15 Video Game Bosses We Can't Believe They Made

These shockingly inappropriate video game bosses are so embarrassing that you wouldn't want to fight them in front of your family.

Video game bosses are meant to guard certain points on the map or are there to stop you from progressing to the next level. Game designers have been very creative when it comes to making bosses over the years. Who can forget the tactical battle against Mister Freeze in Arkham City, or the long-awaited confrontation against Magus in Chrono Trigger?

There have been some video game developers who have used the concept of the boss to work out some of their deep and disturbing feelings. This why we see bosses that are monstrous unclothed women or are basically a giant piece of anatomy that you need to stab with a sword.

It isn't just clothes (or lack of) that qualifies a boss as being inappropriate, as their words or backstory could also earn them for a spot on this list. If you would be embarrassed fighting this boss in front of your family, then it makes the list!

We are here today to look at the most inappropriate bosses that players have ever had to fight in a game. From the Resident Evil boss who used her plant powers to gain a new appendage, to the true mascot of the Shin Megami Tensei series, every boss here is something you wouldn't want your mother to know you've fought.

Here are the Fifteen Most Inappropriate Video Game Bosses!

15 This Is Why You Don't Mess With Genetics

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The relationship between Alexia and Alfred Ashford is already pretty disturbing. The two of them first appeared in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, where it was revealed that they were created as a result of genetic tampering. They were bred as part of a program to recreate the founder of the Ashford family. The embryo split, which led to the birth of the twins. As they grew up, they began a forbidden family relationship. Alexia willingly infected herself with the T-Virus and put herself into cryo-sleep, while her brother stood guard.

In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, the player must battle an infected version of Alexia. Her second form involves Alexia taking on plant-like elements, which includes a huge appendage at the front of her body which resembles a big green... well, you know.

14 Fifty Shades Of Grey Fox

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A boss doesn't have to be unclothed to be considered inappropriate. There are some bosses who say overly gross things in combat. Leblanc from Final Fantasy X-2 would probably have made this list if her massage mini-game had happened during a battle.

The Metal Gear Solid series has come under fire on many occasions for its representation of women. This is because they objectify the female characters, such as The Quiet and the Beauty and the Beast squad.

Grey Fox (sometimes called the Ninja) from the original Metal Gear Solid had some pretty risqué dialogue. You have to battle him in unarmed combat, which eventually causes him to start losing control. Grey Fox begs you to hurt him more, as you keep punching him in the face. They should rename the game Fifty Shades of Grey Fox. 

13 Attack Of The Blob

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The world of the Dragon Age series is under constant threat from a demonic race known as the Darkspawn. The Dwarven cities barely manage to hold back the hordes of evil from emerging from the underground and taking over the surface.

There seems to be an endless supply of Darkspawn. The source for these creatures are giant beings known as Broodmothers. These were once regular females, who were forced into being becoming Broodmothers by the Darkspawn. They were force fed the flesh of the dead while being made to swallow every possible fluid that the Darkspawn can muster from their decaying bodies.

The player can encounter several Broodmothers in the Dragon Age series. They retain the form of a bloated female with numerous giant appendages, that sit atop a horrific insect-like body. Don't let their size fool you, as the Broodmothers are some of the most powerful creatures you will battle in the series.

12 That Would Probably Hurt


The Breath of Fire series is no stranger to limiting clothes. It's one of the few major JRPG franchises to ever show off the main character's parts in a cutscene. Nina gets an eyeful of Ryu's bottom area when she first encounters him in Breath of Fire IV.

The Ryu of Breath of Fire IV might enjoy showing his off, but he has nothing on the main villain of Breath of Fire II. Deathevan is a terrifying demon with an array of claws and spikes on his body. The more frightening aspect of Deathevan are the six protrusions that seem to be emerging from his lower area. It might sound like Deathevan is six times more fun in the bedroom, but the rows of razor sharp teeth would probably put a dampener on the evening.

11 This Is What You Get For Repressing Your Feelings

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The whole gimmick of the town of Silent Hill is that you face monstrous representations of things that you were already afraid of. The creatures in the first Silent Hill were monsters that children would be afraid of (like dogs, doctors, other children), while the monsters in Silent Hill 2 took on more of a adult and tortured bent.

It seems that Heather Mason must be afraid of anything that happens in the bedroom, as she encounters a boss called the Split Worm in Silent Hill 3. This is a huge creature that tears open its face, which resembles skin, in order to reveal a tooth-filled protrusion that looks like a fleshy body part. She probably longs to fight the creatures that her dad battled in the first game.

10 Firey Hot

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This boss comes from a game that is possibly the most obscure title on this list. The Lunar series seems to have been popular in the era that transitioned the 16-bit and 3-bit console generations, but it never earned a huge fan base like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, which is why it has mainly been forgotten about.

One of the boss monsters in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is called Mauri's Id. It resembles a bizarre mixture of a plant and a hydra. At one brief point during the battle, Mauri's Id sprouts a huge pair that are set aflame. The skin of them is burnt off, revealing a skeleton head within. This might be the reason why no one talks about the Lunar series compared to Final Fantasy. Sephiroth had his problems, but at least he kept everything in his pants.

9 Watch Out For The Teeth

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Catherine might be the most sensual game on this list. It manages to do this without ever resorting to scantily clad women. The whole game is about a man making the choice to either stay with his boring girlfriend or cheat on her with a much more desirable woman.

The gameplay of Catherine takes place within the subconscious of a man who is deathly afraid of responsibility and is haunted by the choices he makes. He ends up being pursued by creatures that represent these fears.

The Immoral Beast looks like a butt connected to a set of legs. It has a large mouth with razor-sharp teeth that appear in a very conspicuous place. The Immoral Beast looks like a rejected design for The Judge in the movie version of Pink Floyd's The Wall. 

8 That's A Little Heavy...

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The Headcrabs of the Half-Life series are some of the most nightmarish monsters in video game history. They are similar to the Facehuggers of the Alien franchise, except that they turn you into a zombie once they clamp onto your head. Gordon Freeman is forced to murder his former colleagues, as they are transformed into hideous creatures before his eyes.

The final phase of the Headcrab's lifespan is known as Gonarch. This is a creature with one giant swinging growth between its legs. This was the actual point of the design, which Gabe Newall agreed to.

The Xen portion of Half-Life is generally considered to be the worst part of the game. This is partly due to the fact that you are pursued across an alien world by a creature with one giant ball.

7 Can't You See We're Busy Here?

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The vast majority of the bosses on this list are inappropriate due to their appearance. Gomander is the only one who is inappropriate due to the area that you fight it in.

Gomander is one of the recurring bosses in the R-Type series. When you defeat him in R-Type Final, you enter a conspicuous looking orifice in order to enter the final arena. Gomander's last stage features a brown background that shows the dark silhouettes of a man and a woman. As your little ship keeps fighting off waves of enemies, the couple in the background start to do stuff. You have to watch as these dark humans start kissing and caressing on the floor, while you are engaging in intergalactic space battles.

6 One Of The Deadly Sins

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The story of Dante's Inferno is motivated by lust. Dante's wife made a bet with the devil that her husband would remain faithful while he was fighting in The Crusades. This was a dumb bet to make, as Dante had relations with a slave girl who offered her body in exchange for freedom. This act allowed Lucifer to steal Dante's wife and take her to Hell with him.

Dante has to journey through Lust, which is the second circle of Hell. The ruler of this domain is Cleopatra, who was allowed to become the queen of Lust with Marc Antony, in exchange for cutting a deal with Lucifer. Dante has to battle Cleopatra, which involves fighting a giant purple woman in combat.

5 This Is The Stuff You Don't Want To Dream About

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There have been a few occasions when great historical figures came up with the same idea at around the same time. This was certainly the case with the creators of The Human Centipede and Silent Hill: Homecoming, as they both envisioned a monster that involved a head stuck up against someone's butt.

Asphyxia is one of the few bosses you will encounter in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Its design is based on a fear of suffocation, which is why the heads that should be part of the monster are brutally inserted into parts where they don't belong. The bodies have had their skin flayed off, which means that they can include things without them being censored, due to their lack of objectionable elements.

4 She Would Be Fun At Parties

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The Shin Megami Tensei series has never been afraid to include questionable material among the recruitable demons that you can meet in the games. This is probably why we had to wait until the PlayStation 2 era before we could play them in English.

There has been a lot of implied stuff in the Shin Megami Tensei series, as well as creatures who have several rows of monstrous appendages. There is one demon who decided to turn this into a fashion statement, and her name is Diana.

Diana is the Roman Goddess of hunting. All it took was a single anime makeover for her to have an outfit that is composed almost entirely of a women's chest. These include a set of durable kneecaps and a fancy multi-layered hat that can be worn at social gatherings.

3 Suddenly We Don't Hate Spiders

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There is a certain beauty to the bosses in Dark Souls. Even the most disgusting creature has had a tremendous amount of work put into its design.

Chaos Witch Quelaag is the favorite of people who prefer chests over backsides. This is because Quelaag's posterior has eight legs and deals poisonous damage. Quelaag's top half is that of an unclothed woman, while the rest of her spends its spare time fighting off hobbits who are trying to sneak into Mordor.

It seems that Quelaag's design was popular with the creators of Dark Souls, as it was basically reused in the sequel. Scorpioness Najka in Dark Souls 2 is almost identical to Quelaag, save for the fact that her bottom half is a scorpion instead of a spider.

2 Still A Ten

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The various viruses that show up in the Resident Evil series have always been pretty cool about keeping human females as attractive as possible after they transform. Men who are infected with the T, G, or C-Virus will transform into all kinds of monstrosities, yet women tend to keep an attractive body and their feminine aspects. Alexia Ashford was one example of this, while Deborah Harper is the most recent.

Deborah Harper was a minor character in Resident Evil 6 who was infected with the C-Virus. This transformed her into a mutant that someone managed to retain a good-looking body. You are essentially fighting a beautiful unclothed woman who has been painted grey and had a couple of giant lobster claws glued onto her back.

1 You Should Maybe Get That Checked Out...

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A game that involves collecting monsters needs a good mascot to help cement the series in the minds of players. Pokémon has Pikachu while Yo-Kai Watch has Jibanyan, who are both cute and strong in battle. One of the reasons why Monster Rancher never took off is because Suezo looked so dumb.

The mascot of the Shin Megami Tensei series (and Atlus itself) is Jack Frost. He is not the actual representative of the series, as true fans recognize that Mara is their mascot.

Mara is a Buddhist demon who represents temptation and desire. This is why he looks like a big green... well, just look at the picture. It's pretty obvious why Mara has such a big fan following on the Internet. We can only hope that one day Mara is chosen to represent the Shin Megami Tensei series in Smash Bros, as he is the true face of the franchise.

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