25 Dragon Ball Memes That Are A Little Strange

Dragon Ball has spawned tons of memes, some of which take the series to a place that's a little bit weird. Here are some of those.

Since Dragon Ball arrived in North America over 20 years ago, it has been captivating audiences and continues to remain popular today. In each Dragon Ball series that released, Goku stayed as the central character and a person whose life we follow. Like all Dragon Ball characters, there is much about Goku that can be turned into satirical memes.

Internet memes are capable of spreading awareness about various topics. They have educational, comedic, and entertainment purposes among other reasons. Because they appear on the internet, memes can go viral and have the potential to reach millions of people. The most viewed Dragon Ball meme has to be the "It's Over 9000!" meme. On knowyourmeme.com, it received over a million views. There are also YouTube videos capturing this scene that have grossed over fourteen million views. Knowing if the meme or the viral video came first would be like knowing if the chicken or the egg came first.

This list contains some of the most outrageous and scurrilous Dragon Ball memes that we've encountered yet. These meme creators were bold enough to create these memes so naturally, we had to share our opinions on them. These memes have merit, but are usually for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. The memes listed below can be creative at times, and of course, each of them isn't perfect. Several could be made less outrageous with a substitution of wording. These are 25 Dragon Ball memes that crossed the line. Enjoy!

25 I Suppose Super Saiyan 3 Is A Useless Transformation

YouTube (Tom Austin)

It sort of crosses the line and isn't fair to make assumptions about Vegeta that aren't necessarily true. Few Dragon Ball Saiyans have transformed into Super Saiyan 3. Goku was only able to make this ascension in the afterlife because the afterlife is free from time. Without the setting of the afterlife, Goku would likely never have been Super Saiyan 3 either. To assume Vegeta wouldn't become Super Saiyan 3 if given the opportunity is not factual.

To give the creator of this meme credit, it does represent Vegeta's personality by giving him a caption that portrays his cockiness. Time and time again Vegeta claims to be more powerful than fierce warriors who he cannot beat. It is uncertain if Vegeta developed this personality or has always been like this.

24 Yamcha, Possibly The Worst Dragon Ball Fighter


There are a plethora of discussions and memes on the internet that negatively paint Yamcha. In the original Dragon Ball series, Yamcha was the most powerful human being on Earth and perhaps more powerful than Goku. Viewers who jumped into Dragon Ball during Dragon Ball Z will know that Yamcha has become virtually a useless character. It would seem as if he gave up fighting. Yamcha rarely accompanies the Z-fighters in battles and doesn't fight or is quickly defeated if he does.

He has dialogue in scenes and adds to the story, but as a fighter he is terrible. Yamcha resembles a Saiyan because of his outfit, demeanor, and hairstyle, but in practicality as a fighter, it is an understatement to say how inferior he is. Sure this meme tells it like it is, but it did go a little too far by saying what we were all thinking blatantly.

23 We Can't Get Enough Of Those Yamcha Memes

YouTube (Brave Sekera)

This meme is yet another cheap joke to put down Yamcha's character. There is seemingly no end to the string of memes that are directed towards Yamcha. We know Yamcha is a human from Earth, and he cannot obtain the enormous Power Levels that Saiyans do, but he is still considerably skilled in martial arts.

Yamcha is one of the most powerful humans on Earth!

It's not like Yamcha is always defeated in battle. Usually, Yamcha stands on the sidelines and doesn't fight. When he fought on Earth during the Vegeta saga, Yamcha was met with an unfortunate end when a Saibaman jumped on Yamcha and self-destructed. The blast was quite substantial and would have taken out most Z-fighters. Bulma would agree this Dragon Ball meme went too far and crossed the line.

22 Is There An Anime Yu-Gi-Oh Hasn't Copied?


Soon after the buzz of Pokémon swept North America, other anime shows began to be introduced as well. The Yu-Gi-Oh animated series had some differences from Pokémon. Both shows battled monsters, but in Pokémon, Pokémon were summoned from Poké Balls, and the show had a less dark tone. Also, Pokémon had a trading card set that could be purchased separately. Yu-Gi-Oh incorporated their trading cards into the show and was a primary focus of the show. Through cards, Yu-Gi-Oh trainers were able to summon monsters to do battle.

You can judge as to whether this meme crossed the line.

This meme is pretty random because it chooses an object that slightly resembles a Dragon Ball scouter and decides to call it lame. There may be some merit to this meme since Yu-Gi-Oh tends to copy other anime shows. The Yu-Gi-Oh device can also be used as a communicator and provides information. This meme sort of crossed the line.

21 This Seems A Little Bit Out Of Character For Goku...


Goku would never try to harm another living being. Goku's high morals and love for the universe is what separates him from other Saiyans. Most Saiyans are born with feelings of anger and ruthlessness. Their barbaric instincts drive their hunger for power and intolerance for anyone weaker than them.

Goku differs from other Saiyans because he was dropped on the head as a child. One day, his grandfather was walking with Goku, and Goku fell into a ravine. Due to the bump he received, Goku forgot his mission to rid the planet Earth of its species and changed into a genuinely kind person. Even though Goku has a seemingly unhealthy obsession with eating, this meme goes over the line because Goku would never say what they captioned.

20 Vegeta, A Wise Man Of Few Words


This meme could represent what Vegeta may say, but he wouldn't say it on the television series. We can speculate that Vegeta would think that at the minimum, but even that would be a stretch. As the Prince of Saiyans, he had a strict upbringing and acted as a responsible individual well after his father's demise.

Why Is Gohan Staring From The Window?

Sure Vegeta may have ended the lives of thousands, and maybe tens of thousands of individuals throughout space, but he is known to be a man of few words and doesn't speak without a purpose. Yes, Vegeta does have a relationship with Bulma and had a kid with her; is that different from Goku or anyone else who has a kid? Maybe this meme's creator was trying to add captions that say something that Vegeta wouldn't. Either way, this meme is quite bizarre.

19 Herbs For Vegeta And Goku


Sure we all love the idea of Goku and Vegeta taking some time off from their training to enjoy some herbal medicine. But do we think that the Dragon Ball creator intended for their beloved characters to be depicted in this way? Of course, Akira Toriyama would prefer if this meme wasn't created and would agree that it went too far.

What Did Ever Happen To The Nimbus Cloud?

As many know by now, Goku has gained powers such as Instant Transmission and flying that have rendered the Nimbus Cloud useless to him. It is a question we would like to hear the answer to, but the manner in which they approached it was all wrong and this meme crosses lines that needn't be crossed.

18 Even The Thought Of This Meme Is Strange


Using the scene where Goku conflicted with Ginyu Force member Jeice, the creator was able to form a meme that compared Jeice's reaction to stepping on a LEGO piece. The meme doesn't show the moment Goku struck or Ki blasted Jeice which makes the meme viewer question what happened. We can assume he was struck, but it's unclear if his scouter broke so it would seem as if another picture should have been inserted.

It's quite a basic meme that is not that creative. It provides some chuckles, but it doesn't have any depth to it. Jeice is stepping on a LEGO piece, but for some reason, Goku is punching him makes the meme unclear. It is Possible Goku was going to strike him then Jeice stepped on a LEGO; we're not sure.

17 Who Captioned This Meme Anyways?

YouTube (The Human)

If you have friends who also watch Dragon Ball, it has probably been said by yourself or your friends that ending one's life in Dragon Ball is seemingly meaningless. It is quite odd how characters in Dragon Ball break down in tears and destroy mountains over the loss of a friend's life.

This meme deserves a rating of 2 out of 5.

Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation came after Krillin was exploded by the hands of Frieza. Fans were shocked to see this travesty happen, but in reality, it was almost a 99% chance Krillin was going to come back eventually. We understand and can agree with this meme creator's point, but what is with that picture? It has nothing to do with the message they are sending.

16 This Meme Creator Sounds Like A Bully

YouTube (Brave Sekera)

By taking a screenshot of episode 50 of Dragon Ball Super, the meme creator captured a moment in which Goku faces off against his estranged doppelganger. In an alternate timeline, Zamasu defeated Goku and switched into his body. After using a Time Ring, Zamasu traveled back in time, and this is how he is able to fight present-day Goku.

Goku Black is not a version of Goku but is instead the incarnation of Zamasu.

This meme creator went in the wrong direction when they said Goku was punching himself. We do have to admit though; it would be bizarre to strike yourself. This meme creator does its viewers injustice because it hurts our heads thinking about the time-travel mumbo jumbo.

15 Emperor Pilaf, The Worst Manager Ever


Mostly we see Emperor Pilaf in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, but he is also present in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. With a title such as Emperor, you'd think he'd have a sizeable army. He instead is usually accompanied by a young girl and talking dog. His plots to do evil are usually minor, so he is less of a threat.

We can't help but feel comforted by the fact this villain has found friends.

This meme's caption highlights Emperor Pilaf's frustration with finding good workers. We're guessing this meme is more directed towards management in the workplace and used the Emperor Pilaf picture to add flair. A caption such as "if you hire fast, be sure to fire fast" probably wasn't created by someone in management but anythings possible.

14 We Get It Goku, You're A Talented Martial Artist

YouTube (Jose Ruiz Benítez)

This meme went too far judging by how it put words into Goku's mouth that he wouldn't ordinarily say. Goku is a kind and compassionate man so why would he sarcastically denigrate the person he is speaking to? The act of achieving Super Saiyan is not an easy task. Few Saiyans in the history of Dragon Ball have ever attained Super Saiyan status.

Maybe if the meme had said something along the lines of "oh, you're a Super Saiyan now? Congratulations for dedicating your entire life to combat and risking your life," we would have been more satisfied. The Dragon Ball universe is a dangerous place filled with dark and nefarious species. Not only is Goku disparaging another individual in this meme, but they must also be part of the Saiyan race. The person who this meme refers to may be the strongest warrior in the universe; who knows?

13 The Prince Of All Outlaws

YouTube (PowerPlay)

We'll never know for sure if the Dragon Ball Z animators intended for Vegeta to give the audience or Krillin a bird. There is also another instance in the Namek Sagas in which Recoome is presenting a digit. There's no reason for why Vegeta would have lifted his arm at all.

This meme does Vegeta's character service by emphasizing his rebellious nature. We like the idea that someone noticed this small detail and decided to make a meme out of it, but it wasn't the animators' original intentions, and it misconstrues the meaning of the original scene. This meme is either the most impressive or awful Dragon Ball memes we've ever seen. You have to admire those Namekian Dragon Balls though; they are huge!

12 A Conflict Between Childhood and Adulthood


We're not sure what this meme creator implied when he formed this Dragon Ball meme, but it does provoke the meme viewer to think. Perhaps they are trying to point out how Goku is lucky and receives much aid in his fighting career. When Goku was fighting Frieza, he ascended to Super Saiyan out of anger and a strong desire. This differs from Vegeta who ascended after training at a much higher intensity. He trained at 450 times Earth's gravity and later encountering a meteor storm that could have taken his life.

Generally, it seems as if Vegeta is more disciplined than Goku. This meme creator misses the mark because it says that Goku's character is not realistic in adulthood and he is just a child. The meme also takes a figurative swing at the show's main character, so it goes way too far.

11 A Spider-Man 2 Quote. Aunt May Returns

YouTube (Tom Austin)

This meme does an excellent job of adding passion and depth by incorporating a lengthy quote from Spider-Man 2. During a speech by Aunt May, she explained these words to Peter Parker. Now, this quote has been brought back by this meme creator who found the perfect Dragon Ball screenshots to combine with it. Goku is a hero who is comparable to Spider-Man in numerous ways.

Of all the memes on this list, this may be the only one that passes as being exceptional. The meme could have used photos exclusively from the Cell saga. For them to have changed the time frames back and forth is either detracting from the meme or improving it. You can decide if this meme hit the mark as a Dragon Ball meme.

10 Really Majin Vegeta? Really?


Vegeta has a long history of preying on the innocent. For him to strike his son was surprising enough, but for him to bash young Goten for not having his father around is just cruel.

First Vegeta strikes Trunks then makes fun of a child. Does he have limits?

Goku had been in the afterlife for an extended period and was often away from home. As a result, Goku rarely had the time to be there for his newborn son. It is perhaps a flaw in the character of Goku, but Vegeta's comment, in this case, went too far. Somehow we feel as if Vegeta would have made this comment even if he wasn't under the Majin spell. After all, Vegeta is a jerk.

9 This Meme Is Just Plain Insensitive


A comment like the one displayed in this meme is doing a service opposite than what it should. Instead of condemning racism or spreading a message to better our society, it tries to associate a Dragon Ball character with racism.

As someone who is an avid watcher of Dragon Ball television series, I have never seen an instance where the Dragon Ball creators intentionally tried to be racist. Yes, at face value the statement is true, but because the comment is attempting to be sarcastic, it creates an issue and crosses the line. Let's just say that this meme shouldn't exist, and it's probably the worst Dragon Ball meme we've ever seen. Besides, Mr. Popo is colored black, and he is one of Dragon Ball's most significant characters.

8 The Phantasmagoric Nightlife Of Piccolo


Who would have even thought to have gone this far in creating a meme? It crosses boundaries that need not be passed. Piccolo is part of a peaceful Namekian species that would likely not be seen at a concert.

This scene is capturing one of the numerous occasions in which Piccolo has willingly jumped in front of a gleaming blast to save another Z-fighter. He did it once for Gohan and another time for Goku. Piccolo rarely destroys enemies, but shows compassion and is willing to sacrifice his life to save those he cares for. Without Piccolo, the Z-fighters wouldn't have gotten far. Sometimes in the Dragon Ball universe, Power Levels aren't everything. For its suggestive themes and tarnishing of a character's image, this meme goes way too far.

7 Chi-Chi Would Not Approve Of This Meme

YouTube (Pervy Sage)

Of course, there is yet another meme designer who decided to take an opportunity to disparage Goku's parenting history. Somehow we have this image of Chi-Chi forcing Goku to study, cooking for him, and caring for him deeply. Goku couldn't contrast more than Chi-Chi since he is rarely there for him and takes him on dangerous adventures when he is there.

Piccolo is often there to look out for Gohan when Goku cannot.

When Goku was training with King Kai, Piccolo was training Gohan and raising him into a young man. Somehow we feel like this meme goes too far. Gohan is a half-Saiyan with Saiyan powers and Goku is also part of this alien species. It would be unnatural if Goku tried to be human.

6 A Slightly Confusing Cooler Meme

YouTube (Jos3Random)

We're not sure if this is a reference to Mike Posner's song "Cooler Than Me," or if it is a shot at Cooler's lack of confidence. The idea of an immensely powerful being having self-confidence issues is entertaining, but it is a shot at one of the coolest Dragon Ball characters. If it is a reference to the Mike Posner song, then this meme makes more sense.

Objectively taking a look at this meme, we see that it is unclear and doesn't really prove anything.

It's not the most meaningful Dragon Ball meme we've seen so far, but it does make a comment that isn't easily criticized. Because it incorporates Cooler, Frieza's brother, it's not the worst meme on this list, but it is sort of confusing.

5 Shouldn't Vegeta Technically Be King Now?

YouTube (AAC - Amazing Anime Content

As all Dragon Ball viewers should know by now, Vegeta is the prince of Saiyans because his father was the king of all Saiyans. As the prince, he serves the king and has some minor duties. Because the entire Saiyan race was made extinct aside from a few survivors, Vegeta remained the prince over only a few people.

We have to recognize that this meme is downright funny.

Many Saiyan survivors weren't aware of Vegeta until way later in their life and didn't recognize him as the prince. It would be awesome if Vegeta displayed leadership and attempted to regather whoever is left in the Saiyan race. Perhaps in this way, Vegeta and the Saiyans could repopulate and have their planet restored.

4 I'm Lovin' This Dragon Ball Meme

YouTube (DBZ Memes)

We're not sure if this crosses the line for McDonald's memes, Dragon Ball memes, or both. We do know this meme pokes fun at the appearance of fat Gogeta and criticizes McDonald's for its high-calorie content. Yes, McDonald's is unhealthy, but this person is acting as if Sumo wrestlers aren't some of the strongest wrestlers in the world.

Majin Buu is overweight, and he is an immensely powerful fighter.

The meme kind of crosses the line for making jokes about the appearances of characters, but it fails even more because it slams McDonald's which has already received its fair share of criticism. Perhaps this meme creator needs to find a better cause because this meme is insensitive to Dragon Ball and goes way too far.

3 Goku, The Terrible Father


This meme implies that Goku has no intention of raising his kids. It couldn't be more wrong in this sense, and we don't know where to start in addressing this meme's inherent flaws. Who would have thought that someone would have been audacious enough to fill Goku's mouth with these words? Maybe there is a pattern of Goku in the afterlife or elsewhere while his children are developing as people, but come on, Goku would never intentionally distance himself from Gohan or Goten.

We thought it was a definite class act for the creator to add a troll face on top of Goku's face. As if the meme wasn't already outlandish enough, a troll face had to be integrated. This meme is insensitive, arbitrary, and unfair to Goku. This meme never had a chance of survival because all-around it went way too far.

2 How Would You Dragon Ball Meme?


It was kind of the creator of the meme to put together a six-piece thought comic/meme. Each picture is up for interpretation and may be construed differently. Apparently, it's hilarious to think that his mom thinks he's an ape that goes crazy. The picture that says "What I think I do" would mean that the creator thinks he is a supreme being. He obviously thinks very highly of himself in this case.

For the most part, this meme was creative and encourages thought. The creator went wrong when he wrote the section "What my wife thinks I do." If he is implying that his wife thinks he strikes young people, then something is seriously wrong with this individual. This meme had potential but misses the mark.

1 It's Over 9,000! Does This Meme Ever Get Old?

YouTube (capcomxd meek)

This meme takes a spin on the "It's over 9000!" meme and adds some words of its own. It even changes the appearance of Vegeta which makes the meme even more hilarious. By changing the text to "Nappa, Y U NO GET YOUR OWN SCOUTER," you get the image of an abnormal individual reacting to Nappa's request for Goku's Power Level.

This meme excels because of its use of satire.

Instead of Vegeta responding that Goku's Power Level is over 9000, he shouts out in frustration as to why Nappa doesn't have his scouter. We can empathize with this character, but the meme crosses the line because it tries to change a fan-favorite classic meme. Attempting to revamp a classic meme is a definite no-no. This meme did, however, come close to improving on the "It's over 9,000!" meme.

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