Fallout: 25 Extra Cool Facts About The Franchise (That Prove It Is Awesome)

These secret Fallout facts prove it is one of the darkest franchises of all time.

Okay, it’s time I give one of these trivia pieces a shot. What better way to start then on one of my favorite franchise of all time? When I say that I pretty much just mean the current reboots starting with Fallout 3. It’s not that I don’t like the games previous, but I’ve never owned a PC. When I did get a computer it was a Mac and strictly one for school. Oh sure my current desktop and laptop can run games, but that’s not what I want to use them for. Regardless of the whys, all I’m admitting here is that I’m unfamiliar with the games before Fallout 3.

However, I have read up on and watched videos based on Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. This led me down the path to taking this article on. As much as I loved Fallout there was a lot of facts I didn’t know. Places and people I had never seen before even though I combed through those wastelands with a fine-toothed comb, or so I thought at least. There were so many quest lines and even gameplay mechanics I was unaware of. Like everything that has been written about the Vault experiments. I’ll get into it later, but oh man, are they fascinating. There was a lot of stuff I never knew about Fallout 4 too since I never sunk as much time into it as I did Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Do any of these facts surprise you as much as they surprised me? Let’s find out!

24 Serial: Fallout Edition

Via Dorkly

The image above was found via Dorkly. I explored the wastes of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas to death, but I sort of bum rushed through Fallout 4 without taking too much time to explore it as much. Here’s something I never encountered in my first playthrough. There’s a serial attacker by the name of Pickman. He, like many good people, hates Raiders and for good reason.

Raiders in the night are relentless.

They’re pure evil, but he takes things a little far like collecting their heads and painting with their remains. It’s one thing to attack a man, but do you need to make it so awful? It might be a good idea to end him once you learn about his past. Who knows? He might start with the innocent next. Although is your character really any better?

23 Quick Turn Around

Via PC Gamer

The image above was found via PC Gamer. Fallout: New Vegas was developed in only 18 months, which is why it was plagued with bugs at launch. It was based on Fallout 3’s engine albeit tweaked in some regards. For example, the designers wanted to give the game a warmer glow. That’s why yellow and orange play a big role in the colorization compared to the black and green aesthetic of Fallout 3. It’s a fantastic game don’t get me wrong, but those glitches were problematic. I remember buying the game at my college store and playing it nonstop over the weekend until the end where the game kept on crashing on me. It was broken on PS3 and wasn’t fixed until months after launch. It was nuts.

22 It’s All In The Wrist

Via Giant Bomb

The image above was found via Giant Bomb. This one is a fun little Easter egg that only makes sense if you’ve played BioShock. That being said this entry contains spoilers for both games so fair warning. Now if you decide to end Mr. House make sure you do it with a golf club. This will unlock the trophy, achievement, or whatever for “A Slave Obeys.” For those unaware at a pivotal moment in BioShock, you find Andrew Ryan, the founder of the city, has been manipulating you. He then hands you a golf club and orders you to attack him saying, “ A man chooses, a slave obeys.” As another bonus piece of trivia, both Mr. House and Andrew Ryan were based on the real-life entrepreneur, Howard Hughes.

21 Flash Your Gang Signs

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. More robust factions were another upgrade Fallout: New Vegas brought to the table post Fallout 3. For example, wearing certain clothes will make NPCs respond to you differently. They’ll either be hostile, friendly, or neutral. Seems like an obvious statement, but I’ll continue. If you wear garb from say Cesar’s Legion, NPCs will respond better to you.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Treat you like a brother and all that. If you’re dressed in a rival faction they will then be more prone to attack you. Then if you’re just dressed naturally without flying any faction colors, it’ll probably be a more normal engagement. Of course, there were the bugs to deal with so this A.I. system was wonky, but again, it was an impressive feature.

20 You’re Trapped In Here With Me

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. Get a load of this. Every Vault experimented on their inhabitants. Some of them were creepier than others. I already covered one in my Fallout comic article of all places. The sole inhabitant of Vault 77 was only accompanied by a bunch of puppets and he basically went crazy and started ending people when he escaped. Other notable entries involve Vault 68 and 69.

The puppet master of Vault 77 street.

In Vault 68 there was one woman among 1,000 men and the opposite ratio for Vault 69. I bet those two were tired on a constant basis if you know what I mean. Oh yeah and Vault 12 didn’t close properly, allowing radiation to ever so slowly mutant its inhabitants. You can lose yourself for days on Vault entries.

19 Goodbye Cruel World

Via The Magnus Kit

The image above was found via The Magnus Kit. Here’s a company of men that decided to take the easy way out, opposite of Zao. The Boylston Club was an order of high-ranking officials. When the looming presence of nuclear war was at hand they decided to end each other in a mass suicide. All that’s left of the Boylston Club is a bunch of skeletons. Coming across them normally one would think, oh look, a bunch of dead people. It’s only after finding data entries that everything becomes clear. I can’t say their actions are wrong. I mean what would you do in that situation? Face nuclear devastation, or seek out peace with death, which would hopefully lead to Heaven? I think the choice is obvious.

18 What’s The Opposite Of Good Again?

Via Fallout Wikia

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. The team at Obsidian Entertainment decided on Vegas for the setting of Fallout: New Vegas for a few reasons. One of them was because it was in direct opposition to its predecessor. Fallout 3 took place in Washington, D.C., a place where American values are upheld. Vegas, on the other hand, is a place of sin, demonstrating the wild desires of mankind.

Money is the sin of man.

Themes of greed and woe (and all other sorts of desires were portrayed in the game). I never thought about it like that before. It seems like a pretty obvious fact now that I think about it. Oh, and to a lesser extent, I guess they’re geographically opposite of each other too.

17 Thumbs Down

Via Villains Wiki

The image above was found via Villains Wiki. Speaking of Cesar’s Legion, let’s discuss their origins. No, not that they’re based on ancient Romans. That part is pretty obvious and on the nose with a name like that. I’m talking about how their uniforms are actually repurposed football equipment from an Arizona football team. That’s perfect poetry. Think about it. In the Roman times, combatants were put in coliseums for honor and glory all to thousands of cheering fans.

The gridiron of Vegas.

What’s so different about football? The only thing that really sets them apart is murder. They get injured, sure, but their gear protects them from the worst of it. Well, most of the time at least. That equipment isn’t that good against blades, or guns though.

16 Secret Cow 

Via SPWNED Gaming Community

The image above was found via SPWNED Gaming Community. We have one last dispute regarding Fallout 3’s release. This time the flag raiser is India. For those unaware Brahmin are mutated cows with two heads. They’re used as food along with hauling goods. There’s no horses, or donkeys around so I guess a giant mutated cow is the next best thing. They’re as iconic to the Fallout series as Chocobos and Moogles are to Final Fantasy.

An unwilling sacrifice.

Well like most things in the Capital Wasteland, you can end the Brahmin. In Indie cows are sacred so thus going after a Brahmin was deemed offensive. It was outright banned in the country. I applaud the dedication to their religion, but come on. It’s a video game and they’re not really cows anyway.

15 Jurassic Bark

Via Dorkly

The image above was found via Dorkly. Here’s our first truly sad one. Remember that episode of Futurama where Fry finds out his dog, Seymour, has been fossilized in dolomite? It’s called Jurassic Bark, which is a cheesy, but funny play on words. Fry wants more than anything to get his dog back, but he ultimately decides to leave him be, thinking Seymour led a long life. The show ends by revealing he’s waited for Fry to return at his pizza place of employment until the day he was finally fossilized. It’s such a heartbreaking end to an episode. Well in the Lonesome Road DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, you can find Seymour in the Cave of Abandon. What a weird Easter egg to put in the game.

14 One Point!


I’m not sure if companies still follow this policy, but it was definitely something unknown to the public until Fallout: New Vegas came out. The story goes that if the team at Obsidian Entertainment reached an 85 on Metacritic they’d then get a bonus. The game only received an 84 on the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. They were just one point away from getting those bonuses!

Where's my money?!

That has to feel worse than the 82 they got on PS3. It had its haters sure, but universally it was praised. The team should feel great. After all, they’re still in the green, but losing out on money by that one point has to be soul crushing. My heart still aches for you guys.

13 I Said Stay!

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. Here’s something eerie about Fallout 3’s companion system. If you tell your partner to stay put, they’ll do so for eternity, or unless you tell them otherwise. That is insane and desperate. Imagine if you started dating someone so pathetic that they would stand still forever, or until you told them otherwise. If you ask them to jump they’d respond with how high. I know the wasteland is a terrible place to live and it does stuff to one's mind, but this is ridiculous. Of course, there’s a good reason why they were programmed to be so obedient. Imagine if they just took off with your stuff and you couldn’t locate them. Either way, it’s a grim fate.

12 Righting His Wrongs

Via Fireden

The image above was found via Fireden. As I’ve already covered Fallout: New Vegas was a buggy, glitchy mess despite all the good it did for the franchise. It’s easy to give them a little slack because of how good the core game is plus they only had eighteen months of development. After the game’s launch the director, Josh Sawyer, created mods and unofficial patches to implement ideas he originally wanted in the game, but couldn’t use due to time crunches. For the PC version that is. How often do you hear about a director making mods and patches for their game? That takes dedication. If you’re curious about everything he did, you can check out all of his notes along with the mod right here.

11 Big Bad Moira Brown

Via Funnyjunk

The image above was found via Funnyjunk. Moira Brown is basically the first quest giver you’ll encounter in Fallout 3. She runs a shop in Megaton and is genuinely the most pleasant resident in the makeshift town. For those unaware, Megaton is called this because there’s a nuke in the middle of it, which you can either disable to save everyone, or choose to blow it up.

Moira, you look...pretty?

If you do destroy Megaton, everyone will die except for Moira. You’ll come across her, still alive, but is now a ghoul. Is she made? No, she completely forgives you. In the infamous words of Maeby Bluth, “Marry me!” And here I thought your companions were loyal, but this chick will literally take a blast for you. That’s commitment.

10 Children Of The Lamp

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. Little Lamplight is run entirely by kids, which I take as homage to books like Lord of the Flies. These kids have to be the most insane survivors out there. Orphans grew up in the streets of London and New York and I thought that was bad, but trying tackling water and food shortages along with monster problems. This story gets even sadder when you combine this dark fact with Paradise Falls, a camp of slavers. If you go there looking for trouble you can see three children held captive from Little Lamplight: Sammy, Squirrel, and Penny. So there’s a city run by children and a camp with child slaves? That's a real one-two punch to the gut.

9 Mighty Morph In Power Ranges

via markuzr.deviantart.com

If you’ve played any Fallout game then I’m sure you’re familiar with Med-X. For those unaware, it’s an item that can boost damage resistance up to 25%, which is a boon for tough battles. Here’s the thing though. The team behind Fallout 3 wanted to call Med-X simply by its real name, which is an IRL item used to dull pain. You know the one. Makes sense now right?

An item by any other name.

Well Australia didn’t want any part of that so they decided to change the name to Med-X instead just to appeal to that one territory, which affected all other regions too. Other real drug names were dropped too in the process just to be safe. That’s okay. Med-X is a cooler title anyway.

8 Dropping The Bomb

Via Imgur

The image above was found via Imgur. Med-X wasn’t the only thing controversial about Fallout 3 before launch. Now the Fat Man is the name of your mini-nuke launcher in the game. It’s a reference to the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan during World War II. Given that fact I’m sure it’s easy to deduce that Japan wasn’t too fond of that name due to historical trauma. In Japan, it was called the Nuka Launcher instead, which is a reference to Nuka Cola. What’s stranger is they didn’t take out Fat Man references in the script so while the item name is different; it’s still the same in data entries and dialogue. Sounds like a lazy fix they rushed at the last minute.

7 Me Strong Man

Via Reddit

The image above was found via Reddit. Did you know you could basically play as a Neanderthal in Fallout 3? All of them actually. If you drop your intelligence, medicine, and science scores to 1 at the beginning of the game via your stat book, it’ll change your dialogue options. Basically, your character will speak in broken sentences and people will then obviously treat you like your mentally unstable.

Fallout: Hulking Out.

I knew a couple of these facts going in, but this blew me away. It just goes to show that the programmers \ went all the way in really immersing the player and giving them options they didn’t even know they had. I think I’m going to start a new playthrough and see how crazy this thing gets for myself.

6 Waste Not Want Not

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. One of the biggest questions posed to astronauts involves their bathroom situation. Can they pee in their get up? The short answer is yes. Why are these questions always at the back of our minds? It’s like we’re prone to destroy logic. On a related note here’s something crazy you may not have known about Power Armor in the shared Fallout universe. It can convert waste into drinkable water. Look. Water, or liquid of any kind is a valuable and scarce resource in the wasteland. You need to take what you can get. Why don’t they just reverse the technology and give it to everyone? Could solve the liquid crisis as gross as that is. Just think about it, Brotherhood of Steel.

5 My Skeleton Will Float On

Via Giga

The image above was found via Giga. It’s hard to believe, but Titanic, the film, is now twenty years old. I remember my classmates, the girls to be precise, going on about that movie for months. We were only in the 5th grade too! Their parents should have been fired. Anyway, there’s a nod to the end of the movie in Fallout 4 via the Far Harbor DLC.

I'll never leave you.

In the northern waters of the Nucleus, you’ll see a skeleton in a dress, propped atop a red door, holding onto someone in the water. This is, of course, Jack and Kate. Here’s another fun fact. I still have never seen Titanic and I don’t plan to anytime soon. So originally when I saw this in the game it didn’t faze me. Whoops.

4 Oh Baby Baby

via drawception.com

We’ve covered plenty about the modern Fallout series so let’s dial things back a bit to Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. There is a reputation you can get in either game called Child[REDACTED], which is exactly as it sounds. If the player ends a child —or two or three— in Fallout 1, or two in Fallout 2 they’ll be branded with this logo and people will rightfully treat you like a monster. The idea was planned to be implemented in the modern games, but thought this might cause too much of a backlash. Yeah, that was probably a good idea. Video games got away with a lot more back in the day — it seems unlikely that it would have gone over well in 2008.

3 From The Ashes

Via VG247

The image above was found via VG247. Fallout 3 looked phenomenal when I saw a preview of it during E3 2008, but I was confused. Why was the game called Fallout 3? Long story short I’m not a PC gamer so that whole library is virtually nonexistent to me. To the dedicated fans of Fallout though, Fallout 3 was a huge change and many weren’t very enthused by said changes. The original idea for Fallout 3, Van Buren, was more in line with classic Fallout. It was being developed by Black Isle Studios who previously worked on Fallout 2. This team was then shuttered and reworked as Obsidian Entertainment who of course later worked on Fall: New Vegas. Even though Van Buren was canceled, at least Obsidian Entertainment got to work on another Fallout title.

2 Boom Boom Zao

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. What’s more devastating than firing nukes and being the cause for the wasteland in Fallout 4’s Commonwealth? Being turned into a ghoul and trapped alone in a submarine for an eternity. That’s the circumstance of one Captain Zao. He’s been stuck aboard his ship for over two hundred years after his crew were ordered to fire nukes.

A captain's downfall and duty.

Speaking of his crew they were also turned into ghouls, but they became feral and he doesn’t want to attack them. A captain’s honor and what not. He’s basically SOL in the middle of a radiated ocean of despair. He’s another face I never found while combing the wasteland originally, but I have now. His story is so tragic. It’s a fate worse than death.

1 Dedicated Bots

Via Fallout Wiki

The image above was found via Fallout Wiki. Let’s continue this train of Fallout sadness with another group of old folks. The Sandy Coves Convalescent Home is a retirement place for the elderly, which is pretty obvious by the name. They’re all dead and have been for ages due to war. However, their caretakers, i.e. robots, continue to care for them.

Care for some tea, mum?

You could feel bad for them, but they are just programmed to follow orders. Something must have short-circuited their database so that they couldn’t test vital signs. Oh yeah and the most important thing above all else. If you go in there to raid the place, those robots will mow you down. Looks like your companions in Fallout 3 and Moira Brown have another rival for dedicated servants.

Via Imgur

The image above was found via Imgur. Listening Post Bravo is a radio station located in the Commonwealth of Fallout 4. This military station was created to keep citizens and soldiers up to date on the whereabouts of enemies and or danger of any sort. It was inhabited anted by one soldier, who, if you can’t guess already, suffered a tragic fate. During his stay he reported hearing voices over the radio and banging coming from a locked elevator. Was he hearing things in his head that weren’t there, or were there really ghosts, or something around? It’s currently unknown, but that said this story has stirred up quite the debate online. What’s my theory? He was going crazy. It tends to happen to someone living underground for a straight month.

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