20 False Facts About Call Of Duty That Everyone Believed

Even if you don’t like the series, you can’t deny that the Call of Duty series is insanely popular. It has its own culture, whether you like it or not. The CoD culture has been something that people bond over and even label themselves as. People actually define themselves as being a CoD gamer. Not only do people embrace this lifestyle, people will even shell out hundreds of dollars just to get a next gen console because of a new CoD game.

Don’t get me wrong, this is totally fine by all means, I myself have even delved in this world of FPS, but amidst all this gaming fun in the CoD universe, it’s also a breeding ground for rumors and conspiracy theories that can really grab a hold of the gullible minds. This kind of trickery and rumors have occurred in other huge titles, but it seems to be the most common in this franchise for some reason, even though there are other series just as popular.

Gamers are smart, obviously, but we wanted to gather up the most popular rumors and false facts about CoD, not only so you can see if you’ve been tricked by these rumors, but also so you can be aware of these lies before they convince you they’re actually the truth!

20 Halo Collaboration?

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Yes, you heard that right. Before you go crazy and throw a party, just hold your horses. Because this is not going to happen, at least not anytime soon. Halo and CoD fans both have some serious rivalry. These two fan bases have never really gotten along, and those who love both series have never really been accepted by most in the hardcore fan bases. But many have still thought that both of these series, because they take place in our world today, that their might be some collaboration to play a part in this theory, but it has been proven wrong time and time again. Even though it does make sense, we don’t see this happening because of how different the fan bases are. But you have to admit it would be fun to see a crossover at some point.

19 I Want To Believe In Aliens!

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Do you believe in aliens? There have been countless times where CoD has referenced space and other beings in space, aka aliens, but to think that there would be an alien-themed game is a bit out there considering there are so many other triple-A franchises out there in the game industry that have this market cornered. While it doesn’t seem like there will be any space games from the CoD franchise anytime soon, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine why people think this is true.

Get ready for the spaceships and glowing red eyes. Do you believe?

From the zombie modes and even space themed zombie modes, it seems like they might experiment with this in the future, but for now, there is no official confirmation of this even happening in the future. But it might be the perfect time to collaborate with the Halo franchise!

18 Greek Myths, I Doubt It

Via: opshead.com

By now, if you’ve played CoD for long enough, you’re probably very familiar with the NPC Viktor Reznov. He's a very common recurring character in the series, even through flashbacks when he’s not even in the main game. Some people on various forums have come to believe that because this familiar face is in basically all of the games in the series, he might be something more than just human. Many have come to the conclusion that Viktor Reznov is actually Ares, a very well known Greek god who rules over everything that has to do with war. This has been quite an odd theory that many don’t believe and there is no evidence in the game. But many think this is the case just because of how much this NPC wants to thrive within conflict and war within the games.

17 You’re The One Who’s Insane

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Many people online have come to believe that you might not be sane when you play the series; that the main character is just seeing things and has lost their mind. We’ll get more into it below, but in all honesty, this unconfirmed theory makes the most sense out of any on this list.

Because why else would zombies actually be in the game?

For the zombie modes in CoD, one might question why this mode is even in the game in the first place. It seems so out of place and doesn’t make much sense. But many individuals have suggested that your main character, especially in BLOPS 2, has been experimented on and that you are seeing the enemies as zombies because you finally lost your sanity from being experimented on so much. This would make a ton of sense, but who will ever know the truth?

16 Ghosts Was A Copy?

Via: Digitaltrends.com

While unconfirmed like all of these opinions and theories, it’s become well known that Ghosts was one of the worst titles in the franchise. But because it looked so similar to BF4, many have come to believe that Ghosts was tailored to look like Battlefield 4. You can’t really deny that this CoD game looked like BF4 completely. It’s almost like CoD went back and changed aspects of the game to keep up with the competition. They’ve seemingly done this with a ton of different FPS games in the industry. Always introducing the game a few months after their competition. It’s not something we’d like to support if it is true, but no one ever confronts this issue on the CoD team. They just constantly act like it actually isn’t an issue that people seem to be catching up on quickly.

15 They Are All Boring On Purpose

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Gamers in the industry have sprouted that CoD is mediocre on purpose. Many people have the justified standards to believe that a game that comes after a previous version should have better stories, gameplay, and innovative ways to play the game as a whole. But in CoD, it seems like many times Activision has released a title that is a bit off just to buy them time till they can make the best game later on. Whether they need money or just more time, it doesn’t look good for them.

They seem to just want our money and they know we’ll buy anything they release.

It doesn’t seem like Activision has learned much from producing games over the years. It always looks as if the games are a bit hit and miss when it comes to their games improving one after another, which never seems to happen.

14 Glorifying Fighting

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When referring to Infinite Warfare, many people have concluded that Activision released this game right before the elections to push things even farther. This game almost seemed to taunt individuals by making political statements and pushing an agenda in the game. It isn’t outrageous to assume that a game is trying to be relevant by provoking a group of people. But even though this isn’t confirmed and seems false at some points, overall this theory doesn’t seem like it would be too outrageous to believe. The game actually mimicked events that were happening in real life from finding Saddam to invading Russia, making people believe that this game was propaganda to make war seem like the right choice. While this isn’t confirmed, it isn’t really a cool move on Activision either way.

13 Horde Mode, Bring It On

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Horde mode is something we’ve seen in gaming, especially FPS titles, for years now. It’s challenging and fun. CoD even almost achieved it with how they integrated zombies into the series, but it isn’t something that has really been built upon on the series.

Many individuals have claimed that any game now, Activision will finally listen and add a horde mode into the series.

Some even have gone as far as spreading rumors and lies about Activision adding it in their next release, when nothing like that has even been confirmed in any way. Even though this is a false fact and we might not get a horde mode right away, it isn’t hard to believe that this is actually going to happen in the future. Would you be excited if they added a horde mode to the series that wasn’t just zombies?

12 They Don’t Make Kids Bad

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This has been a debate seemingly from the beginning of time, but it's been proven as being false. There is violence everywhere in the world around us, we can’t just shelter a child for years and years and then expect them to be okay on their own in life.

They can’t make children like this if the right steps towards communication are achieved with your parenting.

Which is why video games do not lead to aggression. They won’t even get close to causing your child to become like this, as long as you actually take the right steps towards communicating with your child through positive parenting. If you don’t communicate with your child about CoD and what it really means, then they won’t have any example to follow.

11 BLOPS Is Gone Forever (Where’s The Tissue?)

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The ending of BLOPS 3 is strange in the least, it’s full of insanity and you don’t really understand what is happening. You get confused when it comes to where you are or who you’re playing as. It’s seriously a mind explosion when going through this ending. Most of all, this ending seems like just that: an ending. This has made players from all over the internet believe that BLOPS will no longer exist as a series within the CoD universe (cue the crying). This has brought a ton of disappointment, especially since it sure seems like the truth nonetheless. If you played through this title, you would know that the ending doesn’t really lead to what could potentially be next in the series. What are your thoughts? Do you believe that the BLOPS series within CoD is finally over after only three small releases?

10 You’re Not Important In The Story

Via: game.co.uk

On recent forum posts, many long-time players believed that the character you play is never the main hero that pushes the story along. You’re basically just along for the ride. Many people think that you’re just following behind the hero of the story.

No one really seems that concerned about you.

You never really can explore on your own, you constantly are given orders, and when you are near a higher ranking individual, you can never leave their side. You just have to follow them around like a puppy. Even when you’re fighting against hordes of enemies you’re never really in that much danger. You always can make a shot, simply because the enemy isn’t even paying that much attention to you and just shoots around you.

9 They Made Ghosts Bad On Purpose

Via: opshead.com

Not only do people believe that they made Ghosts a copy of BF4, with the huge maps and realistic knife battles, it’s also a rumor that they made this game in the franchise suck on purpose. People think this was just to give them more time to focus on other game titles that needed more time. Around the time when this game was released, many people weren’t caring anymore. People rightfully believe that they made this particular game suck so they could make their next game look even better and more advanced. Either way, it worked, even if it caused them to make less money. They made double the amount on the next game they released which threw the company back into the spotlight once again. Do you think that they would actually make a game bad on purpose just to make their next title look amazing?

8 Theories Were All Right

Via: theverge.com

Many people say that all the theories that are created by fans and posted online are actually put into the game in one way or another just to mess with the players. While this would be actually a bit humorous, it is strange that people would think this. But it has been rumored that Activision does exactly what the majority of fans want, just to be the most popular game, even if it doesn’t really make sense story-wise.

What if all the crazy theories surrounding Call Of Duty were true?

Activision can do whatever they want, but this rumor has been brought up many times. Activision just wants to make money and they don’t care about the people, they just want to push out as many games as possible. So far this isn’t confirmed and seems completely false, especially based on their latest high-quality release.

7 COD Used In Real Life

Via: youtube.com

Some theories have some truth to them, but this one isn’t exactly true or a fact. But this rumor involves using CoD as a training system for soldiers. It’s no wonder why people would believe this because the U.S. Army does have their own official video game. But that doesn’t mean that CoD is used for training. It is true, though, that the Army and other branches do use video games they create as a way to deal with PTSD and training simulators. But no one has ever confirmed that they use CoD or any other triple-A title as a way to help amplify training sessions. But a part of this theory also involves the military. They apparently funded these popular franchises like BF and CoD to help brainwash kids to be numb to violence.

6 The Illuminati

Via: youtube.com

What would this list be without the inclusion of the Illuminati? In entertainment everywhere, the Illuminati is the signature conspiracy theory. Everyone knows about this theory and it’s seeped into literally everything we know and love. Many people believe that the Illuminati have something to do with CoD. That would explain why it happens to be one of the most popular game series on the planet, but is it really true? Who knows.

The Illuminati is a secret group of people that apparently run the world.

There are millions of people involved around the world and they always have symbols that help to show where they are at all times. Some of these “symbols” have been found in CoD games. But it’s so hard to know what is real and what is just a joke that Activision put in the game to just mess with people.

5 BLOPS 4 Is Coming?

Via: youtube.com

Many people have suggested that one of the possible next games for CoD is going to be BLOPS 4. But like we also mentioned above, there have been some signs that seem to show the franchise might be trying to pull away from this series. While nothing is confirmed, it sure gets you thinking.

If this is true, all gamers everywhere will rejoice!

While many gamers love the BLOPS series within the CoD franchise, it’s promising to know that the demand is so high. But there are still major doubts. The fact that so many people want this to be true and have already begun tricking people online that this is fact will most likely deter the company from entertaining this release as the next triple-A title. Many sources recently have been very conflicting with each other, so we have no clue what to expect next!

4 More War Is To Come In The Modern World

Via: Digitaltrends.com

Players who love the CoD franchise have fallen in love with the idea of a politically driven CoD game. Because of how popular the Warfare series has been, many believe that this could possibly be the next installment. But they were shocked to see that CoD WWII was the next release. So many people were actually upset that MW or BLOPS wasn’t the next game in the franchise that they really were actually mad at the company. This is going a bit too far, especially since how fun their newest release has been. Some have even said that they might release a title that is in a modern setting, but maybe not under the classic MW label we all know and love. But all these rumors circulating constantly will probably push the brand to head in a different direction, so they can keep people guessing.

3 Based In Vietnam Next

Via: theverge.com

People online keep pushing the idea that the CoD franchise will continue to bring back wars of the past for their backdrop in future games. While this idea has been very popular, we have our serious doubts, simply because of how the company has never released two similar games back to back. They always seem to rotate between their series. But people aren’t listening. They just think that Vietnam is going to be the next theme for the series in the future.

Do people really want a blast to the past again, right after WWII?

While this is still unconfirmed and doesn’t make any sense, it’s gotten to the point that people are actually believing rumors about this. It wouldn’t make any sense for this to be released next. Who knows, maybe they'll release something like this in the future.

2 They Don’t Try Anymore

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Many people believe that the industry and Activision, just doesn’t care anymore. People have always been saying this, especially when they have a dislike in one of the newer games. This is their go-to insult towards the company. But this is far from the truth. With the recent return to glory Activision has procured because of the recent CoD, it’s obvious that they care more than ever. So many players have claimed that the company doesn’t care anymore. It’s become a sort of “well-known fact” among the CoD community, even though it’s false. This takes us back to what we said about Ghosts. Maybe this statement would have been accurate then. But now they are going about their creative process so much more innovatively and with the player in mind.

1 They Predict The Future

Via: youtube.com

Lastly is the false fact and conspiracy that entertains the idea that CoD predicts our future. Anything from these series is not something anyone should ever want in real life. But look at the political climate today. We'll likely see more war in the future. That's how the world works. We can’t say that CoD predicts the future. But we wouldn’t be surprised if this did actually happen at some point. It seems to already be happening with films and TV shows we’ve been watching for years.

Let us know what false facts you’ve heard and which ones you believed until now! Let us know by commenting and sharing this article on social media with your friends.

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20 False Facts About Call Of Duty That Everyone Believed