20 Crazy Mistakes You Never Noticed In The Sims

EA's life simulation series, The Sims, is still loaded with mistakes. They need to address these issues!

There are very few life simulation games that can even come close to the fulfilling experience that is provided by The Sims, and it's easy to see why this behemoth of a franchise has pretty much made this genre synonymous with their long-running series. The unbelievable amount of depth and the open-ended nature of the gameplay are just a few of the many elements of The Sims that have helped the series attract a ton of fans (both casual and hardcore in nature), making it the most popular PC franchise of all time. EA and Maxis are in the control of an absolute goldmine. You might say that they've tried to milk as much as they can from the fans of this series through the shameless release of multiple expansions and stuff packs, most of which are just cosmetic in nature.

However, it seems that the lack of competition in the life simulation genre has made Maxis somewhat complacent, and unwilling to take the time and effort to fix the numerous mistakes that have been present in the game since its first iteration was released back in 2000. While most of the mechanics in the game have been polished extensively, there are still a bunch of lingering problems present in the series that Maxis needs to fix if they truly wish to provide players with the best life simulation experience one can have. Here are 20 glaring mistakes in The Sims that most of you probably haven't noticed.

20 Sims Are Ridiculously Prone To Fires (And Just Stare At It Without Your Guidance)

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Anybody who's played The Sims for a few hours knows that Sims are extremely stupid. In fact, to counter this stupidity experienced Sims players always remember to install a fire alarm in the kitchen. This is because in the event of a fire — that your Sim probably caused, to begin with — your Sims reach the absolute peak of stupidity.

Instead of calling the fire station like any normal person, your Sims will instead start panicking and stare at the blaze while it slowly creeps towards them. The very fact that you need to manually tell a Sim to call the fire brigade just strengthens our earlier point that these Sims truly have no sense of self-preservation.

19 Sims Complain About Needs Not Being Fulfilled... While You're Trying To Fulfil It

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Taking care of your Sims is the number one priority that players should keep in mind at all times, and in an ideal situation, the needs of your Sims should never go down to begin with. However, sometimes things don't go according to plan — such is the nature of life — and at times your Sims will start complaining about certain needs not being fulfilled.

However, what can certainly get irritating after a while is the fact that while you're actively trying to help your Sims get their needs back to normal by adding actions to your queue... your Sim will start complaining about the need you want to fix. Just great.

18 Expectant Mothers Drive Themselves To The Hospital During Labor

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out that labor is an extremely painful part of childbirth, and a woman needs constant love and support in order to make it through this arduous phase. So when an expectant mother needs to go to the hospital, it's pretty obvious that someone would need to drop her off since she would be physically incapable of driving her car.

However, this is simply not the case when it comes to The Sims. If you choose to have a baby at the hospital (instead of at home without any professional medical personnel or equipment — totally the ideal conditions for a mother to give birth), then your mother will — more often than not — drive herself to the hospital. This happens even if there's another Sim with her, which is certainly quite baffling.

And this not the only mistake in the game that's associated with pregnancy...

17 Accidently Give Birth To... OH NO!

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Glitches and bugs are present in pretty much every game, but these have more of a jarring effect in The Sims — a series that's meant to portray life in the most realistic manner possible through the medium of gaming. Having a technical issue spoil your immersion is pretty bad... but this particular bug will straight up give you nightmares.

Sometimes, when you give birth to a baby, what you'll end up with is something totally different that'll make you want to exercise your PC as soon as possible. The image posted above is just one of the many horrifying ways in which the figure of your Sim's baby can get freakishly distorted. Perhaps the worst part about all this is that your Sims will pretend that everything is normal and provide that... thing with the same level of love and care that they'd give to any newborn.

16 Removing The Censors In The Game Through Console Commands Reveals Absolutely Nothing

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At the end of the day, The Sims isn't meant to be a game for kids, but kids will still play it — so there need to be *some* safeguards. The usage of pixelation to blur out the private parts of your Sims while they're engaged in any 'personal' activities has become iconic with the series... but the secrets they cover aren't really worth hiding at all.

In fact, there was a slight controversy about the nature of the Sim models. The creators quickly debunked this theory by stating that these Sims were basically like Barbie and Ken dolls — something that a player can witness for themselves if they choose to remove this pixelation through console commands.

Of course, we must warn you — once you see your Sim go to the toilet without taking anything off... you might not be able to unsee that image for a while.

15 Cars Serve Little To No Purpose In The Grand Scheme Of Things

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Most of the objects you can purchase in The Sims turn out to be pretty useless in the grand scheme of things. The first thing that comes to anyone's minds is closets, which are completely inconsequential since your Sim can change their clothes anytime they want. However, one might argue that probably the most useless waste of money in The Sims are the cars.

There's literally no reason to purchase a car at all. You go to work through a carpool, and cabs can pretty much take you wherever you want, whenever you want. Moving around in the game is never an issue, and purchasing a car simply ends up being a massive waste of money and nothing else.

14 Sims Will Sometimes Follow Others Sims... Even All The Way To The Freaking Bathroom

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Hey, guess what? Sims can be complete creeps too at times!

The bathroom is an individual's personal abode of tranquility, and there's no way that a person will be comfortable with someone else in this abode... especially when they're trying to do something *ahem* private. Conversely, it's pretty obvious that nobody wants to look at a person who's in the middle of these unspeakable actions.

So it can be somewhat perplexing when your Sim ends up following others all the way to the bathroom... only to gross out and get out when they inevitably happen upon a Sim's private time. Seriously, the tracking in this series needs a lot of improvement.

13 Sims Sometimes Just Stay Idle For Extended Periods Of Time

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There's nothing more frustrating than having nothing to do (just to be clear, we're talking about real life right now). Staying idle can get somewhat irritating over time, and one needs an outlet in order to express themselves in one way or another. In fact, even watching someone simply doing absolutely nothing can also get mildly irritating as well.

So, just imagine a scenario where you have a bunch of Sims in your house that need to either fulfill their needs, improve their skills or do some work... and all they end up doing is just stand in one spot like a freakin' dumbass. You'd think that enabling Free Will will fix this problem, but there are times when Sims will stay idle even when Free Will is activated.

And speaking of this particular mechanic...

12 "Free Will" Is Actually Pretty Limiting

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You'd think that providing your Sim with the ability to do whatever they wish will actually make the game somewhat interesting by breathing new life into your Sims — and you know what? There's nothing wrong with thinking something like that. However, the actual application of Free Will in The Sims is lacking in many aspects.

From basic things like facilitating movement to self-preservation — Free Will ignores all of these needs and instead tries to make your Sim appear as brain-dead as possible by making him do actions without any sense, meaning or purpose. From cleaning dishes in the bathroom sink to randomly playing musical chairs in the middle of meals — there's no shortage of stupid things that your Sims will perform.

11 When The Sprinklers Are On, Dancing Takes First Priority

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Maintaining a garden can be a pretty exhausting endeavour, and in order to ease the burden on your Sims, you'd obviously try to make some gardening tasks as easy as possible. Hiring a gardener might seem like the most obvious solution, but if you're searching for a more cost-effective option then purchasing sprinklers would be a smarter idea.

However, for some reason when the sprinklers turn on, your Sims will forget everything important and start dancing around the device, as if they've got nothing better to do. This is just one of the many moments where you'll feel like disabling Free Will for good, just so that you won't have to sit through this nonsense.

10 Sims Turn On The TV While Others Are Asleep (Giving Them A Rather Rude Awakening)

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Talk about being inconsiderate.

Screens have pretty much taken over our lives, and this widespread obsession pretty much started with the adoption of televisions in households all over the world. Keeping our eyes fixated on a screen of any sort has become one of the most favorite pastimes of most people all over the globe.

This obsession is carried over to a virtual environment like The Sims as well, where people will start up a TV if they have nothing else to do. This is pretty much the case even if another Sim is sleeping in the same room, which is just one of the rudest actions one can perform.

9 Simply Greet A Stranger Walking Outside Your Home, And They Treat Your House Like It's Their Own

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Guests can either be a welcome diversion or an uninvited disruption, based on a number of factors. Perhaps the most important one out of these is whether you even know the person to begin with! In fact, many times random people will simply walk past your household, and if you're just starting the game then socializing with these people by greeting them might actually seem like a novel idea.

However, once you greet these people, the majority of them prefer to enter your house and do whatever they please, without any consideration when it comes to the host. Of course, it also goes without saying that assuming a single greeting to mean that you're welcome in a person's house is also rather... weird, to say the very least.

8 The Spouse Stays Absolutely Clueless Why Their Partner WooHoos Someone Else In Another Room

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Relationships are a tricky business in The Sims, and sometimes you'd like to spice up a household's story by coaxing one of the partners to sleep with someone other than their designated romantic partner (you demented animal). This can make your playthrough quite entertaining, since it leads to a pretty unique twist in your usual gameplay... although a lot of silly things can occur as well.

Perhaps the best example one can take for this particular instance would be when your Sim is WooHooing someone in the house, while his/her partner is completely oblivious to the fact that the person they're living with is getting it on without someone other than them.

I mean, Sims aren't deaf... right?

7 After A Point, Kids Only Interact With Their Imaginary Friends

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Kids need a lot of time, attention and nurturing during this crucial growth phase. A child can certainly get a lot more lonely during this time as well, and in order to prevent this, a player can provide them with an imaginary friend that can take care of all their Social needs. However, you need to be somewhat careful when it comes to utilizing this particular mechanic.

That's because once your child gets an imaginary friend, then — more often than not — they'll only end up interacting with it and nothing else. A normal kid should play with their toys and develop the skills they need... and yet, these kids will end up spending the majority of their time with something that doesn't even exist (unless you really want them to).

6 Babysitters Neglect Their Duties And Just Watch TV All Day

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Hiring a babysitter becomes necessary when your maternity leave gets over and you need to hire someone to take care of your kid while he or she is alone at home. So, for a sizeable chunk of the day, you're forced to stare at your screen while the babysitter comes to take care of your infant.

What's frustrating about this particular instance is that most of the time, the babysitter will simply watch the television in your house and do nothing else until she absolutely has too. This can understandably make the player furious, especially when said babysitter starts ignoring the baby because her TV programs are more important than the job you freakin' pay her for!

5 Forget All Your Pressing Needs And Just Go To Sleep Without A Care In The World

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Need to complete your homework so that your grades don't fall? Have to perform a last-minute task to make your Sim's life easier? Or maybe you just need to take care of a few needs before preparing for the next day?

'Nope,' say the Sims you control as they ignore all their responsibilities (and your frustrated screaming on the other side of the screen) and promptly go to sleep.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out just how irritating this can get. Your Sim might still have some energy left in the tank which you can put to good use, but said Sim will simply ignore all the orders you've given and tuck themselves in instead. Bonus frustration points for when your Sim passes out on the floor and barely gains any rest as a result.

4 Forget Everything In The Queue And Go To The Carpool Without A Second Thought

via reddit.com by Silent_Hastati

Getting to work on time is certainly very important. After all, you don't want your Sims to be late to work (which — let's be honest — is the sort of mentality one should have in real life as well). However, one must keep in mind that the carpool arrives a full hour before work starts, and a ton of last-minute actions can be taken in that time to fix (if not replenish) your Sim's needs.

However, try telling your Sims that.

For some reason, your Sim will forget every important action lined up in their queue and start heading towards the carpool the moment it arrives at their doorstep. This can be quite frustrating, especially if you want your Sim to catch a few extra minutes of sleep or take a quick leak before heading towards their job in order to improve their overall work performance.

3 Marriage Is Completely Unrealistic

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Marriage is a bond that two individuals make after a certain point in their lives, when they're so used to being around each other that they can't imagine life without the other person. This sacred pact is not made lightly, and the couple who've opted to marry each other do so out of pure love. It's not a bond that can be made after dating someone for a few odd days.

However, when it comes to The Sims, marriage is nothing more than a simple plot device that's as flimsy as any other pact in the game. In fact, you can meet your partner for the first time, date, fool around, fall in love and get married — all in the span of less than a week.

And speaking of flimsy marriages...

2 Divorce Is Also Completely Unrealistic As Well

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In real life, divorces are ugly... and when we say ugly, we do mean ugly. From constant arguments, to petty squabbles, to tons and tons of paperwork — there's no shortage to the amount of vile and distasteful actions that occur during this process.

However, while divorce in the Sims might certainly be an ugly affair as well... it's far from accurate.

In the event that two married Sims lose all their love and affection for each other, one Sim can choose to break up with the other. However, this process is quite simple, since your divorce pretty much happens on the spot without any legal interjection whatsoever, and the Sim who's been divorced will move away from the household, no questions asked — something that never happens in real life.

1 "All In The Family" Is Very Much Possible

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Yep, we're going there.

If you're just starting out in The Sims, then it's pretty obvious that you won't be able to make two siblings of opposing genders interact with each other in a romantic manner (of course, one might rightfully ask why you're even trying to pull off something so disgusting, to begin with). However, if your sick and twisted fantasies still need to be fulfilled, then all you need to do is wait until a few generations have passed.

After a while, the game simply stops giving a damn, and you can weave an unnerving story that involves two relatives hooking up. If this is something that truly piques your interest, then we kindly ask you to take your fantasies somewhere else.

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