15 Crazy Stupid Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular gaming series of all time, and this popularity is largely due to how properly the games are made. With the inclusion of online gameplay in Grand Theft Auto V, the series has attained sales the likes of which have never been seen before. All this is due to Rockstar's constant efforts to try and make the game feel as modern as possible. Their constant efforts to innovate has resulted in a series that has truly stood the test of time, when most (if not all) competing franchises have either fallen off or simply weren't able to match up to this particular series.

One of the main reasons why the Grand Theft Auto series is beloved by the majority of the gaming community is due to the astounding levels of freedom that these games provide. This feeling is constant in pretty much every Grand Theft Auto game (especially the ones after the third iteration), and is certainly something that should be given due credit. Of course, providing such massive levels of freedom would certainly imply that the player can also perform certain actions that can be extremely confusing in nature. Keeping this in mind, here are 20 of the stupidest actions one can take in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

15 Follow Random Pedestrians Until They Freak Out And Call The Cops (GTA V)

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Grand Theft Auto V was released back in 2013 to rave reviews and critical appraisal from fans and critics alike. The game was praised for — among other things — having an unprecedented level of polish when it came to almost every element present in the game. Of course, one might argue that the level of realism is taken way too far in the game, and this particular instance is perhaps the best argument they can make when it comes to proving their point.

Rockstar has added a ton of minor details and touches in Grand Theft Auto V, and one such random event can be triggered once you start tailing a civilian in the game for an extended period of time. This person will start freaking out and quicken their walking pace, before taking out their phone and calling the freaking cops on you.

14 Play With A Headless Model Of CJ (GTA: San Andreas)

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San Andreas is definitely one of the best Grand Theft Auto games of all time, if not the best. From the open world to the main story — the number of elements that the game had nailed is numerous, to the point where it is still a blast to play even 12 years after its release. Of course, even a game like San Andreas has its share of ludicrousness to offer, and playing as a headless CJ is perhaps the most stupidest one of them all.

In order to do this, you need to let yourself get beheaded in two-player mode by your friend (or yourself, since you're really that lonely), which is possible through a samurai sword or a clean headshot. When you respawn back in single player mode, the first thing you're bound to notice is that CJ's model has been slightly altered — his head will be missing, and a stump will be in its place instead.

13 Take Inappropriate Pictures At A Mansion In Vinewood (GTA V)

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Remember when we were talking about the ridiculous amount of detail present in Grand Theft Auto V? Well, the game takes into the account the fact that a bunch of creeps are also playing the game, and reprimands them accordingly. In Los Santos, you can visit a posh area called Vinewood, which — if it wasn't clear enough — is a neighborhood that's a parody of Hollywood.

While roaming around this area, the player can find a mansion with a pretty lively party happening in the backyard. This party also happens to have a bunch of women as well, and if the player decides to take a snapshot of these bodacious women for 'research purposes,' then a bunch of angry will start chasing him/her down — and rightfully so.

12 Hunt Down A Crazy Person In A Bigfoot Costume (GTA V)

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The Bigfoot debacle in San Andreas is an example of a myth that attracted an unprecedented level of attention and hype due to the mysterious nature of the creature's existence (the behavior of the developers also played a hand in this). As a homage to this, Rockstar decided to add a callback in one of the endgame missions of Grand Theft Auto V. However, it doesn't go like you expect at all.

Instead of going on an exciting hunt to capture this mythical beast, what actually ends up happening is that you trail and shoot a madman dressed up in a Bigfoot costume. We'll admit that this was well played by Rockstar, but at the same time, it hurts that this urban legend wasn't given the justice it deserved.

11 Take A Ride On A Flying Car Before Parachuting Off Of It (GTA: San Andreas)

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One of the many elements of the Grand Theft Auto series that most gamers have appreciated is the creativity of the cheats that are present in the game. This is especially true in the 3D Universe games, where the variety of cheats is simply astounding. In fact, if you're creative enough then you can actually use a pretty unorthodox way to fly around the map.

In order to perform this rather unique trick, you need to enable the flying cars cheat and have a parachute handy (which can also be conjured through a cheat as well). Jump on top of an unsuspecting civilian's car and fire a shot to make this poor soul put the pedal to the metal. After a while, the car will be airborne at a pretty high speed, and you can enjoy the view at your leisure until you decide to jump off and land wherever you please.

10 Send Your Hunting Images To Random Characters For Varying Responses (GTA V)

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Each character in Grand Theft Auto V has his own unique set of jobs and minigames that you can partake in if you wish. One such activity is hunting, which can be accomplished by Trevor after completing a certain mission. In order to get your reward for hunting a particular animal, you need to take a picture and send it to Cletus to confirm your kill.

Of course, since this is Grand Theft Auto we're talking about, it's pretty obvious that Rockstar would add their own unique spin to this mechanic as well.

If you wish, you can send these pictures to other people instead, who will respond in their own quirky fashion. Perhaps the most hilarious out of these is the reaction of 911, who reply with a simple yet effective, "dude, seriously."

9 Hijack A Train — And Derail It As Well (GTA: San Andreas)

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It's pretty impressive how many unique actions and secrets are hidden in San Andreas (especially when one considers the fact that the game was released in 2005). To this day, you will surely find veterans of the Grand Theft Auto games who still haven't figured out all the secrets in this classic gem of a game — secrets such as the ability to hijack a goddamned train.

Yep, you can actually enter the train from the driver's side and hijack it to go wherever you want. If that wasn't impressive enough, there's one more addition to this particular mechanic — if you drive the train way too fast, then you'll end up derailing it, causing it to slide in an admittedly hilarious fashion on the landscape.

8 Feed Unsuspecting Strangers To The Suspicious Altruist Cult... Who End Up Kidnapping You Anyway (GTA V)

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The Altruist Cult is a rather shady collection of people present in the woods of San Andreas. Trevor is the only person who can access these maniacs, and if you wish to do something stupid then you can actually find NPCs around the map and hand them over to this cult. In case you were wondering, the reward for doing so is nothing particularly impressive.

In fact, if you send over enough people to this camp then as an added bonus... they'll take Trevor as a prisoner as well, forcing you to waste your hard-earned ammunition on trying to escape these deranged maniacs. This particular event alone makes these people the most useless wastes-of-time in the entire game.

7 Shoot The Moon To Change Its Size (Multiple GTAs)

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The Grand Theft Auto games that were set in the 3D Universe are not exactly known for being particularly realistic — and trust us, this is actually a pretty good thing since it gives these games an irresistible charm of their own. The sheer number of silly little things that are present across these five games (including the PSP titles) is a thing of pure wonder and joy.

One such example of this particular aspect is the moon. At a glance, it might seem like a pixelated backdrop that's only present to provide a bit of atmosphere, but experimenting around with this construct can lead to some pretty hilarious results. If you decide to shoot at the moon with a sniper rifle, then it'll keep on changing in size with every single shot. A fun distraction — albeit, a simple one.

6 Use The Swing Glitch For A Mix Of Chaos And Hilarity (GTA IV)

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Grand Theft Auto IV is labeled as the game which pretty much modernized the series (for better or worse). The title decided to ditch the arcade-y gameplay present in the previous titles, effectively turning the game into an adrenaline-fueled romp through a pretty realistic depiction of New York City. However, the game does have a pretty silly glitch that can provide a few laughs as well.

In order to perform this glitch, just take any car you want and carefully back it up against one of the many swings present in the game. If done correctly, your vehicle will shoot up in the air, flinging you towards a random direction. Just pray that you don't get wasted the moment your car hits the ground.

5 Screw Around With Michael By Shooting Up His House And Stealing His Car (GTA V)

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Michael De Santa has his fair share of problems in Grand Theft Auto V. He's at the head of a dysfunctional family with a sleazy wife, a good-for-nothing son, and an airhead for a daughter. To top it all off, his past is coming back to haunt him in more ways than one. So the last thing he wants is his so-called 'friends' to start messing around with him as well.

If you truly want to make Michael's life even harder for no reason whatsoever, then take any one of the two characters and start blasting his place with RPGs and bullets. But why stop there? You can even steal his car and runoff. However, don't expect Michael to take this without any retaliation... which will be in the form of an angry phone call.

4 Hit Your Girlfriend By 'Accident' During A Date (GTA: San Andreas)

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Among the many side activities present in San Andreas is a dating simulator of sorts, where you can hang out with a bunch of girls and build up a relationship for a lot of rewards, and some 'fun' as well (if you know what I mean). Of course, you can always choose to go against the grain and not give these women any love whatsoever... but try not to go overboard when it comes to this.

To be more frank, this might be a game, but at the same time, it's simply not cool to whip out a chainsaw and start attacking someone unsuspecting out of nowhere just because you wished to do so. Not only is that pretty over the top... but it's also quite disturbing — especially if you murder her with your psychotic assault.

3 Successfully Avoid The Cops By Going To Sleep (Multiple GTAs)

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Cops in real life are paragons of justice that uphold the law at all times, and swiftly take care of any threat that might try to tip this societal balance in their favor through illegitimate means. This is a stark contrast to Grand Theft Auto — a game with cops who are the biggest idiots in the entire game, and are unable to do a single thing properly that comes under their job description.

In fact, these cops are so stupid and ineffective when it comes to the task they attempt, that they're unable to even catch a single person who's causing unprecedented mayhem across the city (no points for guessing who this person is). In fact, one of the proven strategies to avoid these cops is to take a 6-hour nap. The police — realizing that you're in the middle of your beauty sleep — will simply leave you alone.

Great job guys!

2 Open A Site For Monsters Only To Get Chased By The Cops (GTA IV)

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Grand Theft Auto IV is known for bringing the Grand Theft Auto series to the next generation in emphatic fashion, with an open world experience unlike anything ever experienced before. The game truly took advantage of the power that the seventh generation could provide, giving gamers the classic Grand Theft Auto gameplay with a modern twist.

Of course, in classic Grand Theft Auto fashion, there are a ton of secrets and easter eggs in the game as well, and one of the most obscure ones happens to be an inconspicuous site that you can visit... only to be labeled as a deviant and instantly earning you five stars.

In all fairness, if you went to a site called littlelacysurprise.com with actual expectations... then you need a significantly sterner punishment than a wanted level of five in a video game.

1 Download The Hot Coffee Mod And Play A Worthless Mini-Game (GTA: San Andreas)

The Hot Coffee controversy is one of the most mainstream video game controversies in video game history, and can be attributed as the catalyst for Rockstar's penchant to include unnecessarily disturbing scenes in their games to take advantage of all the free PR their receive as a result (no matter how negative it may get).

Thinking even for a second that adding this minigame would be a good idea is plain stupid on a number of levels, but perhaps the worst part about all this is that people actually chose to download the mod that enabled these game files in the first place. If it wasn't clear enough, this is not something that people want to think about while playing a game like Grand Theft Auto.

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