25 Amazing The Sims Comics Too Hilarious For Words

Everyone's played The Sims at least once, so they should know how great the game is! Here's some comics that show the funny side of the game.

No game requires more patience than The Sims. As amazing as it is, it can take a little while to get into the flow of things and explaining it to people can feel like pulling teeth. As fun as it is to play, explaining why you spend your free time making little computer people go to school, work, do chores and sleep, seems a little questionable on paper. Regardless The Sims is one of the best selling PC games of all time! Over four installments (with a possible fifth on the horizon) and a bucket load of console spin-offs, there is so much to explore from monkey butlers to vampires, to holiday destinations, there is so much to explore in an endless world. Sometimes you work hard to see them achieve their dreams. Other times you just sell the doors and start fires! You do you!

But perhaps best of all, The Sims comes with an abundance of inside jokes that spread through the fandom like wildfire. There are so many shared glitches and moments of stupidity that all of our Sims have experienced, sometimes you just have to laugh at them! These comics represent some of the best moments in the franchise. Sometimes loving something means celebrating it's flaws along with the most amazing aspects of the game, as both make The Sims the monster franchise that it is! So prepare to laugh along with all other Simmers with these hilarious Sims comics.

25 So Little Time

via dorkly.com

You know these stats that show how many years of your life you spend asleep, waiting in line or in the bathroom? Well at one point I decided to try and figure out how many collective days of my life I'd spend on The Sims. I won't tell you the verdict, but I will say that I stopped halfway through. The Sims isn't a game you can just play for an hour or so at a time, and it doesn't have an end, so you just have to keep on going. Because of this, it eats up your time like a Blue Whale going through a plankton village!

The irony is that every time a Sim sits down to play video games, I get really annoyed at them and chastise them for wasting their time. They should be studying or cleaning! You know, something productive!

24 Even The Calmest

via c-cassandra.tumblr.com

We all need to let off some steam every now and again. If you meet a Simmer who is polite, courteous and patient at all times, then odds are their Sims are doomed! Personally, I find that there is something oddly therapeutic about making a Sim of someone who has done you wrong and watching them burn.

Sure that sounds creepy, and my face probably does look a lot like this persons, but isn't it better than Sims perish than others? Perhaps The Sims is actually working as a buffer to our real natures, stopping us from releasing our sadistic fantasies on the real world. I don't know if that's true or not, but I certainly do not want to find out!

Comic by C-Cassandra.

23 Is There A Right Time?

via dorkly.com

If there is one thing The Sims do well, it's euphemisms! As easy as it is to make fun of things like “WooHoo”, they're pretty essential to maintain the games '12+' rating! They can't avoid such things; after all The Sims is a life simulator, and this is an aspect of life. Blurred marks and WooHoo is probably as direct as their allowed to be.

Nevertheless, what I would like to see in the game is parents having “the talk” with their kids. They'll explain first of all where it is appropriate to WooHoo (beds, hot tubs, hammocks, pirate ships etc), and secondly how to light the fireworks safely and appropriately. These things are important, I assume to make sure that little tune doesn't play after!

Comic by Dorkly.

22 One Heck Of A Spree

via funnyjunk.com

Speaking of WooHoo, this is an aspect of the game I only recently found out about! Apparently, older Sims can literally pass from WooHoo in The Sims 3! Afterwards, you'll get a message, saying that they WooHoo-ed to their end. Another buzzkill in The Sims 4 is that it is now called passing by “overexertion.”

I've never pressed forward and had a Sim seduce the reaper before. I don't know why I guess I'm just a wimp. But there is no better way to meet him than this! I'm sure after he has picked up a few casualties, they might get curious about how good at WooHoo-ing your Sim is. Can you end the Reaper in the game, by WooHoo or otherwise? As fun as that would be, I feel like it could cause a major bug. Worth it though.

21 Gone By Sandwich

via joyreactor.com

Have you ever had a Sim set the kitchen on fire by making cereal? I have. I'm sure it was a bug or an error, but still very creepy!

I know it's just for the sake of fun, but going by how easy it is to set a stove on fire in The Sims, one can't help but wonder what kind of terrible, dangerous stoves the creators were using. Especially as pretty much all Sim stoves are hobs, not gas rings!

I know that some people really are not very cooking-savvy, but I don't know why you'd have to read a book to know how to make a sandwich. Is there even a book for that? “How to Not Set Fire to Your Kitchen By A. Sims!”

Comic by Seratyo.

20 Why Did I Get Up?

via pinterest.com

This thought crosses my mind more than it probably should. We all know that feeling of getting up with a purpose, but forgetting what it was by the time we're upright. You enter the next room to get a drink or find your phone, but after you walk through the door, you have no idea why you're there!

It's because our watcher canceled our action!

Sure I'm crazy and thinking too much about these things, but can you be sure? It's a feeling we've all had at one point or another. We do this to our Sims often enough. Maybe you just changed your mind or maybe you just wanted to mess with them like our watcher is doing to us, but all of our Sims have felt this. And we have too...

Comic by Um Sábado Qualquer.

19 Don't Leave Us!

via cheezburger.com

Leaving your Sims alone is a heck of a gamble! Sometimes they'll be fine and carry on reading, working or sleeping. Other times, all hell will break loose! Once I decided to go to the bathroom just as my Sim was heading out the door to get to his carpool. I don't know what happened after that, but when I returned he wasn't at work but chilling in his hot tub! It's not exactly a divorce or a cheating boyfriend, but it was one bizarre turnout.

I like to leave free will on for my Sims, I feel cruel if I turn it off (don't worry, I know) but when your Sim decides to play video games rather than feed their crying baby, you start to wonder if they really deserve free will!

18 Only In SimCity


I've added a lot of patches, fan content and custom downloads to my game in order to make my Sim world more like our real world. Even if they are just numbers in a program, I for some reason want them to act like real humans.

Just humans with vampires, ghosts, werewolves and affordable housing!

Let's face it, the real world is boring and uneventful. That's why we play The Sims! It's the little pleasures and moments that make the game as popular as it is. The Sims is a very random world where everything can happen, like supernatural beings. Wouldn't we want to live in that world? I'd love to see an old lady beat up a burglar! Seeing a ghost watch that would just be a bonus.

17 Dream Life

via cheezburger.com

Let's be honest, it's more than just the supernatural beings that make the game a bit of a dreamland. No matter what you do or how much you achieve, your Sims will always be better than you. They'll always make more money than you do, their house will always be bigger, and there is no way you'll ever, ever have a pool like they do!

In the current state of the world, young people are lucky enough to get a job and a car, let alone their own house and a promotion after spending an evening painting. Even if I make all my young adults move into apartments, they can still afford a flat three times the size of my first on their entry-level salary.

16 Those Poor Sims

via reddit.com

If there is one game that is even more messed up than The Sims, it's GTA! I still remember being at teenage sleepovers and playing “who can outrun the police the longest.” Occasionally as an angsty day, I would go home and take my anger out on any pedestrians who happened to be on the pavements of Liberty City. Sometimes I just pick an NPC I didn't like the look of and gun them down along with all the other random number generated look-a-likes.

But this thought certainly puts a dampener on things.

Imagine if your Sim had just fulfilled their lifetime wish and headed off to work after kissing their wife and children goodbye. Then on their way home after getting that promoting that they'd played so much chess to get, they get hit down.

15 The Best Firefighters

via fanpop.com

I don't think anyone who hasn't played The Sims hasn't tried this. When I first set fire to the pool island in The Sims 2, the firefighter did indeed change into his bathing suit, got into the pool and tried to swim to the fire. Unfortunately for him, I didn't put a ladder on the island, so they just swam around it until he drowned.

Sims are fortunate creatures, but they're not always the most logical.

Luckily, since there isn't anything for the fire to latch onto, I imagine this fire would eventually just go down and out. But as Sims don't think rationally into the future, this moment must have ended up being pretty embarrassing for that poor firefighter! Still not as embarrassing as setting your pool on fire in the first place.

14 How To Make Friends

via pinterest.com

In the world of The Sims, friends are important. For starters, these people will probably keep turning up on your doorstep unannounced, so it's best to get to know them. That way, they'll be less angry when you stare at them through your telescope. They are also an essential part of climbing up the career ladder!

Every career path in The Sims requires at least some friends. But as much time and effort it takes to claim friends in the real world, for Sims it's a lot easier! After telling a few jokes and giving a few hugs, a smiley face next to their name will confirm your friendship with the other Sim. Just remember to go back and give them another hug next week in order to make them a best friend!

Comic by Dorkly.

13 It's Right There!

via pinterest.com

Sometimes, you can't help but slam your forehead against your keyboard in frustration at the annoyance of your Sims.

They try, Watcher knows they try, but sometimes their stupidity just gets to you. Like when they can't get into bed because a book is blocking the path. Like when you ask them to put the toddler to bed, then they immediately wake them up again and take them out for no apparent reason. Or, when they wet themselves an inch away from the toilet!

We've all run to the toilet in desperation at some point or another. The difference is, if a normal human feels their desperation breaking, they'll complete the run anyway. Sims prefer to stop, cry into the sky, and wet their pants!

12 Clever Little Sims

via reddit.com

When the concept of aging was first introduced in The Sims 2, I was absolutely thrilled! After having just three life stages in the first game, we suddenly had six! Seven after Sims University was released! That and the idea that Sims could now get pregnant rather than spawning a baby out of a cloud of flowers felt very exotic.

After seeing this comic, however, I can't help but feel a little disappointed in myself.

Sims don't really grow up, do they? Whether they are children, elders, toddlers or teens, they have exactly the same gurgled vocabulary. An eighteen-month-old child could easily best a max-skilled Sim in any logic test! An eighteen-month-old child will probably figure out how to step over a toy on the floor.

11 Your Sim Knows You

via memecenter.com

Firstly, I like Tumblr. Sure it can be crazy, it's filled with just as many haters as the extreme liberals that everyone seems to think to dwell there and I did receive genuine threats for some comments I made about The Hobbit film. But if I want to upload a picture of my hair and get approval from strangers then there is no better place!

What is very satisfying however is when the Sim of you that you have created starts to follow your own passions. Like when my the Sim I made of me always played video games automatically after school. Or when they asked if they could have a guitar! Then they got better than me, so I ended them in the pool!

10 Poor Sims

via runt-of-the-web.com

Sometimes, Simmers can be cruel. As I mentioned earlier, it just makes it easier to be nice in real life. And as I also mentioned earlier, when left AKF, things can go south very quickly. If you're trying to end your Sim, they may try and defy your will while you grab yourself a snack. But if you make it back in time crushing their dreams can be even more satisfying!

Having said that, if you think too much about this it becomes very creepy! Imagine literally starving, then finally you're able to get hold of a pizza! Just as you're about to eat, it's cruelly ripped from your hands and put in the trash. That's a Black Mirror level of messed up!

9 Under House Arrest

via funnywebcomic.com

Let's get something out of the way first: it's not true that only women play The Sims. Yes, plenty of Simmers are women, and simulation games are, generally, more popular with a female audience than men, there are plenty of men who also play the games. I know just as many male Simmers as female Simmers, along with others who don't identify with either gender.

Moving on though, it wasn't until The Sims 3, that Sims ever really had to leave the house! In fact, I often tried to prevent it, as it was often just as fun to have them stay home. Just get your creativity up and you can earn money at home by selling paintings or novels. Have things delivered to your house so you don't have to go shopping and just wear the clothes you already have. You never have to leave!

Comic by FunnyWebComic.

8 Therapeutic Building

via themetapicture.com

Perhaps the reason why I can't be bothered to let my Sims leave the house is because I put so much time and effort into building their houses. While I personally can make do with pre-made houses, I know some people who can't stand them! Before they begin to play with the pre-made families or even make their own families, they have to go through the neighborhood and build all homes and community lots.

While I certainly can't be bothered to do this, building houses is strangely calming. Making everything perfect and coordinated, building the exact amount of rooms your Sims need. Part of what makes The Sims so popular is how calming and satisfying it can be at times, the house building being a good example of this.

7 The Dreaded Ladder

via 9gag.com

At one point during a Sim session, I decided that I had had enough of one family and decided to drown them all in the pool the old fashioned way. They all got in and started swimming around happily at first, but slowly began to get tired. Fortunately, though, one of them gained fitness enthusiasm and was visited by the instructor from Platinum Gym in order to give them a membership card. To reach them he dived into the pool, but then was also unable to get out, so they all reached their watery demise together!

When Sims learned to get out of the pool by themselves, they weren't evolving. They took away one of the most therapeutic aspects of the game! Ending them in the pool is a lot less messy and expensive than having them perish in a fire (although the ghosts do leave puddles everywhere).

6 Life Lessons

via karsciyin.deviantart.com

As much as we all adore this game (or at least I assume you do if you're reading this list), The Sims does come with some very questionable life lessons. For example, they teach that if you repeatedly pester someone enough then they will eventually agree to go out with you and be romantic with you. They teach you that you'll get the job of your dreams just by looking at the newspaper and that you don't have to complete all your University projects in order to pass so long as you turn up to class occasionally!

I laugh every time I see this comic as it highlights all the worst lessons that The Sims 2 (the best installment) teaches us. When I perish and the Grim Reaper comes for me, they better have a cell phone!

Comic by Karsciyin.

5 The Easy Life

via funnyjunk.com

After several of these entries, I don't think anyone would argue that it must be pretty easy living as a Sim. Sure their lives are shorter, but it's all relative to them. Maybe they are stupid at times and ill-equipped for an emergency. Their bosses throw out promotions like free candy on free candy day and you only need a few books to learn everything ever!

It says a lot about our bleak world that the lives of people that constantly have to deal with alien invasions, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, burglars, and disappearing pool ladders seem simple compared to our own. Perhaps we could all come together to discuss how to make the world a better place for all of us? Or maybe we could just keep on playing The Sims and dreaming!

Comic by Seratyo.

4 Our Resourceful Mayor

via cad-comic.com

I never really got into SimCity like I did The Sims. I could spend hours building the city and building whatever the citizens were nagging me for; but ultimately it would just end in a giant dust cloud of rioters, aliens, and Godzilla! Even so, there are times when the major of the city really needs to be commended, and the IQs of your people need to be brought into question.

Perhaps scenarios like this are why The Sims is set in the suburbs rather than SimCity itself. As stupid as our Sims seem at times, they wouldn't be celebrating this scenario!

But maybe I'm being too judgemental; it put the fire out, after all! Besides, I'm sure the maid will come tomorrow to clean everything up.

Comic by Ctrl Alt Del.

3 SimCeption

via imgur.com

From the moment Mr. Humble first arrived at my Sim's house to leave his pretty pink package, I've wondered this. As I said before, I'm too cruel to let my Sim sit down and play video games for too long. But whenever they start to play The Sims, I can't help but wonder.

Do they sit there and laugh at their Sims unable to complete simple tasks? Do they read lists with funny comics about their Sims and laugh at the in-jokes?

And if your Sims can play The Sims, then what if their Sims are also playing The Sims? It spawns up an endless chain of people sat in front of their computers controlling their little computer people, fulfilling their wants, sending them to work, and having them learn to cook. One can never know!

Comic by The Very Near Future.

2 Ever Growing Families

via nekohellangel.deviantart.com

This is why I can't play with family Sims!

I may not have any children personally, but I like to think I understand how much a parent loves their child. But these Sims are just ridiculous! I've had Sims give birth then immediately afterward they'll want to have another one! I've never tried to fulfill the want of having ten children, and I never intend to, because children are annoying, both in the real world and in The Sims! When you have two brats crawling around on the floor begging to be taught to walk and talk, while you have a screaming baby in your arms... what part of you decides that what you really need right now is another one?

And what exactly do they say to their partner?

Comic by NekoHellAngel.

1 How To “Win”

via pinterest.com

Explaining The Sims to someone who has never played it is impossible. The game is a never ending tool, where new Sims are born and made, continuing your long proud line. There are no real goals and no real point to any of it; it's just fun.

So for all my previous whining about children, aren't all Sims like this? Aren't all Sims whiny and demanding? Even after the achieve lifelong happiness they still get wants and whims, asking you for more and more stuff. Surely we could just reach a point where you Sim can take care of themselves? But nope! They always need you to tell them to go to the bathroom.

But they'll always be better than interacting with real humans! After all, I've never encountered a human that I could just save and come back to later if I got bored.

Comic by Woohooligan.

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25 Amazing The Sims Comics Too Hilarious For Words