What’s The Sitch?: 25 Amazing Cosplays Of Kim Possible

Kim Possible is one of Disney Channel's most popular characters, and with good reason. These talented cosplayers have brought her to life.

Cosplay has been a huge part of any fandom, and seeing the fictional characters in real life is like a dream come true! Kim Possible is no exception since she is a beloved character and her show has touched the hearts of people who watched the show when it aired on Disney Channel. The redhead is smart, beautiful, and an amazing role model for girls who want to be cool but feminine as well. Anything is possible, indeed.

The fact that a lot of girls still cosplay as Kim shows that the character is still iconic even after the cartoon ended. They capture the character to the point that we could be fooled into thinking that Kim is an actual person, but we can only dream. Her crime-fighting outfit is rather easy to pull off since it is not too detailed, unlike other cartoon characters' designs. Even though her outfit is easy to make, having the look is crucial in order to bring the character to life, and these cosplayers nailed them!

Everything from the fiery red hair, to their attention to detail on their clothing eventually was all worth it to make Kim Possible blend in the real world. They clearly worked hard and had a lot of fun dressing up as the cheerleader/crime-fighter during their time in conventions, photo shoots, and more! Thanks to their amazing photos, we were given the chance to see these amazing ladies as Kim Possible.

Here are twenty-five jaw-dropping cosplays of Kim Possible!

25 Rather Endearing

via: helimatra.deviantart.com

First off is the lovely Helimatra, also known as Alina. Even though Kim is not known to be exactly a softie character wise, Alina captures that as she poses quite nicely. She might not have the right gloves, since they look soft compared to leather gloves, she still did an amazing job cosplaying as Kim. Putting in effort is all that matters, and this adorable cosplayer did just that in this picture.

Plus, that wig looks stunning on her!

The smile on Alina’s face is also captivating, showing that she is confident, but still has that shyness to her. It makes sense since Kim has shown some vulnerability when it comes to having a certain crush on a guy whose last name almost sounds like monkey. Displaying the soft look could be the cosplay in general, but in her other pictures, she stands out just as much as being Kim.

24 Fiery Teen

via: lydiaxsabry.deviantart.com

LydiaXSabry’s portrayal of Kim Possible is one that has fiery passion. A nice bonus of having a Rufus doll makes this cosplay too cool to ignore. The hair even has highlights to emphasize the coloring of Kim’s, just like how it is seen in the show. Plus, those colored eye contacts look sharp and draws you in.

She looks like she can kick your butt.

This is a standout cosplay, giving us the feel of a cartoon character blending in the real world. Can we also point out how adorable the Rufus doll looks wearing Kim’s matching outfit? That certainly gets rid of his birthday suit since he is known to roam around not wearing any unless it was really cold. Simply just a wonderful cosplay!

23 On The Lookout

via: shannonalice.deviantart.com

Shannon Alice has a unique approach to the amazing cartoon character. The hair is a bit wavier compared to Kim’s original hairstyle, but the look she pulls is still effective. There is nothing wrong with adding some variety of changes to the original character’s design just as long as you look like the character. The pose definitely suggests that she is wary of the place she is in.

Perhaps she is waiting for Ron to come meet up with her after she thwarted Drakken and Shego’s plans. Knowing Ron, he would probably make some sort of noise signifying that he is near. Shannon just has that natural look that helps her portray Kim amazingly, and we are happy to see her as the crime-fighting teenager!

22 Just Getting Started

via: hayo-chan.deviantart.com

Hayo-Chan, real name Andrea, might have had the time of her life cosplaying as Kim since she loved the show when it aired in her country, Costa Rica. She has done more anime cosplays than cartoon, but that does not mean she cannot do the latter well. It might look simple, but the cosplay still looks great on her regardless.

With Kim being a freelance agent, she gets to travel all around the world just as long as she stops her enemies’ plans. The chances of her going to Costa Rica is rather high, and she would probably have loved going there. It might be too warm compared to Middleton, but she has crossed through deserts and even almost came across lava, so she could take the heat.

21 Stylish Pose

via: hunnysempai.deviantart.com

HunnySempai, also known as Jamie, surely knows how to pose whenever she is doing a photo shoot or someone asks for a picture. She would probably say, “No big,” and just go with the flow, just like Kim herself. Jamie looks fit and confident, and probably got a lot of compliments from her cosplay alone.

Despite being a high school student, Kim is quite the celebrity and it is amazing to know how she managed to track time in hanging out with her friends, family. Not to mention, she has to save the world! The pressure to handle would be too much for an average teenager, but for Kim, anything is possible for a Possible. She defies gender roles and managed to be beloved by a male and female demographic too!

20 Photogenic

via: nmamontova.deviantart.com

This cosplay is something special. NMamontova, also known as Anastaysa, is simply destined to have her photos taken. This picture almost looks like it was fully painted, but the lighting and effects are just too good to be a picture. Despite that, this cosplay of Kim Possible is something to behold. The background makes her eyes pop and helps with making Anastaysa look beautiful and captivating to look at.

She resembles Kim so much it is crazy!

Normally feminine is the last word to describe Kim, but she manages to show some of it off while being an awesome girl who fights to save the world. Being a cheerleader helps with that, but being one helps her stay athletic. She can do anything after all.

19 Lucious Red Hair

via: perevinkl.deviantart.com

Out of all the cosplayers, Perevinkl is perhaps the most underrated. She has a lot of pictures of her portraying Kim and they are of high quality! The red hair looks so bright and vivid no matter what lighting she is under in for photos. Perevinkl is also just so stylish that her natural beauty helps her become Kim Possible.

From the other photos she has of her, she definitely knows how to capture the moment with the pose, location, and more. It is a shame that she is rather underrated compared to the other cosplayers on here, but she does stand out as one of the best Kim Possible cosplays ever!

18 Red Alert

via: lomi-hime.deviantart.com

Sometimes when people cosplay, they would do it for fun rather than as a profession. Lomi-hime is one of them, but when she cosplays she knows how to do it. She just looks so cool and amazing donning the outfit. Plus, that extra detail going to her upper lip is a nice bonus, since Kim’s upper lip is darker than her bottom lip.

Kim might basic and average, but she cannot be stopped.

Whatever she does, she makes sure it is done without a problem. That is why whenever there is danger, she will save the innocent no matter what. The theme song to Kim Possible is one of the catchiest openings to a cartoon ever and whenever it comes on, we are guaranteed to at least hum the lyrics.

17 Fighter At Night

via: whitespringpro.deviantart.com

Being able to do a photoshoot for cosplaying can make a cosplayer feel like a model. This cosplay is brought to you by WhiteSpringCosplay! Since her real name is not known, we will just call her Spring. Anyway, Spring might not be popular as Jessica Nigri, but she does have a decent following. Her Kim cosplay is so adorable and the background of choice for the photo is spectacular!

She really blends in well with that cosplay.

However, she must have been feeling cold in that picture, due to time the picture was taken! The purple lights and smoke in the background help make Spring pop out in the picture. All that can be said is that the effort was really worth it for Spring.

16 Got To Get Away

via: ardella.deviantart.com

This cosplay done by Ardella is more than likely the most professional. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and makes the picture look exciting and fun! And of course, Ardella does a great job with the pose and cosplay. Just as the title of her picture says, anything is possible for a Possible! Even though she is in a forest, there are some dangers that come with it.

Good to know that she has her trusty “hair dryer”!

One of the cool aspects in Kim Possible would have to be the gadgets she uses. Other than the memorable Kimmunicator, the fact that she has a hair dryer that acts as a grappling hook is simply amazing! She even has a lipstick that has a laser built into it! You would not want to get it confused with a regular one!

15 Unstoppable Together

via: coolstorymatt.deviantart.com

So… this cosplaying duo is interesting, but saying that would be a huge understatement. The one that is cosplaying as Kim, that is a man. Yes, rub your eyes and best believe that it is indeed a guy dressing up as Kim, and he definitely can fool anyone with his body shape. CoolStoryMatt, also known as Kris just really outdid himself in crossdressing. It is very difficult to pull off a cosplay of someone that is the opposite gender, but if it works, then the reward pays off!

Heck, Ron is portrayed by a female!

Even though Kris stands out, credit should also be given to blusparkles, or real name Hailey. Normally there is a phrase that goes, “Seeing is believing,” but all of this is too good to be true. No matter what, cosplay should be done for fun and not be judged, and these two went through the limits that could have prevented them from cosplaying the opposite gender, but they managed to make it work!

14 Mission Accomplished

via: w0lfierose.deviantart.com

Whenever Kim is done with her mission, the last thing she does is go to sleep, unless it happens to be a school day. The fact that she barely missed school despite being an agent is something we cannot really question. This cosplay done by W0lfieRose makes Kim such a beautiful redhead. Her expression definitely has the seriousness that is known for Kim herself.

She looks so confident and bold.

Speaking of Kim Possible in real life, the idea around a live-action film based on the cartoon would be an amazing idea. Depending on the casting choice for Kim, we hope that she will do the character justice. The same goes for the other characters like Ron. Rufus might end up being CGI, but still, a live-action film would be awesome.

13 Prepared For A Fight

via: therestlesscosplay.deviantart.com

Battle poses are always fun to do! Knowing Kim, her stance just adds to her coolness. Judging by her online name, TheRestlessCosplay, she does not give up in doing something she loves. Just like she says, cosplaying as Kim Possible is comfortable since Kim could not do well with wearing tight clothes while undercover, but then again, she can do anything. Unfortunately, her name is unknown, but this woman does have the talent in portraying Kim in her own unique way.

For Kim to not have a secret identity is rather risky, but it is not like she is working for the FBI. Plus, she does not have anything to hide other than her weakness, that being trying to find a boyfriend until Ron came in the picture. Despite her flaws, we still love Kim!

12 Awesome Role Model

via: misalynnclp.deviantart.com

Misa Lynn has a lot of natural beauty to help her cosplay. As Kim, it is amplified by a lot. It would take a fool to think that she is not pretty. The only part missing is her green eyes, but the important part in cosplay is always the clothing, so it is not an issue at all.

Female cartoon characters during Kim Possible’s time on the air were rather one note. However, Kim defies the gender roles and showed boys that she can do what they can, and told girls that they can do anything they love without giving up their femininity. That is the reason why boys and girls loved Kim Possible whenever she is on TV. It could have easily been catered to a female audience, but with the action, boys came to love it too!

11 So Not The Drama

via: shiru-mahoono.deviantart.com

Well, will you look at that! When it comes to cosplaying the iconic titular character, cosplayers usually go for the classic mission outfit Kim wears for all of the show minus season four. This time, the wonderful Shiru-Mahoono, or Sandra, wears the awesome battle suit Kim wore in the So The Drama movie. The background even makes this cosplay photo ten times cooler!

Ever since Kim wore that outfit, our opinions on her can only be anything but negative. She gets a superhero feel from the outfit. It can regenerate and even heal her wounds! It also gives her enhanced strength, speed, and create energy shields. Kim could team up with the Avengers for just how amazing her battle suit is, though she might be facing some competition with Black Widow.

10 Ready For Combat

via: xxaxelstar.deviantart.com

It is great to know that someone else is willing to cosplay Kim in her amazing battle suit! Not only does it look amazing on her, but it makes her stronger! Axel undeniably captures that look while looking so awesome. Just looking at this picture can make us live back to the time when So The Drama aired on Disney Channel.

Whose jaws dropped when they saw this battle suit?

Want to know what is scary? When Kim decided to put the outfit on, it was still in its experimental stage, meaning that it was very dangerous to have it on while it was still tweaking. However, Kim managed to make it through okay and looked amazing in the process. Just know when she has that outfit on, serious stuff is bound to happen.

9 Teamed Up With Rufus

via: ailesnoir.deviantart.com

What are the chances that there is another cosplay with a Rufus doll? That is just cool! AilesNoir, also known as Chelsea, looks like she is having fun taking this cosplayer’s picture. Speaking of the cosplayer, there is no information on her and that is unfortunate. However, we can still appreciate the cosplay and what a great job she has done.

Unlike the cosplayer, Kim is known around the world and despite that, she is treated like a regular person. Her cousin does admire her greatly, but the fact that Kim does not get paparazzi coming to her house shows how realistic Kim is. She does not aim to be a celebrity but instead fight crime for a better world. It is better to be known as a hero rather than someone who just wants fame.

8 Destined To Model

via: liv-is-alive.deviantart.com

When it comes to photoshoots, having the best pose always makes the picture worth a thousand words. Liv’s portrayal of Kim has a great angle and definitely makes her look like a model! If Kim Possible were to take place during the 2010s, we would see Kim taking some selfies of her traveling whenever she finishes her mission, because doing it before the mission starting can be very dangerous.

Even though she has to do her job, it is interesting to know what is Kim’s favorite place to go in regards to the villains’ locations. Monkey Fist is all the way in Asia, while Duff Killigan is in Scotland. Despite only heading to those places just to prevent their plans from going anywhere, it is still a treat for Kim to travel all around the world.

7 What's Up Wade?

via: greyroamer.deviantart.com

What do you get when you combine the words, Kim and communicator? Well, you get a Kimmunicator! That is a given, but it is awesome to see what is easily the most recognizable gadget Kim has on hand. Even though the picture was taken by GreyRoamer, here were have another appearance by TheRestlessCosplay!

So, what is the sitch, Wade?

It is bizarre to think that Wade is only ten years old and graduated from college already. However, he is a genius, so of course, he would graduate early! Because of that, he is able to focus on helping Kim and be on his computer all day. He has been shown to appear in person in season three, but it is always engaging to know what Wade has to tell Kim.

6 Amazingly Accurate

via: ryuulavitz.deviantart.com

This cosplay just screams perfect. Ryuu Lavitz’s take on Kim Possible is just awesome. The attention to detail with the makeup especially makes this cosplay amazing. Even though all portrayals of Kim are amazing, this one would be the cosplay that looks closest to Kim Possible. Ryuu’s other photos really show that she is the perfect Kim.

When it comes to facts about the character Kim, did you know that the voice actress Christy Carlson Romano was not the original pick for the main lead? That would have to go to That’s So Raven’s Anneliese van der Pol. However, Anneliese wanted to play Chelsea in the show, so she was unable to voice Kim. However, she did make a cameo in the episode “And The Mole Rat Will Be CGI” as Heather.

5 Crime Fighting Cheerleader

via: mimsaerith.deviantart.com

If cosplaying as Kim in her unforgettable mission outfit is too common, there is always her cheerleading uniform! It works out well in real life it seems! This cosplay was done by MimsAerith, known as Mirjam. She looks absolutely charming wearing that cheerleading outfit Kim wears for practice or in football games. In fact, this cosplay probably requires less work and less stress, so it is good for Mirjam to do something different!

Kim being the captain of the cheerleading squad shows that she is born to be a leader, and even though she might clash with Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim always manages to stand her ground and get along with the other cheerleaders. Want to know what is cute? When Ron became a football player, he and Kim would be the best couple in Middleton High.

4 Iconic Rivalry

via: mie-rose.deviantart.com

What cosplay photoshoot would be great for Kim Possible? Well, that would have to be her ultimate rival Shego! Liv-is-alive is back, this time with Mie-Rose as Shego. The second this shot was taken was genius. It gives the feeling of excitement and anticipation of what is to come since these two have the best combat scenes throughout the show.

In fact, it is no wonder why people like to pair Kim and Shego together, even though they clearly are interested in men. However, the thought of them being a couple, while impossible, is still interesting. It is probably the second popular pairing in the show, with the first one being the obvious Kim and Ron. Kim and Sheego are just one of the greatest rivalries in cartoons period.

3 Quite The Look

via: jinxkittiecosplay.deviantart.com

This picture of JinxKittieCosplay, also known as Kelsey, gives off an endearing charm to Kim Possible. The look is simply stunning and Kelsey just did an amazing job on cosplaying as Kim! Her other picture with the small Kimmunicator is also fantastic. Plus, the wig looks gorgeous on her!

Who remembers the episode “Animal Attraction” where Kim takes a personality quiz and ends up being a Blue Fox? That animal fits her so well since a Blue Fox is a natural born leader who cannot resist a challenge. One of the villains, Señor Senior Jr. is a Yellow Trout, which is the soulmate for a Blue Fox. It was pretty charming since Junior is not really a villain, but more stuck in his father’s shadow. However, Ron is a Pink Sloth, so it still amazes us that despite what the quiz offers, he and Kim still end up together.

2 Gorgeous Eyes

via: kinpatsu-cosplay.deviantart.com

This woman named Tayla is just awe-inspiring as Kim Possible. Even though this picture is a selfie, the quality is so high and amazing that it still makes her look incredible! Other than Kim, she has done so many cosplays that are beautiful!

Look at those eyes. They are just lovely!

Even though Kim seems to be the popular girl who is untouchable, during her younger years, however, she was just like us: geeky, kind of awkward, and somewhat shy. She even had braces, which most of us had to deal with whenever we were in middle school. Not only that, but she had freckles, which is adorable. Kim Possible shows us that we will not be ugly ducklings forever, because when we grow up, we will become stronger and beautiful, just like her.

1 Trusty Kimmunicator

via: pumkinspice.deviantart.com

All cosplays that appeared on this list are equally impressive and beautiful. PumkinSpice, or Abra, fits the puzzle piece in having one of the best cosplays for Kim Possible. From the look to the outfit, she fits the character amazingly well! And of course…

What is a Kim Possible cosplay without her Kimmunicator?

The fact that she is shown with the Kimmunicator with Wade in the background makes us relive our childhood memories whenever Wade calls Kim due to mischief caused by her archenemies. This picture brought back simpler times and amazing memories. Unfortunately, Abra does not cosplay anymore, but her dedication and fun with it were all that mattered and being able to dress up as Kim is one of her highlights without a doubt.

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What’s The Sitch?: 25 Amazing Cosplays Of Kim Possible