25 Times The Disney Channel Was A Little Weird

The Disney Channel has had its fair share of strange moments... some of which we're surprised actually aired.

The Walt Disney Company has made their name in providing clean, wholesome entertainment the whole family can enjoy. When it came time for them to launch their own television channel, they followed that same motto. Launching in the early 80s with shows like Good Morning, Mickey! and Welcome to Pooh Corner, the channel wouldn't truly become popular until 2000 with the show Even Stevens. Disney Channel started producing cartoons and sitcoms aimed at kids and preteen audiences.

Disney Channel, like many other properties under the Mouse's umbrella, generally does it's best to stay safe with it's content and avoid controversy. When controversial YouTuber Jake Paul ended up on the news, Disney immediately removed him for their show Bizaardvark. When Miley Cyrus started getting too provocative onstage, they brought the Hannah Montana franchise to a close.

That being said, there are a few rebellious animators, producers and writers working on various Disney Channel programs who like to push the envelope of what can be shown on the kid-friendly network. Be they awkwardly ambiguous lines, sight gags serving as double entendres, or just straight up inappropriate scenarios for kid's shows, there are many times in Disney Channel shows and movies in which things go a little too far.

For your reading pleasure, today we take a look at 25 Shameless Times in which Disney Channel shows and movies take things a bit too far. Get ready for a ton of euphemisms, innuendo, and other allusions to adult activities, along with other less tasteful moments. Let's dive right into the first ruined childhood show...

25 With Someone I Trust

via: twitter.com

In "Crazy Ten-Minute Sale," the series premiere for Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex finds out her favorite store is having an insanely low price. Unfortunately, it's at the same time as her wizard class and her dad won't let her go. As luck would have it, today they're learning how to make duplicates of themselves, and Alex decides to leave the clone in class while she sneaks off to go shopping.

During the duplication lesson, Alex's younger brother Max says he wants to duplicate himself so he can give himself a wedgie.

Why would anyone want this? He's curious about how it feels, but he wants to do it with someone he trusts. Max does seem to be at that age where he would be curious about body exploration, so this scene makes perfect sense.

24 Stiff As A Board

via: pinterest.com

In the season 3 Kim Possible episode "Emotion Sickness," Kim's attempt at stopping another one of Drakken's plans ends with both her and Shego getting experimental mood altering microchips attached to them. To make things even more complicated, Ron picks up the control for the microchips (which just so happens to look like the Kimmunicator). Both Ron and Drakken now have to deal with the emotionally unstable girls as they go through anger and love.

Once the episode goes into full "Love Potion No. 9" territory, there is quite a bit of flirting coming from both Kim and Shego, with both their male partners reacting with awkward confusion. There are quite a few risqué moments, but the most memorable comes when Kim first kisses Ron. When she pulls away, Ron's whole body has gone completely stiff, inspiring tons of fanfic writers everywhere.

23 A Peck In The Wood

via: Realizing Gravity

With its focus on nightmarish monsters, secret societies and the threat of a cosmic Armageddon looming in the background, Gravity Falls is easily the Disney Channel's darkest show. I could point to just about any episode and find something inappropriate for children, but right now we're going to be looking specifically at one background character: the woodpecker guy.

First appearing in "Irrational Treasure," the Pines run into the man as he's getting married... to a woodpecker.

The groom is quick to point out that, as strange as it may seem, this marriage is completely and totally legal. This being a town filled with mythical and magical creatures, you may be lead to believe that this woodpecker is a magically intelligent creature of some sort.

Nope! It's just a dumb old bird, pecking at wood.

22 A Gentlemen's Magazine

via: Dailymotion

In That's So Raven's season one episode "Psychics Wanted," Raven decides to finally make some money from her psychic gifts by getting a job on a phony psychic TV hotline. She hopes that her "Miss Cleo" gig will be able to help her ask out the boy she likes, cause I guess he has a thing for cheesy fortune tellers. Meanwhile, her parents--Tanya and Victor--sneak into Cory's room to try and take his money.

While they're poking around their son's room, Victor finds a hidden magazine. Tanya's mind immediately assumes the worst, as she starts blaming Victor for Cory sneaking away magazines in his room. Once she actually sees the magazine, though (titled Retire at 12), Victor responds with a "Gotcha!" Way to throw your wife through a loop, Victor. No wonder she leaves you by the time Cory in the House starts.

21 Top O' The Morning To Ya, Laddies!

via: Bustle

Along with cartoons and teen sitcoms, Disney Channel has a history of producing Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs for short). They're about the same quality you'd expect from other TV movies, except they're usually either musicals or coming-of-age stories. One iconic coming-of-age DCOM is The Luck of the Irish, about a teenager of Irish heritage who starts turning into a leprechaun.

As harmlessly silly as that premise sounds, it really starts to get grating the amount of Irish stereotypes that start piling up.

The sudden Irish accents and sayings, not to mention the excuse of an allergic reaction to boiled potatoes, just all sound a little to demeaning to the Irish people, or at the very least annoying. Granted, it's nowhere near as offensive as the Leprechaun movies, but maybe it could've been handled better.

20 Ignoring Disney's Roots

via: to-day.us; Google Play

Disney Channel has had many different programs during it's more than thirty years on the air. Many of these shows, including Gravity Falls, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and That's So Raven are now rightfully iconic children's series. Of course, it seems that the channel has a tendency to focus more on live-action sitcoms than the animation the company was founded on.

Not that there's really anything wrong with teen sitcoms, but it feels like they should be more evenly divided. In fact, there were thirteen live-action shows before Disney Channel finally decided to produce their first animated show (The Proud Family in 2001). And most of those animated programs don't last nearly as long as the sitcoms, with many of them not even reaching Disney Channel's 65-episode limit.

19 A Tight Fit

via: Popular Place 2017

In the Wizards of Waverly Place's season one episode "Alex in the Middle," Alex's zany uncle Kelbo comes to visit. He decides to train the kids for a bit using a different kind of method that their father's: actually letting them use their powers. Alex loves this new teaching method and decides she wants to receive all her lessons from her uncle from now on.

When Kelbo drops in at the beginning of the episode, he gives the kids some presents.

Alex gets an emoto-scope, a sort of telescope that reveals how people really feel. She looks at her older brother through it and sees Justin hopping up and down. Alex remarks that either Justin is "really excited or your underwear is on too tight." Justin himself doesn't seem to be too sure, as he checks his underwear just to make sure.

18 Rinse And Repeat

via: Dailymotion

In "Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?," the pilot episode for Hannah Montana, Miley's best friend Lilly invites her to an upcoming Hannah Montana concert. Since she secretly is Hannah Montana, though, Miley refuses, so Lilly goes with their other friend, Oliver. Since she's such a crazy fan, though, Lilly sneaks into Hannah's dressing room after the concert and discovers that Hannah and Miley are the same person.

It's a little strange to see Lilly inviting a guy to a Hannah Montana concert, since she primarily has female fans both in show and out. Turns out Oliver is actually a really big fan too, and shares his secret fantasy with Lilly: to shampoo and condition Hannah's beautiful, blonde hair every night. The look he makes as he describes it is enough to make any pop star immediately reach for a restraining order.

17 Creepy Grunkle

via: YouTube (Erin Clark)

There are many strange and disturbing characters in the world of Gravity Falls. The antagonistic Bill Cipher immediately comes to mind, but when it comes to realistically creepy characters, Grunkle Stan (in the early first season, at least) takes the cake. He has a criminal past, runs a dubious tourist trap, and likes to lounge around the house in nothing but his tank top and shorts.

Obviously, he'd make a great guardian for two young children. 

Though he really does turn out to be a great guy, early episodes painted him in a pretty suspicious light. He asks the kids to put on blindfolds before getting in his car. He even ends up getting arrested and wearing an ankle bracelet after trying to befriend a little boy. As well meaning as he is, Grunkle Stan needs to learn that he's creepy old weirdo.

16 Political Scandal In Halloweentown

via: seventeen.com

When it comes to Halloween movies, there aren't very many that are appropriate for younger viewers. Enter Disney Channel's Halloweentown, a DCOM about a girl who turns out to be half witch. She and her siblings visit the titular town and populated by spooky skeletons, ghoulish goblins, and all other mystical monsters. Starring the late Debbie Reynolds as their magical grandmother, the DCOM was popular enough to spawn three sequels.

In the first of these, Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, grandmother witch Aggie finds out the villain actually has a son named Kal. When wise grannie admits she didn't know Kalabar had a son, Kal says its because "He didn't want people to know." Seeing as Kalabar was originally the mayor of Halloweentown, it seems Kal may have been an illegitimate child and Kalabar was trying to hide him to avoid a political scandal.

15 The Forbidden Dance

via: Wizards of Waverly Place Wiki

In the season one Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Quinceanera," the family gets ready to celebrate Alex's quinceanera, a traditional Mexican celebration for her 15th birthday. However, Alex doesn't want to wear the dress her mother picked out for her. She eventually finds out that her mother always wanted to have her own quinceanera but couldn't afford it, so she casts a spell to swap bodies with her so she can finally have one of her own.

During the course of the episode, the dance instructor they hire also swaps bodies with Alex's older brother Justin.

This leads to a very awkward moment when he starts dancing and flirting with their mother while she's Alex's body. Sure, he might be possessed by a different guy, but that's still his sister he's flirting with.

14 No On 65

via: Disney Wiki

Sometimes shows that have diehard fan followings get cancelled far before they've had a chance to truly shine. Usually it's due to things like ratings or the show performing below expectations, but very rarely is a show made with a set expiration date in mind. For the longest time, though, that's what Disney Channel did.

During the late 90s and into the early 2000s, Disney Channel had a very controversial rule in which none of their shows could go beyond 65 episodes (about two or three seasons). Sure, it might make sense to cancel less popular shows like The Jersey and So Weird after three seasons, but doing the same to massively successful show like Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire doesn't even make sense from a business perspective. Once Kim Possible came back from cancellation and That's So Raven crossed the 100 episode mark, the rule was completely abandoned.

13 Beware The Naughty-inator

via: Phineas and Ferb Wiki

With more than 200 episodes, Phineas and Ferb is Disney Channel's longest running show to date. There are a ton of episodes, a DCOM and several specials, including a Christmas special, a Halloween special, and even a Star Wars one!

Seeing as this show's aimed at younger children, it seems unexpected to find any off-color humor.

Given that this show was created by two guys who've written for Rocko's Modern Life, The Itchy & Scratchy Show and Family Guy, though, it really shouldn't be surprising. In their Christmas special Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!, villainous mad scientist Doofenshmirtz creates a device called the "Naughty-inator" in an effort to put the whole city on Santa's naughty list. How does it work? It shoots white "Naughty Nectar" at people. It's just as suggestive as it sounds.

12 Riding Ollie's Trolley

via: YouTube (marin roller)

In Hannah Montana's season one episode "Oops! I Meddled Again," Miley and her friend Lilly decide to play matchmaker by setting up Hannah Montana fan Becca with her crush and their friend Oliver. Thrilled with the idea that a girl actually likes him, Oliver immediately accepts. But when it later seems that Becca is about to dump the poor boy, Miley meddles in his love life again, this time with disastrous consequences.

Before everything goes horribly off the rails for Oliver, though, he's very pleased when his friends tell him that a girl in his class is interested in him. So much so that his initial response is, "So, Becca Weller wants to take a ride on the Ollie Trolley." Not only is this inappropriate, but also very embarrassing for everybody involved. Don't ever say that out loud in front of anybody. Ever.

11 Pause Or You'll Miss It

via: YouTube (The Renantel)

Disney's no stranger when it comes to hidden inappropriate images or messages in their movies. There's the excited priest in The Little Mermaid and the phallic tower on its VHS cover, the unclothed woman in the window in The Rescuers and the dust spelling a "subliminal message" in The Lion King.

Very rarely, though, do you ever see anything as  blatant from the animators for their TV shows.

It looks like some of the animators on Kim Possible happened to sneak something past the censors, though. In the opening for the first three seasons of the show, we get a very brief glimpse of Kim's underwear while she's front flipping away from Shego (about 31 seconds in). It happens so quickly, though, you'd have to go frame-by-frame to see it. This is probably why she usually wears pants on her missions.

10 That's What She Said: The Series

via suitelife.wikia.com

Looking through all these shows, it's clear that many of the writers for Disney Channel's kid coms make it their mission to sneak in as many unsuitable lines and jokes as they can into these shows. However, no show does it more blatantly that The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. In fact, this entire list could've been made up of nothing but lines from this show and its sequel series, The Suite Life on Deck.

But how do I narrow this entry down to just one?

There's "I'm not Irish, and you're not getting lucky" from "Who's the Boss?" There's the virgin olive oil right next to the "olive oil with a questionable past" from "Foiled Again." There's "What they do in Boston stays in Boston," from "Twins at the Tipton." Decisions, decisions...

9 Karaoke Of The Living Zombies

via: Nerdophiles

In the season two premiere of Gravity Falls, "Scary-oke," the Pines family tries to get their lives back to normal following the events of last season's finale. They decide the best way to do that is to throw a "Mystery Shack is Back" party, complete with karaoke. Meanwhile, some government agents show up to investigate the area and Dipper decides to convince them by reciting a spell that raises the dead. This works about as well as you'd expect.

Gravity Falls has had some pretty scary monsters before (the disturbing Shapeshifter definitely comes to mind), but the zombies in this episode are very visceral. Their brains are visible, their entrails are there, one of them has an eye out of its socket. Their blood is green, but it's still surprisingly a lot for a kid's cartoon.

8 A Real Mouthful

via: IMDb

In the season three That's So Raven episode "Food for Thought," Raven's school ends up getting a new food supplier. Unfortunately for Raven's health conscious friend Chelsea, it turns out to be an exploitive fast food corporation. Once Raven gets a vision of her future obesity, she decides to help out her friend in getting rid of the unhealthy new lunch program.

At first, Raven and many of the other students like the idea of getting to eat mall junk food every day at school.

She is surprised by the huge portions, though, and spends about a minute trying to eat a really big hot dog. It gets pretty suggestive, and its all topped off by Eddie's following line: "I think my pants are getting tighter!" Yeah, he's actually implying that he's getting fat, but still...

7 A Very Loving Family

via: Pinterest

There have been a ton of Disney Channel Original Movies, and many of them are very popular, launching franchises of their own. However, when it comes to the top DCOM, the cream of the crop, there's no denying that it's High School Musical. But even in this squeaky clean musical love story, there's something weird going on.

The leads main rivals come in the form of high school diva Sharpay Evans and her twin brother Ryan. They do everything in their power to sabotage Troy and Gabriella's romance and land the leads in the school musical. They do a pretty good job in their duets, but since most of them are love songs, it starts looking a bit suspicious. For whatever reason, nobody in school cares. Except Kelsi, who seems to be the only one not brainwashed by the diva.

6 Went To A Crazy Evil Mixer Last Night

via: Phineas and Ferb Wiki

As was said earlier, Phineas and Ferb has quite a bit of inappropriate jokes peppered in throughout the series. Shockingly enough, the cartoon even has some references to alcohol and illegal substances, though they're subtle enough to miss the first time around. In "Crack That Whip," Doofenshmirtz appears to have a hang*ver, complaining about a splitting headache after a night at an "evil mixer."

Doof starts acting suspiciously high in "The Lake Nose Monster," getting the munchies for chicken wings and rambling about genies and quadrants.

This could just be an example of Doof's mad scientist eccentricities, though. There was also the time Phineas was forced to stop inventing things in "Bully Bromance Breakup" and it plays out just like an addict going through withdrawals.

5 Common People

via: theodysseyonline.com

In the season one The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episode "Poor Little Rich Girl," the unthinkable happens: London's father goes broke, so the bank seizes all the Tipton's assets, including London's clothes. Since she can no longer stay in her suite, London ends up having to move in with Maddie, who must now guide her in the ways of living like the commoners.

Maddie decides to show her how to do her own chores, starting by telling London to "strip and make the bed." She probably should've chosen her words more carefully, as the confused heiress starts unbuttoning her pajamas, assuming "that's what poor people do." The most shocking part about this, though, is the studio audience cheering as she starts unbuttoning. Maybe Disney should look for audience members that actually fit their target demographic.

4 The Biggest Castle In All The Land

via: Mashable

Disney Channel Original Movies are prone to gaining sudden popularity, especially if they're musicals, and their latest one to do so is 2015's Descendants. The premise for Descendants is actually pretty interesting, as it focuses on the children of classic Disney villains as they adjust to life at a boarding school for the children of Disney princesses and heroes. It's sort of like Marvel's Runaways if you replace all the action scenes with musical numbers.

Pretty much all of the kids seem to take characteristics from their parents.

Evie, being the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White, is very vain and obsessed with finding a prince of her own. Following her mother's advice to find a prince with a big castle, she asks Chad how big his is. She almost seems to swoon after he tells her. You know what they say about princes with big castles.

3 I've Been Seeing Other Secret Agents

via: Phineas and Ferb Wiki

In what might be the most surprising revelation in Phineas and Ferb, evil scientist Doofenshmirtz and secret agent Perry's rivalry has had several romantic allusions through the series. There's the rather uncomfortable way Doof asks Perry to "thwart me" in "Perry Laid an Egg," which no doubt lead to many disturbing fanfics. In "It's About Time," Doof admits that he's been cheating on Perry with another secret agent: Peter the Panda.

That extra-nemesis relationship gets explored even further in a later episode ("Lost in Danville") when Peter's nemesis, Dr. Mysterious, kidnaps Doof. Like a jealous wife, he brags about how Peter is always "thwarting" him. Doof responds by saying he doesn't want to be "the other scientist" and that he considers Peter to be more of a "thwarty call," not a serious nemesis.

2 Live Dancing Girls

via: The Suite Life Wiki

It seems that The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is probably Disney Channel's craziest kid sitcom. Each episode seems to have at least one or two inappropriate euphemisms subtly thrown in there. The Suite Life on Deck, on the other hand, takes that subtlety and throws it out the window. Not only is it filled with unsuitable lines and jokes, but some of the situations are so insane even Dan Schneider (iCarly, Victorious) would say they go too far.

Nowhere is this better exemplified than in "Showgirls."

During the whole episode the boys are trying to sneak into an adult show. And when they first try to sneak in, Zack even says, "Tonight, we become men!" So, Disney's pretty much trying to make Porky's for kids.

1 Come On, Gang!

via: YAYOMG!

A big part of the recent Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants is about the villain's kids adjusting to life in a normal high school. Before that, they'd spent their whole lives isolated on an island with other villains, stealing, vandalizing, doing parkour and singing about how they're rotten to the core. Once Ben (son of Beauty and the Beast) invites them to non-criminal school, they get to experience normal things for once.

At one point Ben and Mal (daughter of Maleficent) go out on a date, and it's made clear by her awkward and stand-offish attitude that romantic relationships are a little different on the Isle. When asks her about this, she responds, "We don't date much on the Isle. It's more like gang activity." I know they're supposed to be villains, but I didn't think they'd be deviants also!

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25 Times The Disney Channel Was A Little Weird