25 Times Marvel Movies Made No Sense (And Fans Didn’t Notice)

It's hard to blame Marvel for mistakes when they're trying to build a world of magical beings. Still, that won't stop us from pointing stuff out!

Marvel has built an empire when it comes to their films. Little did they know that their ambitious project would turn into the biggest franchise Hollywood has ever seen. Spanning nearly 20 films across ten years with no intentions of slowing, Marvel is just watching as they are pulling in the money.

One of the big reasons they became so successful is that their movies were of a generally higher quality than most superhero films. This was a quality that they would keep as the MCU continues. Currently, their most recent film, Black Panther, is one of their best. Not only did they start off on the right foot, but they're continuing on it as well.

That said, Marvel has been known to make mistakes. While their movies are good, they aren't perfect. As a matter of fact, there are several continuity errors, plot holes, and awful villains that haunt the MCU (and have led many to jump ship all together).

The MCU will keep trucking on with the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and will probably break even more records, but there are still 25 times in the past decade that their movies made no sense and no one noticed. They thought we wouldn't notice, but we did.

25 Eight Years After The Avengers

via mcuexchange.com

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a successful reboot of the wall-crawler on the big screen. While it might not have been the best Marvel movie to date, it had the best on-screen portrayal of Peter Parker as well as a nice tie-in to the MCU as a whole. However, there is one serious error that the movie introduced that even Marvel has stated makes no sense.

The film begins with Adrian Toomes cleaning up the damage done during The Avengers. After that sequence, we got a transition shot with the phrase "8 years later" flashed on the screen. Where that confuses us is that The Avengers took place in 2012. Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place in 2017. Clearly, someone in production couldn't get their continuity right.

24 He's Not Getting Shot There?

via ironmanhelmetshop.com

Jon Favreau had a big undertaking with Iron Man back in 2008. Not only did he have to make a fairly obscure Marvel character look cool to the casual audience, but he had to do it in a way that seemed grounded while paying homage to the source material. This is when we got Tony Stark's prototype armor while he was being held prisoner by the Ten Rings.

The suit was a work of pure genius, except for the fact that it had holes where his eyes and mouth were. Considering that he was fighting people who had all sorts of guns, it's ridiculous to think that none of those bullets would've gone right through the eye holes and ended Stark on the spot. No one thought to shoot there.

23 Wait, He's Back?

via wikia.com

When Marvel announced The Avengers, most people knew it would include the likes of Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. The latter received his standalone film in 2011, just a year before The Avengers came out. While we did get to see Thor on Earth, the movie ends with him willingly destroying the Bifrost and not being able to go back.

This raised a lot of questions as to how the God of Thunder would get back to Earth for The Avengers.

 Apparently, not even Marvel could come up with a good answer, as Thor showed up on the Quinjet in a bolt of lightning. There is some banter about Odin sending him back, but if the Allfather could do that all along, why have the Bifrost in the first place?

22 We're Still Not Sure How It Works

via pinterest.com

When it comes to the Hulk, the rules of how it takes hold of Bruce Banner are still fairly unclear. Our introduction to the character was in The Incredible Hulk, where it was his enhanced heart rate that resulted in the transformation. At the end of the film, we're shown that Banner has gained control over the monster inside.

However, during The Avengers, we see Banner secluding himself, still afraid that he'll turn at any moment. Later in the movie, he goes on a rampage through the Helicarrier. It didn't last long, though, as Banner was later shown to turn into the Hulk on command due to being "always angry." Yeah, that was just an excuse to get that memorable shot of him punching a giant alien.

21 Captain America The Performer

via kotaku.com

Steve Rogers was a scrawny kid who wanted nothing more than to serve his country. Unfortunately, he didn't have the physical power to do it. That's why he jumped at the opportunity to be placed in the super soldier program to turn him into the ideal warrior for the United States.

The serum worked, but Cap wasn't immediately placed in the front lines.

Instead, the United States government used the super soldier they spent years trying to create for stage performances and selling bonds. If their goal was to win the war and use this program to do it, it makes no sense that they would immediately turn around and use Steve Rogers as a stage monkey. That said, it did lead to a satisfying showcase of Captain America's powers went he went rogue on a rescue mission.

20 Where'd He Get That?

via theminiaturespage.com

Iron Man 2 wasn't nearly as loved as Iron Man. The big reason was that it felt more like a setup to the rest of the MCU rather than a movie concerned with telling its own story. Naturally, there were tons of easter eggs to other Marvel characters, like Thor and Black Widow. The most gratuitous reference came fairly late into the movie.

Tony is working on creating a machine to make a new element. Agent Coulson pops in, rummages through his stuff, and pulls out what looks to be a prototype version of Captain America's shield. Why in the world Tony would have that lying around is anyone's guess. Even Coulson seems to know that there's no way Stark should have it, as he directly asks the billionaire about it.

19 Uniting The Avengers

via wikia.com

Marvel had an excellent plan to introduce each of their big heroes in standalone movies before bringing them together in The Avengers. However, they had to have some connective tissue in place that would build up the eventual team up.

This came in the form of Agent Coulson, who was an operative of SHIELD.

Reappearing for The Avengers, he ended up being ended by Loki while he was attacking the Helicarrier. After that, the Avengers, who had been fighting up until that point, decided to work together. The problem here is that Coulson was never extremely important to any of the characters, at least not to the extent that they would suddenly work together. Furthermore, Banner was never even told that Coulson perished.

18 He Can't Pick It Up Why?

via wikia.com

During Loki's attack on the Helicarrier in The Avengers, it was painful proof that Earth's Mightiest Heroes had no idea how to work together. As a result, Hulk was thrown out of the plane, Iron Man's suit was busted, and Thor was dropped in a steel trap one thousand feet above the ground.

While all of the heroes were trying to get their acts together, we get a shot of Thor on the surface going to pick up his hammer. When he extends his hand to make the hammer fly toward him, it doesn't move. Was he not worthy in that moment? Was he voluntarily choosing to not lift the hammer? We'll never know because The Avengers never explained it and neither did any preceding Thor movie after it.

17 That Went Away Quickly

via geekyreporter.com

Iron Man 3 was a mixed bag for a lot of people when considering the changing of the source material regarding the Mandarin. However, it wasn't a bad movie; it just had moments that really made the audience scratch their heads.

One such moment was the fact that Extremis (essentially a virus that turned people into nuclear super soldiers) was making the rounds to all kinds of evil people. At the end of the movie, it's revealed that Pepper was infected with Extremis as well, and she is the one who fights Aldrich Killian rather than just Tony. However, it's soon after that that Tony cures her of the Extremis. Why would Marvel bring in an element like that only to have it immediately go away?

16 All Those Suits!

via collider.com

There were a few confusing elements of Iron Man 3, but none more so than the very end. Tony and Pepper had a strained relationship because Tony couldn't help but keep building armor as a result of his PTSD (thanks to the invasion of New York).

Because of this, he chose Pepper over the Iron Man suit by blowing them all up after Killian was defeated.

This made a lot of people wonder what was going to happen to him when Avengers: Age of Ultron rolled around. As we all know, this plot point is shrugged off in the movie and we see Tony back in action with a bunch of robot AI. It makes a lot of us question what the point was of him destroying all of the Iron Man suits in the first place if he was just going right back to fighting the bad guys.

15 He Should Be Gone

via wikia.com

Guardians of the Galaxy was an excellent movie, so any mistakes that it made would be minor in the context of the overall narrative, but there are still elements that don't make a lot of sense. In the movie, there are a few times when Peter Quill uses his mask and rocket boots to fly through space in order to escape danger and save Gamora.

The first time, he's flying without any gloves over his hands. The second time, he purposefully takes off his mask. Without a doubt, he should've perished both times, but instead, he just gained some ice over his face while he patiently waited for the Ravagers to find and bring him aboard their ship. In a comic book space opera, one can't be too picky though.

14 From Ravager To Father


Peter Quill was abducted from Earth at a very young age. We later learn that this was the doing of Yondu Udonta, who had an unhealthy relationship with Peter Quill. He consistently showed that he didn't truly care about Quill throughout the first movie and was more concerned with getting a paycheck (and reminding Quill that Ravagers had never tasted Terran before).

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, though, Yondu is in a much more emotional state this time around. As it turns out, he loved Peter Quill and thought of himself as the real father where Ego was just going to use his son. Because of this, Yondu perishes while Star Lord is under the realization that Yondu was his dad the whole time. Considering the context of a first movie, it feels like a serious retcon.

13 Gone Or Not?

via blog.riptapparel.com

Near the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, the Guardians infiltrated the Dark Aster and took the fight to Ronan. Rocket crashed in with the Milano and the ship immediately went down. The Guardians knew they weren't going to survive the crash, so Groot decided to use his tree powers to create an organic shield that the Guardians would take shelter in. The only tradeoff is that Groot perished in the crash. However, he was reborn in the form of Baby Groot.

Where it starts to get confusing is the fact that James Gunn said well after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, the Groot that we knew in the first film was actually gone. Yet, this new Groot still sort of behaves like the old Groot. So many questions and so little answers.

12 Shield Recruiting Zola

via wikia.com

After the mild success of Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel was ready for a new take on the Star Spangled Avenger with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In it, we get a look at a Captain America who is starting to become disillusioned with the government that he was originally willing to perish for.

On top of some shady dealings, he found out that HYDRA had been growing inside SHIELD, partially thanks to them hiring Arnim Zola to work for them.

What really confuses us here is why SHIELD would hire one of the most dangerous men that lived during World War II. Clearly, he was plotting something from the very beginning. That was a big misstep on their part.

11 I'm Her Niece, By The Way

via wikia.com

Captain America was living in a cute apartment in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He even had a sweet neighbor that seemed to have the hots for him. However, he was shocked to find out that she was actually a SHIELD agent the entire time sent to keep an eye on him. Little did Captain America know that she also had a connection to his World War II love interest: Peggy Carter.

In Captain America: Civil War, Sharon Carter gave the eulogy for Peggy Carter. It was then that Cap discovered that Sharon was Peggy's niece. Coincidentally, she didn't tell anyone because she didn't want the comparison. However, one would think it would be important to tell that to someone like Captain America.

10 You Shut Me Out!

via tixmequick.com

Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced a new type of foe for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to fight: a robot that has access to the internet and, thus, all of the world's networks. Because of this, Ultron always had a way to preserve his consciousness as long as his AI was able to travel through the internet. One would think that there would be a creative way for the Avengers to solve this problem.

Nope. Instead, the Vision showed up and grabbed Ultron's head, to which the evil robot responded with, "you shut me out!" Without any explanation as to why that worked, it can be accepted as a fairly lazy way of allowing the Avengers to take down Ultron and save Sokovia.

9 Why Are You Here Again?

via: geektyrant.com

Captain America: Civil War pitted Team Iron Man and Team Captain America against each other in a battle to the grave. Iron Man had heavy hitters like the Vision, Spider-Man, and Black Panther on his side. In order for the playing field to be even, Cap needed an extra hero on his side... to which he chose Ant-Man.

While all of the characters were on their appropriate sides for a reason, we're still not sure why Scott Lang decided to get involved in the Civil War and why he was on Cap's side. Considering that he knew it would result in him no longer being able to see Cassie, it doesn't make much sense that he'd risk it all again.

8 Instant Elimination Mode

via youtube.com (longclaw 54)

Peter Parker had a pretty pathetic suit before Tony Stark came along. After getting a multi-million dollar upgrade, Peter had a lot more tech to mess around with, including different settings for web shooters and interrogation. When talking to the AI in his suit, he agreed to turn on "Enhanced Interrogation" mode, which was revealed to be, "Instant Elimination" mode.

While it does make for a funny joke, what we don't understand is why Tony Stark would create a suit for a high school kid that was capable of ending people with ease. Moreover, why would he make it an accessible setting? It seems like a big moment of irresponsibility for someone trying so hard to make sure that Peter stays safe while fighting crime.

7 Easy Hacking

via geek.com

Tony Stark gave Peter Parker quite an impressive suit, but it wasn't without some strings attached. For starters, while it did enhance the capabilities of his spider powers, there were many settings that were still locked behind a program called the "Training Wheels Protocol." Naturally, Peter didn't understand why Tony Stark would continuously treat him like a kid.

Because of this, he and his friend Ned decided to hack the suit and remove the protocol.

Where we start to be taken out of the story is the fact that Ned was able to hack the suit on his laptop with ease. Taking out the "Training Wheels" protocol was as easy as hooking up the suit and deleting the program. If Tony Stark really wanted to keep the suit locked up, one would think he would've done a better job.

6 A Spacial Intervention

via wikia.com

At the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, the Guardians are contracted by the Sovereign to battle an interdimensional beast. However, Rocket decided to steal some batteries because he thought the Sovereign were total jerks. Because of this, the golden aliens went on a mission to destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy.

While the Guardians did manage to get away and deal a massive blow to the Sovereign, that's not the last time the two groups would cross paths. They would later reappear during the finale while the Guardians were on Ego. Where we have a hard time following the plot is that Ego lives on the edge of the universe. How would the Sovereign know where to find them?

5 He Should've Perished

via pinterest.com

The pivotal point in Black Panther was when Killmonger walked into Wakanda and challenged T'Challa to a duel to the grave. The two fought at the top of a waterfall. Unfortunately, the King of Wakanda lost to his cousin and was thrown down the falls after taking a brutal beating.

While most of the Wakandans thought T'Challa to be deceased, he was found barely alive by the J'Bari and taken to their home, where he was kept alive in the snow. The issue here is that's not at all how that would work. A fall from that height would eliminate any man, and T'Challa didn't have the powers of the Black Panther at the time. Since when did snow preserve someone's life when they were perishing?

4 Spiritual Journey

via boundingintocomics.com

The nation of Wakanda is heavily rooted in its spiritual history. Being a King, T'Challa is forever connected to those who came before him. He would undergo a ritual where he would be able to speak with his ancestors about the life of a king. When Killmonger became the king, he went through the same process.

That said, the rules of the spiritual realm are ill-defined as a result of it.

However, instead of seeing the past kings of Wakanda, he was instead met by his father, who left Wakanda. Not being a king, it doesn't make much sense as to why he would be the one to appear in the spiritual realm, other than the fact that it made for a much heavier scene that humanized the villain.

3 No One Noticed That?

via movie.vshare

At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Thor comes back to Asgard and denies the prospect of taking the throne. Little does he know that it was his brother, Loki, who took over the throne and was masquerading as Odin. This plot thread would later be addressed in Thor: Ragnarok, years after the events of The Dark World.

It's clear that Loki isn't being subtle with the changes he made to Asgard, and it didn't take long for Thor to recognize that it was his brother. However, no one else in Asgard noticed that something was up with their king. One would think that it would be extremely clear to them, especially when they have someone as all-knowing as Heimdall. Someone would've found out in the four years between The Dark World and Ragnarok.

2 Powerless Odin

via movieweb.com

Loki took over the throne at the end of Thor: The Dark World, and we begin Thor: Ragnarok with him having redesigned Asgard in his own image. When Thor asks where their father was placed, Loki takes him to a senior care facility on Earth.

From there, we find out that Odin was somehow relocated to Norway.

Where this presents a problem is that Odin is one of the most powerful beings in the entire MCU. Couldn't he have just used his power to transport back up to Asgard, rid himself of Loki's magic, and boot his bratty son off the throne? You could argue that he willingly chose not to do that because he knew his time was coming, but it's never stated in the film.

1 Should've Seen That Coming

via time.com

One of the best jokes in Thor: Ragnarok was when Thor enters the Contest of Champions and is forced to go toe to toe with the Incredible Hulk. We get a cheeky line about them being friends from work, but Loki's reaction is what really sells it. Immediately, he grows pale and says how he needs to get off the planet.

While it's a great moment, it's marred by the fact that Loki had already been on Sakaar for two weeks. Because they celebrate the Hulk and how he is the undefeated champion in the arena, he should've quickly discovered the Avenger who labeled him "puny god" was the one who had the crowds going wild. There were people wearing Hulk masks, for crying out loud.

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25 Times Marvel Movies Made No Sense (And Fans Didn’t Notice)