20 Pokémon Whisper Confessions You Won’t Believe

These Whisper confessions from people who play Pokémon are shocking, to say the least.

Pokémon launched in 1996 to worldwide success and became something of a phenomenon. not only did it revitalize the Game Boy's dwindling popularity, but it grew into something bigger than just a video game, followed by spinoffs, its own anime series, and everything from stuffed animals to its own breakfast cereal.  What was seen as a trend of the late 20th century soon became a successful franchise that easily stood the test of time that still holds popular today over twenty years later with kids and adults alike.

Strangely enough, the franchise seems to be just as popular today, ushering in a new generation of kids to play each to iteration of the series. That doesn't necessarily mean that people that played the original Pokémon games have grown up completely, however, as many adults still find themselves immersed with these pocket monsters, even though they are now faced with more responsibilities and adulting. But sometimes, these peoples' behavior seem a little outlandish for adults and they may do things that seem somewhat immature for an adult, requiring them to confess their biggest and most embarrassing secrets that may seem culturally frowned upon by their peers. Because of this, they turn to the Whisper app, a social media platform that allow people to share their biggest secrets anonymously. Do Pokémon and Whisper go together? You decide with these 20 Pokémon confessions.

20 Who Needs Tinder Anyway?

via: awesomeinventions.com

If you have a smart phone, you've probably heard of (or actually used) Tinder, a phone application that allows you to swipe between different potential love connections and say whether you are interested in meeting them or not. If you both are interested in meeting each other, the app will notify you that there's a match, enabling a connection. In a world of smartphones, it seems that our communication skills are becoming increasingly worse, making a phone application seem like the only way to meet possible connections. With the launch of Pokémon Go, going out and being social was a means for playing the game. Sure, we were still staring at our smart phones, but we were still out and about actually getting exercise and meeting people... at least until the app's popularity died down. With that said, the early launch of the mobile game was something unique as it led people to interact with one another in a way they probably never imagined.

19 She's Probably Better Left In The Past Anyway


Remember when we were kids and we didn't have to worry about our exes ruining a good game of Pokémon? There's really no good or bad time to move on from a past relationship. It's kind of just whenever a person is ready, but actually getting rid of all those old photographs on your phone is still a daunting and emotional task. This Whisper user seemed to be clinging on to someone that had already moved on and just needed something to give him a little boost of motivation. Pokémon Go may have launched to a slightly bigger file size than they expected and room needed to be made on the phone. Sure, they could have gotten rid of all those saved cat pictures and internet memes they have saved over the years, but it seems like their ex took back seat in the grand scheme of things.

18 This Seems A Little Neglectful

via: pinterest.com

You don't have to actually enjoy Pokémon to actually appreciate Pokémon Go. This mother would pretty much be my spirit animal if I were ever to have kids. There's really no telling as to how her kids act, but whether they are loud and rambunctious or calm and collected, mothers still need a break from their children every now and then. With the launch of Pokémon Go, it seems like these kids were actually willing to go outside and give their mother a break for a change. This mother seemingly had no issue cracking open a bottle of wine despite not being totally sure where her kids were or when they'd come back, but she wasn't going to fret over those small details when she was getting a chance to have some peace and quiet.

17 Best. First Date. Ever.

via: whisper.sh

Every so often, McDonald's has Pokémon events, much like other companies who do the same thing, allowing Pokémon players to download special promotional Pokémon from their wi-fi network. Hoopa was a Pokémon who was found early in Pokémon X and Y's source code, but players weren't sure how or when they would have access to it. It seems this pair matched over the Tinder app and quickly discovered that they had more in common than just both swiping right. McDonald's definitely wouldn't be a first date location for most people, especially those in their late twenties, but social standards be damned, these two both wanted a Hoopa to add to their collection. Not only did they get a Hoopa, but they probably got a McFlurry too, so it seems like a win-win situation to me.

16 They Really Should Do Something About This

via: whisper.sh

Not every area is a winner as far as Pokémon Go is concerned. While our Facebook feeds a little over a year ago seemed like they were popping with images of large social gatherings across the globe of people playing the game, some people living in less populated areas weren't so lucky. The app places Pokémon largely in part to how populated an area is and how much cellular service is being designated to one particular area. This makes places such as the country less than spectacular for people wanting to partake in playing Pokémon Go. Unfortunately, the issue was never really acknowledged and if you reside in a less populated area, you are pretty much just out of luck.

15 It's Certainly Better Than A Chick Flick


This is probably in reference to one of the earlier Pokémon flicks that were released earlier on in the franchise's history, as most Pokémon movies aren't released in theaters anymore. It doesn't change the fact that this guy went out with a totally awesome girl. Pokémon isn't necessarily pushed toward one specific gender, but there is no denying that its fanbase is largely male. That's why this guy might have been taken aback when he was trying to be a decent date and let the girl pick the movie. Gender aside, if these two were old enough to be dating without parental supervision, it might have just been shocking enough that she picked a Pokémon movie on the basis that it is technically a kid's movie. Still, it's way better than getting stuck watching a chick flick.

14 We'd ALL Wish To Meet Someone Like This


Dating is difficult. It's more difficult when you're dating someone who doesn't understand your favorite hobby. Our partners may not always understand why we're so obsessed with imaginary fictional creatures, but the very least they can do is accept we like what we like. But actually meeting someone who partakes in the same hobby as you? You better have some Pokéballs in stock to catch that one. Dating someone who also plays Pokémon would be the ideal relationship! You could each get the opposite game version of one another, you would have someone to trade Pokémon with, and you would always have a worthy adversary to battle. Where cane we catch someone like that?

13 What. A. MORON!

via: pinterest.com

It's kind of questionable whether this Whisper confession is legitimate or not because it's really hard to believe that anyone could actually be that daft. Yet this Pokémon Go player admits that they became so immersed in the game that they practically viewed their $800 smartphone as an actual Pokéball. Sure, smartphones seem to break the second you drop them from your hand, but actually going as far as to chuck your phone across the room and smash it into a wall? This person's phone never stood a chance. Hopefully, this person wised up a little bit before they got their replacement phone.

12 Wait... Do They Actually Make These??

via: pinterest.com

Okay, maybe I just googled "Pokémon bath bomb" and maybe I just got a whole bunch of results, mainly from Etsy, verifying that this is actually a thing. I am not going to pretend that I understand the appeal of bath bombs, but when you make something with a Pokémon branding on it, anything is fair game. Bath time doesn't just have to be enjoyed by kids anymore with this fantastic product, and this guy is lucky to have a girl who is willing to buy him thoughtful gifts like this. Now I just wonder what kind of Pokémon was actually inside the bath bomb!

11 Well, That's One Way To Hatch An Egg...

via: pinterest.com

When Pokémon Go released, it seemed like every one was trying to invent ways to cheat the system. No matter how much a game encourages people to get out of their houses and actually exercise, people like to find ways to continue being lazy. Whether it is tying your smartphone to a ceiling fan or trying to keep the app open for car rides, the game seems to be pretty smart when it comes to detecting fakers. I have to admit, though, that this Whisper user's husband had a pretty clever idea, but it probably didn't work unless his cat was covering actual mileage. Yet by strapping his smart phone to his cat, the app likely was able to account for a few extra steps. Whether this actually netted him a baby Pokémon is uncertain.

10 Well, THIS Is Pretty Awkward

via: whisper.sh

I'm sure we've all gotten ear worms from time to time that we couldn't get out of our heads, sometimes resulting in spontaneous singing, but there is a time and place to keep it together! This Whisper user admits to just not giving a damn and bursting into the Pokémon theme song in the middle of it. Strangely enough, his girlfriend seemed totally cool with it. Whether she joined in or not is unknown, but she was okay with it at the very least. It seems a little cocky, however, to sing "I want to be the very best like no one ever was" in the middle of it, but at least he's setting his goals high in order to please his girlfriend.

9 Nothing Brings Two People Closer Than Pokémon

via: pinterest.com

I've heard a lot of great stories pertaining to Pokémon Go's success, not just as an app or from a company standpoint, but as a way of bringing people closer together as well. Pokémon Go can easily be a solitary experience, but on launch, it was hard not to run in to other people who were following the same trend and when two people in a relationship are both playing it, it is hard not to bond over it. It's strange to think that one's marriage could potentially be crumbling, but something as simple as a video game could help build it back up. Whether or not both parties in this relationship were initially into Pokémon or not is questionable, but due to Pokémon Go's widespread appeal, both parties in this relationship were actually willing to spend time with one another again. Hopefully this continued once the game's popularity died down as well.

8 Probably Not The Best Time For This Discussion...

via: whisper.sh

When you have a certain obsession over something, it's hard not to think about it all the time. Yet you would think this bride would be willing to put her interest of Pokémon on hold for at least one day... or at the very least, maybe settle for a Pokémon themed cake. I can't begin to understand some of people's weird confessions on the Whisper app, and I'll never understand the people that actually have full blown conversations in the middle of it, but there's got to be a better time to discuss which evolution your Eevee should take part in than the first time you get in bed with your brand new husband. I'd have to imagine this bride's husband was just as equally into Pokémon to be willing to put up with this in the middle of it.

7 What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?

via: whisper.sh

Pokémon Go was so popular and such a strange phenomenon that it's hard to believe that people were actually getting in trouble with the cops when it was released. Strangely enough, many people gladly admitted of trespassing in places that they shouldn't have been going and certain areas became such big Pokémon hunting zones that cops had to give certain areas curfew due to noise complaints. Yet when you start going Pokémon hunting at 3:30 in the morning, you definitely start to look a little suspicious, especially if you're just wandering the streets alone. I can only imagine how you would explain to an officer that you were just out Pokémon hunting. At least he wasn't playing the game while driving.

6 Pokémon Fixes All

via: whisper.sh

Anxiety is something that many people don't understand. While many people have experienced anxiety at one point or another, it may be difficult to really understand an anxiety disorder. It can have a severe negative impact on someone's life and some people have this mental disorder so bad that they develop agoraphobia, or the fear that certain places are unsafe. This Whisper user admits that most days they're unwilling to even leave the house unless it's absolutely necessary, their anxiety is so bad. Luckily, he was interested enough in Pokémon Go that he was willing to brave the outside world. Hopefully, it helped him enough to tackle more situations in his life where he experienced anxiety, but being able to make it out of the house is definitely a good start.

5 You Know You Would LOVE This On A Ring

via: pinterest.com

It's hard to tell whether or not this guy's wife is actually a Pokémon fan herself, but it is nice to see that she appreciates her husband enough to humor him by embracing is more geeky side. Wedding rings don't necessarily have to be engraved, but it was sweet for this girl to be willing to get them customized to her husband's liking by putting the popular phrase from the Pokémon anime show "I choose you" on the inside of the ring. This girl is definitely a keeper and getting a wedding ring engraved with a popular geeky phrase is definitely something I am jealous of.

4 Oh, NOW You Like Pokémon!

via: reacho.in

Being a Pokémon fanatic has never been easy. Sure, there are plenty of people who understand that video games are a completely acceptable hobby, but some people just don't get it. If you're not being criticized for liking video games, you're at least getting criticized for playing what is commonly known as a kid's game. Growing up with the series, it seemed like there was always this group of people who brought their handhelds to school and were teased for it. Yet when Pokémon Go launched for smart phones a year ago, it seems like even the most anti-Pokémon people were even playing it. Personally, I welcome this behavior as it means that outsiders are at least understanding the appeal of catching them all to some degree.

3 Better Catch This One With A Master Ball

via: pinterest.com

Maybe this isn't the most romantic proposal I've ever heard of, but it still is pretty darned sweet! While this is pretty much just a concept imagined by a guy at the moment, it'd be great to see if he actually goes through with it or not. Hopefully, he ends up proposing to a girl who is also a huge Pokémon fanatic, however, or else the sentiment will be totally lost on her. Yet if he's going to go as far as replacing the ring case with a plastic toy, he may need to go ahead and fork over a little extra money on a ring just to make up for it. Hopefully, choosing the right girl isn't as stressful as picking the right starter at the beginning of each Pokémon game.

2 When Will I Need To Know All 45 Presidents Anyway?

via: whisper.sh

There's a pretty good chance that most Pokémon fans can name more Pokémon than they can actual names of U.S. presidents and that's not just because there are now over 800 Pokémon as opposed to the amount of actual presidents. While people were snoozing through sophomore year government class, they were also likely getting their Pokémon on in their spare time. I kind of expect anyone to be more knowledgeable about one of their hobbies though rather than politics, unless of course their hobby was in fact politics. Yet with all the craziness going on in the world in recent years, it is definitely easier to turn my attention toward Pokémon as it is far less stressful. Hopefully, this person's Pokémon habit didn't affect his grades in school, however.

1 There Are Definitely Worse Things To Wake Up To

via: pinterest.com

I'm personally a fan of setting my alarm clock to the opening of the Hyrule field theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but hey, to each their own. While some settle for the annoying beeps that accompany most alarms, some prefer a much more grand tune to start their day off to. This Whisper user admits to setting his alarm to the original intro from the original Pokémon games. He says that each morning, the song reminds him that each day is the beginning of an epic adventure, and he isn't wrong. While life has a serious lack of a background soundtrack, it is always a good idea to set your own, and the Pokémon series has been no stranger composing some serious epic tunes over the past twenty years.

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