Surprise! 15 Nerdy Video Game Characters Who Are Actually Cute

Yes, even in video games nerdy characters can take off their glasses to reveal a whole new identity. These characters will certainly surprise you!

When it comes to these matters, everyone has their own personal tastes. DC Fanboys flocked to the theaters to see Suicide Squad last year, knowing full well that the best part of the movie may, in fact, be the super adorable Harley Quinn (who resembled a slightly maniacal gamer girl who raided a Party City during Halloween.) I knew a woman who expressed a bizarre infatuation with Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series. She also found some of the Cenobites from Hellraiser attractive, so at least she's consistent. We all have a friend who "jokes" a bit too much about particular communities being a thing that they happen to know so much about.

But for every Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, there is something irresistible about the Nerd - the quirky, slightly insecure or neurotic character who we fall in love with before we even have a chance to realize it. Though they show up sporadically (gaming is mostly escapism), every time they do, they end up lasting in our hearts and minds well after the play-through is over. In 2017, nerd-credit is administered by how thick your glasses are, so I think we can dig a little bit deeper. Not only the look, but the character's personality and demeanor can personify a true, relatable nerd to lust after. Here are 15 of the steamiest nerdy characters in video gaming. Comment below if you agree with this list or think any characters are missing!

15 Just An Average Girl...With A Literal Superpower

Via: sheattack.com

Max Caulfield from Life is Strange. Max feels more comfortable behind the camera as a photographer, observing her surroundings rather than taking part in them. This could be why it feels so comfortable playing her and using her as the window into the game's world. Slightly nerdy, intelligent, and mature beyond her years, Max is a simple girl. This is magnified by her relationship with Chloe, a character with a much more unique look and more drama in her life than any friendship could handle, even with time rewind powers. But sometimes, simple is better. Max is not only attractive, she's relatable. And besides, wouldn't you love a girl that could get you out of trouble and undo any and all mistakes? Never mind the natural disaster it might cause - half of you decided to let it happen anyway.

14 She's Got You By The (Dragon) Balls

Via: gothumb.com

Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. One of the most important characters in the franchise, and certainly the most compelling female, Bulma has had many different appearances over the years. It seems one of her only constants is her blueish hair. And she's no dummy, either. The girl is a scientist, engineer, and inventor, a nerdy triple threat. Remarkably intelligent, persuasive, and a tad bit of a spoiled brat, Bulma has gone through many revisions and changes, but the core of her character remains the same. Interest in her character has been so aggressive that action figures and collectibles have spun off their own versions of Bulma that are probably not even canon, but raunchy and compelling enough to collect and obsess over. Can't have enough Bulma.

13 His Last Name Is A Command

via CGMagazine.com

Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Professional assassin Travis Touchdown is an amalgamation of a few different character types, but his nerd cred is directly linked to his love of anime, professional wrestling, and action figures. He's a well-received character critically speaking, and enjoyable to play in a chaotic, bloodthirsty kind of way. He also happens to be easy on the eyes. He seems to be well behaved outside of work, but when he's on the job, he displays an intense cruel streak, and has even been shown to be stimulated by his work as an assassin. However, when he has an affair with Sylvia (a complicated relationship), he finds it an important enough gesture to take off his trademark glasses, revealing the soul hiding behind all of that mayhem.

12 Be Careful...She'll Give You A Black Eye

Via: zerochan.net

C. Viper from Street Fighter. Capcom created C. Viper as an experiment to see just how receptive an American audience would be to her, using "elements" that the West would enjoy. One can only assume they knew exactly what they were doing when designing this no-nonsense, tough-as-nails character. She carries within herself a sense of history, having grown from youthful rebel, to secret agent, to mother. She may be one of the most formally dressed characters in a fighting game, but you could also find her in a Catwoman-type battle suit in recent years. All of those gadgets and a ponytail resembling a whip - this one may be for the more devious players out there.

11 He'll Solve You Like A Rubix Cube

Via: gitopia.wordpress.com

Otacon from Metal Gear. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich was specifically designed to be a nerdy character. The origin of his nickname stems from Otaku, a Japanese term that represents people with an obsessive fandom of all things anime and manga. His purpose was to take down the enemy with his intellect rather than his muscle. Otacon isn't absolutely remarkable in the looks department upon first glance, but the more you look, the more you'll see that this epic sidekick is pretty damn decent. We wouldn't mind hanging out with Hal, as long as he isn't as emotionless as his namesake. Plus, I can't even imagine how much Snake & Otacon fan fiction is out there, but I'll bet it's a lot more than you would think...

10  You'll Get Lost In Her Eyes

Via: zerochan.net

Sarah Sisulart from Lost Odyssey. Sarah has been through a lot. She lost her husband and daughter, lost her memory, and spirals into a depression due to all of the stress and torment she's been through. Luckily, she kept records of her past in order to provide herself with the information she's lost. She's immortal, but her checkered history makes her a relatable figure, and by helping herself, she becomes an inspiration as well. And there's something so compelling about the fair skin, the glasses, the outfit. The sadness. I think some of us can admit that her cutscenes have made us shed at least one tear down our cheek. But the sorrowful backstory doesn't stop the character from being desirable - if anything, it adds to the entire package.

9 She Has Certainly...Developed Over The Years

Via: Youtube.com (mechamelodious)

Shion Uzuki from the Xenosaga series. A character good enough to be Mary Magdalene's Maiden in a previous life and have a direct line of communication with God itself, you're going to have to pull off some serious mojo to impress this one. Luckily, Shion is a type who loves to learn and shows a genuine interest in many things. Despite being a bit ditsy, she is one of the most brilliant scientists in the galaxy. She isn't a natural flirt, which may actually make her even more charming. She is yet another entry on this list where her appearance over the years has improved and developed to be more pleasing to the eye. Her purity and kindness combined with her cute appearance make her an actual dream come true.

8 She'll Write You Up If You Misbehave

Via: Deviantart.com (jaeon009)

Miriel from Fire Emblem Awakening. Highly efficient, maybe a bit obsessively compulsive, perfectionist through and through, Miriel is a bright character that may be a bit more book smart than street smart. She is also the most covered up female character on this list, highlighting just how attractive her facial features and demeanor truly are. And that hat and that quill might be a bit reminiscent of a Hogwarts witch, but why should that matter? Witches are in these days anyway. At times, she can come off a bit too clinical, though. As a matter of fact, I think a computer may have a more emotional response if you confessed your love for it. But nobody said wining and dining an intelligent woman would be easy.

7 An Angel You'll Want To Fly Away With

Via: ladygeekgirl.wordpress.com

Sarah Jerand from Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Sarah Jerand left a lasting impression when she arrived in Star Ocean: The Last Hope, despite being mostly a supporting character throughout the journey. Sarah has quite a few things going for her. She's incredibly kind. She has angelic wings that allow her to fly. She has the voice of an old-school Disney princess. She can be seen as a maternal figure to the characters around her. How often can you see a character with angel wings have a list of weapons and damage moves in a video game?  Not to mention, she's incredibly attractive in a royal, Goddess-looking way. Unlike many on this list, she is too angelic and otherworldly to feel real or attainable. But gamers love to fantasize...

6 Beautiful (On The Inside & Out...Like Her Guts)

Via: indieobscura.com

Deborah Kim from Friday The 13th: The Game. Admittedly, not much is known about Deborah, one of the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake on the night Jason Voorhees went loose. Highly intelligent (a perfect 10/10 if you play her character), Deborah is a nerdy dream right out of the 1980s who unfortunately exists just to pad out the maniac's body count. Officially labeled the "Bookish girl," Deborah is an attractive young woman who surely doesn't deserve the wrath of Jason...but she'll most likely get it anyway. That 4/10 in Speed won't do much once Jason is on the scene, but she can fix a mean car engine. Bummed that she only exists in the new video game? No problem - why don't you tweet at her?

5 She Can Bring You To Life

Via: atelier.wikia.com

Astrid Zexis from Atelier Rorona. Another observant entry on this list, Astrid Zexis is a highly skillful alchemist and certified genius. She rubs people the wrong way, and opinion of her personality may be mixed with some gamers, but due to her past, you can see why she has a hard time connecting with people. Her appearance (you can fall in love with her sense of style alone) does not match her sense of power, though. She is strong enough to create an entire human being using her alchemy. This quality combined with her long hair, glasses...boots...cute little cape thing...makes her a character that refuses to be forgotten, and remains a memorable part of this particular series. Try not to be intimidated by this one.

4 Do All MIT Graduates Look Like This?

Via: uhudshop.blogspot.com

Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. Freeman is from Seattle, Washington and has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, making him a rather unlikely hero compared to the typical action hero types that we've come to know. He also doesn't say a single word, effectively becoming the perfect window the gamer needs to enter into his world. His popularity has grown over the years; Empire ranked him as the number one Greatest Video Game Character of all time. He isn't only a great "nerdy" character, he allows our inner nerd to feel powerful and kick-ass while playing him in the Half-Life games. The strong and silent type is personified by Gordon Freeman. And I could swear he had those thick black glasses before it became a thing with Hipsters...

3 Don't Leave Her Out In The Cold

Via: Dualshockers.com

Mei from Overwatch. A great fighter, particular when it comes to defense, Mei is someone you enjoy playing but probably hate playing against. She cares more about the environment than the current President of the United States. She also builds her OWN walls; they're made of ice, yet she remains a warmer figure than the POTUS. [Pause for laughter] Are these jokes doing it for you? It was either that or a bunch of Mr. Freeze puns. Anyway, Mei has a happy, pretty face and the cutest winter outfit of all time, though the alleged "thickness" of her body and her outfit has been a cause for concern for certain gamers. Either way, variety is a good thing, and being a little heavier than others isn't at all a bad thing. Whether you love Mei or you hate Mei, you feel strongly about her.

2 A Steamy Nerd To Die For

Via: Neoseeker.com

Chris from Until Dawn. As one plays through Until Dawn, they may notice their heart pounding the most during the scenes when Chris is a moment from death, about to be decapitated in the dark, snowy night. One second of controller stalling or pressing the wrong button could kill him right in the middle of the game, which would be an absolute tragedy. There's no wonder why Chris is a steamy nerd - he's played by/motion captured by actor Noah Fleiss. Humorous, kind, nerdy in his own way, and silently maintaining a cute crush on Ashley, Chris ends up being one of the more enjoyable playable characters throughout the Until Dawn experience. And his bravery when the going gets tough makes him an excellent friend and suitable hero.

1 She Can Make Your Cheeks Red

via pokemon.wikia.com

Lorelei from Pokémon. Ms. All Red Everything herself (sorry Eva Marie), Lorelei is known for having a pretty face (with red hair and sometimes red eyes) and showing off a heck of a lot of leg. I assume everybody who takes their Pokémon catching seriously deserves Nerd cred, right? I don't know, wouldn't you love to be playing Pokémon Go (assuming you still do) and bump into the Ice-type specialist Lorelei on the sidewalk? (And the happenstance isn't lost on me that the final three on this list of "steamy" characters all have SOMEthing to do with ice/snow/cold). Given how much fan art exists online of Lorelei, it's safe to say she is one of the most attractive women in the entire Pokémon franchise.

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