive life as a frog, as he was probably blown up along with Planet Namek. Thus, Vegeta's reign of terror comes full circle as he destroyed the entire Ginyu Force.

8 One Lone Kill

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While he kills a whole bunch of characters in Dragon Ball Z en route to being the murder champion of the entire series, Vegeta ends up killing one lone soul in the sequel series Dragon Ball GT. Interestingly enough, it is Nappa who gets murdered by the Saiyan prince, once again. During the Super 17 Saga, a whole bunch of villains escape from Hell only to be returned to the realm of the dead. Out of these escapees, Nappa, returns only to be killed by Vegeta with a simple, but effectively powerful. blast. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has already killed two characters, Captain Ginyu and Sorbet. It is notable that Vegeta has the largest kill count in Dragon Ball Z among the Z Fighters.

7 Finally With 3

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With so many Memes and jokes dedicated to how the Saiyan prince was never able to attain the Super Saiyan 3 transformation, Vegeta finally earns this form for the first time in the game Dragon Ball Z Battlers. Vegeta has gone back to utilizing this transformation in several non-canonical appearances in Dragon Ball-related video games. During Dragon Ball Super, Goku does tell Vegeta to transform to his Super Saiyan 3 form to spar with Future Trunks, but Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan Blue. It is unknown if Vegeta was able to master the Super Saiyan 3 form during the gap between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. However, it is unlikely that Vegeta will ever show off this primitive form when he has God power at his disposal.

6 Help With 4

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Unlike Goku, Vegeta was unable to attain his Super Saiyan 4 form without some much-needed aid from Blutz Waves. We first see Vegeta morph into his Great Ape form with the usage of Blutz Waves, but it would be a critical factor during Dragon Ball GT. A device created by his wife, the Blutz Wave Generator allowed for the regeneration of Vegeta's tail, which was severed at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. As Vegeta grew his tail back to its original form, he proceeded to transcend into a Golden Great Ape and eventually his mastery of that form allowed him to transform into Super Saiyan 4. By fusing with Goku, they created Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, who is essentially the most powerful character in all Dragon Ball-related fiction.

5 Great Ape Baby

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Despite being at his most powerful when he attains his Super Saiyan 4 transformation, it is when Vegeta is under the influence of the Tuffle-created alien Baby that he achieves his most dangerous form in Dragon Ball GT. The Great Ape Baby is Vegeta after being under the control of Baby. After getting blasted from a huge amount of Blutz Waves from the Blutz Wave Generator created by Bulma, the Baby Vegeta turns into the immensely powerful Golden Great Ape. In this form, he was able to outclass a Super Saiyan 4 Goku until his tail is once again severed. When Baby exited Vegeta's body and tried to escape, he was blasted into the Sun by Goku, killing him permanently and leading to the extinction of the Tuffles.

4 Japanese Vocals

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We all know who provided the English voices for Vegeta, but what about his original Japanese voice? Born in Osaka, Japan, Ryo Horikawa provided the Japanese voice acting for Vegeta since his introduction in Dragon Ball Z. Horiyama started his career as a child actor and progressed to voice acting in adulthood, lending his vocal talents to such prolific anime like Yume Senshi Wingman, Saint Seiya, Detective Conan, Trigun, and YuYu Hakusho. For the past three decades, he has been married to fellow voice actor Hitomi Oikawa. Despite being in the business for so many years, Horikawa has continued to obtain voice acting roles beyond Dragon Ball-related fiction. His popularity has allowed him to travel the world being the Guest of Honor at numerous anime-related conventions.

3 Unexplained Height Gain

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One noticeable physical attribute about Vegeta is that his height tends to be much shorter than most of the characters in the Dragon Ball universe, including Goku, Piccolo, and his wife Bulma. While he was shorter than his wife in Dragon Ball Z, this is no longer the case in the Dragon Ball Super series, as Vegeta has grown to be slightly taller than his spouse. There isn't a canonical explanation for Vegeta's growth of height, so this can only be further explained by the writers or just ignored entirely. Given that Vegeta is of an adult age, it is unlikely that he is still growing during Dragon Ball Super. Maybe his hair just got a little bit longer during the time skip.

2 The Voices Of 9000

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One of the most prolific English language voice actors in the world, Christopher Robin Sabat is known for providing the Funimation dubbing for Vegeta. Besides voice the Saiyan prince, Sabat has also voiced numerous characters in Dragon Ball Z, including Piccolo, Zarbon, Jeice, Yamcha, and Recoome. Some might see a lot of vocal similarities between the two reformed villains of Vegeta and Piccolo. Outside of Dragon Ball-related work, he has notable roles in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Lupin III, Samurai 7, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, and My Hero Academia. It is noted that Laura Bailey provides the voice for Vegeta as a child in Dragon Ball Z Kai. The original English voice was provided by Canadian voice actor named Brian Drummond through what is known to fans as the Saban dub or the Ocean dub.

1 Breaking Fourth Wall

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On several occasions, Vegeta has inexplicably broken the fourth wall like Deadpool and displayed his displeasure in being featured in gag manga and animation. This occurred twice in two separate Toriyama-created series, Neko Majin Z and an episode featuring a crossover between Dr. Slump and Neko Majin Z. This wouldn't be the first time Toriyama-created characters would cameo in his other stories. Vegeta also makes another appearance as a pirate in Cross Epoch, a crossover manga featuring the popular Shueisha published franchises of Dragon Ball and One Piece. In this cameo, Vegeta would sport an eye-patch and lead his own crew of One Piece-like pirates called the Vegeta Sky Pirates. In yet another crossover, Vegeta appears as a cameo in KochiKame.

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