21 Console Game Fan Theories That Seem Totally Legit

These fan theories are creepy and show the darker side of console video games.

Fan theories! Gems of our time that mess with our mind and keep us up at night. Today, we’re going to talk about console game theories that are creepier than creepy can get. After all, Halloween is just around the corner! So let’s celebrate by ruining your childhood. To warm up, let’s talk about PC games. For example, did you know there was an evil My Little Pony game that is called Luna Game? It is said that the game has scared more than a few little girls and their fathers. Then we have that one Morrowind Mod called jvk1166z.esp, that supposedly drives players insane and is available for download. But no one is brave enough to download it.

Such as the one that suggests Mike from Five Nights at Freddy’s is on Death Row. Why? Cause he’s a murderer! This theory is based on a real-life attack at Chuck E. Cheeses. Creepy. But it’s better than the theory that Mike is either a gonner or locked up in an insane asylum, believing the other patients are animatronics. Even that isn’t as deep as the one that suggests WoW was made by an evil worshiper and it is indeed the seventh gate to heck. It has the children’s cult of Goldshire with "something" in basements.

Let’s not go any further with that, please. After all, most of these are children’s games. However, I wouldn’t let your child read these twenty video game theories alone…

21 Ben Drowned

Via: Wikia

This is one of the most popular fan theories of all time. It involves one of the creepiest games of all time as well. The CreepyPasta theory speaks of a copy of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The story starts out with a young man who gets a copy of the game without a label. He finds a save on it called BEN that is full of the creepy mask salesman and images of both Ben’s and Link’s deaths/suicides. In the end, it drives him crazy. To get the full effect, please read the full story here. It’s very long, but more than worth the read.

Word is, the game is still out there somewhere, being passed down to friends of friends of friends. It’s bound to end up in your hands after making everyone who has ever played it lose their minds. If you get it…toss it quick! Or better yet, bury it.

20 Madden Curse

Via: NFL

Ever since Garrison Hearst broke his ankle in 1998, just after appearing on the cover of Madden NFL 99, a theory has spread. It entails that every player who is on the cover of a Madden Game will get severely injured or even die right after. Out of the 20 players who have bene on covers, 17 had their seasons shortened due to injuries.

The latest, Tom Brady, has not faced any life-altering injuries since the game was announced. But there’s still time. Hopefully, he can overcome this supposed curse. His teammate that was on their last year did not. Ron Gronkowski faced more than just one injury since the game’s release. So what about his teammate Tom Brady? I guess we’ll have to wait, pray and see. Can it get creepier than involving people known by millions? It can if this curse escalates in the future or if entire teams are featured on the cover.

19 Starfox Characters Have No Legs

Via: Arwing

You may say, “of course they have legs! I’ve seen them” but have you? Have you really? If you think you have, take a look at this Nintendo Power cover. Does that look like a real leg? Now that you’re with me, let me tell you why they amputated their legs. It wasn’t because of a war or anything. They weren’t injured. They chose this. The reason being is that when flying, the gravity tends to send all of your blood to your legs. Whenever this happens, a person would lose consciousness. So, to prevent this and their ultimate destruction, they had them cut off. Ouch! But whenever they did, their blood flowed normally and they were safe for travel. Plus, they probably run faster. Though I’d utilize these machines more than they do. Imagine the power behind a prosthetic space leg! Prosthetic companies should really advertise with Starfox.

18 Glados Is A Woman In Distress

via game-ism.com

Not just a woman, but a human woman. We all know how feisty and salty she is. She kind of hysterically sings about how much she wants to kill you. But have you ever thought that maybe she wasn’t just based off of Caroline. Maybe, more than her genetic coding was melding into the machine. Maybe the body of a woman was literally, slowly morphed into a machine. Or even worse, maybe she was simply bound, gagged, and hooked up to GLaDOS’ body.

Even the art director stated that she resembles an upside-down Botticelli's "Rise of Venus" piece. And the story makes sense. All she ever wanted was to be free, free from her bounds, her prison, her immortality. She’s bitter and resentful to whoever did this to her, and she wants revenge. But more than that, she just wants out…she wants to die.

17 Majora’s Mask Is Link’s Grief

Via: GameSkinny

The game can really get one down in the dumps, but have you ever wondered why it’s so therapeutic as well? Legend is, Majora’s Mask is Link’s own grieving process. This is no silly theory about chickens, but a real, deep, meaningful theory that will make you feel better about life. As it goes, there are five stages of grief. The stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But why would Link be grieving? Come on! His best annoying friend has left him! Navi!

So how are these stages displayed? Of course, denial is found in Termina where everyone just ignores the moon with the lurkingly evil face. Anger is portrayed by the Deku of Woodfall. They get so angry, blaming each other for the fall. They can’t even realize that the monkey is trying to help them!

Bargaining can be found in Snowhead. The leader of the Gorons tries to bargain for his own life. Then comes depression, where Lulu is beyond depressed, obviously. Then, the final stage is acceptance. A stage Link must overcome alone when he learns Elegy of Emptiness. He even earns the “light” arrows to light up the darkness inside of himself and in his life. Some say this theory can’t be true since Link is not the one to face the stages. But perhaps this world is Link’s and he is indeed the one to face them in his own mind.

16 Giygas Is A WHAT!?

Via: wikia

So, you’ve played Earthbound, right? Remember the final boss, Giygas? Well, let’s just get this out there: he’s a fetus in his final form. You’ve probably heard this before, so let me add a bit of flavor. The whole Earthbound story is based around Ness. You know this. What you didn’t know was that the creator of Earthbound, Shigesato Itoi, based the character off of himself. The whole game was a coming of age thing that stemmed from the fact that he accidently walked into the wrong theater room and saw an adult scene at a young age.

That’s creepy and sad, but what’s worse is that it is believed Ness went back in time to abort him so that it would be easier to face him in his weakest form. Plus, take a look at the image appearing in the game: what does that look like to you?

15 Fallout 3 Is Real

via: youtube.com (DezuReborn)

Not literally, of course, but some say that the predictions in Fallout 3 are on a Nostradamus level. Does that mean a fallout will happen soon? Is this how the world will end? Maybe, maybe not. But other things have not rung true, such as the queen’s death which was supposed to happen in 2014 didn’t (then again, time travelers and seers are often mistaken with the details). But, in the game, sometimes, you’ll listen to GNR and Three Dog will repeat some rather odd numbers, "nine-three-seven-nine-one-seven-two-zero-three-four."

But that’s not the only thing, odd phrases are said that make little sense in the Fallout world and a lot of sense in our world. He mentions YouTube! To see if he’s right, wait till 2023 and see if “Britney wins an Oscar.” Wouldn’t it be crazy if Fallout 3 really did predict the future? If so, remember this, guys: always carry extra ammo (and bobby pins), GNR is the best, and read everything. Also, you might want to start collecting bottle caps now.

14 Lavender Town Syndrome

via youtube.com

You don’t have to have a special version of Pokémon Red or Blue to know that Lavender Town was creepy. You’ll be glad to know you’re not the only one. Back in 1996 when the games were released in Japan, there was a spike in adolescent suicides. It didn’t take long to connect these suicides to children who owned the new hit game. It is believed the song played in the town affected the ears of children more drastically than the weathered ears of adults. The frequencies did crazy things to their minds.

Since parents reported hysteria and severe headaches, Nintendo decided to change the music to a lower pitch the week after its release. All copies were recalled and not many remain today. This seemed to fix the problem. But not until many children were affected. It’s likely there are a few original copies left in the Nintendo vault in Japan.

13 Killswitch

via kotaku.com.au

Many don’t believe this game ever existed, but some claim they’ve known people who got their hands on a copy. It is said to have been created in 1989 by the Soviets. It was only available in Russia and is known as the first survival horror game. The creepy thing was you could be a young girl or a demon. The game changed depending on who you chose. After you play through, the game deletes its own data. Meaning, you can’t play it again.

About 5000 copies were created, but only one has been seen since 1989. It was sold to a Japanese man named Yamamoto Ryuichi for over $700,0000. He wanted to record himself playing the whole game, and said he was going to and upload it to YouTube. But the only video of him is him staring blankly at the screen, crying.

12 Limbo, You Ending Thief

via: play.google.com

This game is so frustrating and confusing. No one really knows what any of it means. So let’s start with the definition of limbo. In the Catholic church, Limbo is “The abode of unbaptized but innocent or righteous souls, as those of infants or virtuous individuals who lived before the coming of Christ.”

So, obviously, someone is dead, and it could be more than just the sister. Some believe they both died in the treehouse. But others say the boy…you…murdered her. Whether or not you’re dead yourself is not confirmed. But many believe you either are and don’t know it or you aren’t and you’re chasing down your sister’s ghost. Others try to keep you from ever reaching her, from tormenting her more. But in the end, it’s all you care about. The theories here are complicated and plentiful, so what do you think this game is about?

11 Companion Cubes Are Alive

via: Valve Inc.

Companion Cubes are oddly adorable. But did you know there’s a good chance they are more than just a piece of metal? That’s right, no need to objectify them. Rumor has it, each and every one is a failed test subject. We all know how the scientists love doing experiments, but it’s not often things work out like planned. When they don’t, they use the bodies to test further theories.

This whole theory begins with the fact that killing one gives you the achievement “Fratricide” which means a family murder. So, in reality, these are GLaDOS’ that can’t move. Speaking of her, she is insistent that the things cannot talk. But if they do, do not listen to them. Hmmm… it’s possible. Samus showed us how small a device that humans can fit into in the future, after all. If this is true, you killed a human that was unable to help themselves.

10 Pokémon Takes Place Post WWIII

via theinsightfulpanda.files.wordpress.com

This one is well-known. But it’s still worth mentioning. Think about the Kanto region. You, Red, don’t have a father and he’s never mentioned. Gary is an orphan being looked after by his aging grandfather. Lt. Surge talks about “the war.” So, obviously there was a war and it wasn’t any we have experienced. The war that takes place in the Pokémon world happened somewhere between a year and ten years before the game starts. Because, you know, Red is ten and his father died in the war.

So, in a way, Pokémon takes place in a near post-apocalyptic world. There are children all around and not many adults the “fighting” age. It’s even likely the Elite Four are war veterans with purple hearts. And then Team Rocket? How easy would it have been for them to start taking over with the world in chaos?

9 Animal Crossing Cult

via ign.com

How many humans are in Animal Crossing? Oh, just one…you! You run around and do small tasks for the animal people. Strange. Why are you doing this and where are the other humans? Well, it starts with the first character you see, Kapp’n, who is based on the famous Kappa monsters. Kappas are known for kidnapping children, it’s their thing. Kapp’n takes you to a dumpy house that you have to work for, despite not asking for it.

So, in short, you are kidnapped, forced into child labor, and are being eyed like a hawk by “the mayor.” Seems appropriate for an E for everyone game. Want to leave? Nah! The guards won’t let you. You’re stuck working for these freaks for all eternity. The only catch is in later games, it doesn’t add up. But maybe that’s because you’ve been brainwashed and have joined their cult yourself. Even becoming their mayor? Think about it.

8 Luigi Is A Ghost

Via: lugiaboy.deviantart.com

There’s this really strange scene in Luigi’s Mansion that really bothers us. But before we go into that, let’s remember that theory that Luigi gets tired of being second and command and attacks Mario but dies himself. This is another theory, but the part we are going to use is that Luigi dies. How, may be different than the old theory. In Luigi’s Mansion, a shadow is seen hanging above him at one point. This shadow looks a lot like him, dangling from the ceiling. If this is the case, he committed suicide. Now if he died, that means the entire game is him in the afterlife.

I mean, how else would you explain that he, rather than Mario won that mansion? Cause he died, not Mario. Likely, he entered the mansion and Mario was there. But not in the wat Luigi thinks. He thinks that he encounters many ghosts, when in reality he’s the ghost and the “ghosts” he encounters are alive and well.

7 Jolene Cranley Evans

via wikia.com

Doesn’t that name give you the creeps? You may recognize it from Grand Theft Auto V. The real story in the game involves the woman who was fighting with her husband when he pushed her over the edge in the 70s. You can find her in the game at about midnight as a ghost with her mouth open in shock. She even writes her husband’s name in blood on a rock to prove he was the culprit.

It is often believed that this story is tied to one in Pennsylvania, in real life. Some say it’s a tribute, others say it’s a way of admitting the details. Maybe someone who works for Rockstar knows more than they are saying. The story tells of a girl who is murdered while hiking with her boyfriend. Could this tale in GTA V tell more than anyone is willing to tell in real life?

6 PS2s Are Nuclear


Like all of them? Maybe. Could come in handy if Fallout 3 really did predict the future and we will be living it soon. There are several leads that help to “prove” that this is true. The first one happened when Iraq (or Saddam Hussein rather) bought 4000 of the consoles. No one knew exactly why, but there are a couple of rumors. One is that he wanted to build a supercomputer. Either that or/and each console contains a specific nuclear power reactor.

Another thing that makes us believe this is that Japan put a shipping ban on them because they were considered “military weapons.” This may sound crazy, but it’s true. As to how powerful they really are is unknown and all up to theories. They could contain a secret weapon that will be used in the future, when GameStops are raided or the power they hold, unbeknownst to them. If I were you, I’d keep that PS2 as long as I could, just in case.

5 Polybius

via: kotaku.com

Anyone who has ever read a gaming theory has heard this one. You may say, “that’s not a console game” but in reality, it was one of the first console games in history. It went down in history as the murderous gaming cabinet. The actual proof of Polybius’ existence is nonexistent. But the legend is what’s interesting. It is believed that the game was made by the government to conduct an experiment with young people. Reports have said that the game was so addictive that kids would make themselves sick playing it. At night, “the Men in Black” would collect the data that the machine had collected.

Turns out, the kids who played it would have nightmares, have hallucinations, and even suffer from amnesia. However, just a month after its release, it disappeared from every location that formally had it. Nothing but an empty floor in its wake. Guess the government got what they needed.

4 Tails Doll Curse

Via: Youtube

Remember the Sega Saturn game Sonic R? Not many people do. But the ones that do remember the ability to summon a creepy Tails doll. There are many ways to summon him and it’s all really creepy. But that’s not the theory. The theory is that after you beat the game the Tails Doll that appears is cursed! Nearly everyone that has played this game agrees. There’s even a video of an “alternative” way to summon him that few will view. It involves turning the lights off in the bathroom and listening to two different songs.

If you’re brave enough, then go ahead and try it. No matter what video you watch or how you summon him, one thing is consistent. Everything is fine until you touch Sonic. Don’t touch Sonic as Tails Doll. Because that’s when all the trouble starts and the people become haunted or even possessed by this Tails Doll.

3 Shy Guys Are Disfigured

Via: Youtube

There are tons of theories surrounding Shy Guys. But they all have one thing in common. Shy Guys are horribly disfigured. Why else would they cover their own faces all the time? Sure, they are likely mercenary spies out on a mission. But a more likely theory is that they are Magikoopas who went through rigorous experiments. They have had their shells removed and been exposed to chemicals and cruel treatments that disfigure them. They are likely brain dead and can do nothing but attack. So, in a way, they are Bowser’s zombie minions.

It is believed only one person has seen a face of one of these. Mario’s brother Luigi, who was paid ooga booga bucks to keep his mouth shut. After finishing the World Cup in Mario Power Tennis, Shy Guy drops his mask and Luigi looks mortified viewing his face! So what exactly did he see?

2 King K Rool Is American

Via: youtube.com

The greedy croc is indeed American. How do I know? Remember the banana war? No? That’s because it wasn’t in the paper! But it was real. It happened back in 1898 when America targeted their Caribbean islands and Central America. But it wasn’t about freedom or taxes. It was about bananas. That’s bananas! The truth is, that area had amazing bananas and America wanted all of them. You may know the company Chiquita, who was the culprit her, bent on taking over the banana industry single-handedly. This was a big deal, and it seems Donkey Kong Country targeted America by fashioning King K Rool after America.

He steals bananas from tropical islands after all. I guess that makes the Kongs Cubans? Probably. But it was stated that King K Rool doesn’t even want the bananas, he just wants the Kongs to starve to death. Eek! Maybe this isn’t legit then. To hear the whole theory, take a look at this video.

1 Mario Is Not Italian...

Via: Dorkly

You heard that right. It may be extreme, but just hear me out here. For starters, he really likes red. This doesn’t mean anything automatically, but it’s the first step. Let’s pretend like everything we’ve believed is a lie and say that Bowser is the good guy. King Koopa is what he prefers anyway. Now, let’s say he’s the rightful king, and Mario is the one trying to overthrow that king. It is likely King Koopa is just trying to save Peach and Mario is the one kidnapping her. That’s one thing, the next sign is even more realistic.

After each level, Mario takes down a pretty flag with a peace sign on it and puts up a white one with a red flag. Excuse me? Did I say that right? Yes I did. He didn’t like the peace, he prefers a different kind of symbol. No there’s nothing wrong with stars, but it’s a classic emblem in those colors... Check it out for yourself. Say what you want but don’t tell me Mario doesn’t look like a certain famous dictator.

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