20 Surprising GameStop Stories

GameStop customers and employees alike have experienced awful things. Here are some of their most surprising stories.

Isn't it weird how we sort of come to accept the fact that some companies are always going to be terrible? If there was any justice in the world, we'd be able to get everyone to boycott these places and they would go out of business within days. Sadly, people continue to go to there to shop, even though they really don't have to. There are so many options out there but people like to stay with the routine, that’s just how human beings would work it seems. That’s why everybody knows that GameStop is a total dump that caters to people we don’t like and hires some pretty unpleasant people as well.

In the hope of getting people to realize that they’re doing the wrong thing here, we decided to pull together as many examples of horrible GameStop stories as possible. We’re hoping that this will get loads of you to stop going to GameStop and then we won’t have to keep going on about how horrible the company is. If these stories don’t bring down GameStop, then we guess we’ll have to wait until digital game shops take over for us all.

So, ready to have a look at some of the most unpleasant GameStop stories out there? Want to find out exactly why people hate the shop? You will not believe what sorts of things go on under this company’s nose and yet they still continue to make money every single year!

20 Being Able To Speak Another Language Can Come In Handy

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Learning how to speak another language is one of those things that we always wanted to do but we could never force ourselves to do it, first getting to a point in our development where we could speak a small amount and then never getting further than that. It’s a shame as well, because we think it’s really important that people from English speaking countries make the effort to learn another language. English has been forced onto so many other countries in the world, the least we could do is voluntarily start to take up their language as well, even if it’s purely as a show of respect. Sadly, we’ve allowed our privilege and laziness to beat us every single time we go to do it.

19 Totally A Fair Response

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Look, we actually find stories like this really funny because it gives you an insight into the sort of mind that doesn't know how to properly articulate frustration. Some people grow up never fully understanding that all human beings get frustrated at times, but that as an adult, you need to learn how to control those sorts of feelings and let them out in a healthy manner. Thankfully, we’ve managed to do that as we’ve grown up, which is why we don’t fully understand people like this who clearly never had a crash course in not losing your mind in public, something that all parents should put their children through. Acting like this is insane, which is why we find it genuinely fascinating when somebody does.

18 Why Have Kids If You're This Selfish?

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Seriously, people in this world see having children as a right but we reckon it's a privilege that should not be handed out to most of the human beings in this world. We know that telling people who can and can't have children is a slippery slope to some people, but this isn't about you being allowed to carry or gun or something like that. Human beings are being brought into this world by adults who are far too selfish and immature to look after them. It's not fair. It is genuinely cruel. Ask any of your mates if they feel like their parents were ready to look after them when they gave birth to them. We bet that you'll be surprised by how many people feel that way now that they're adults.

17 Sometimes You Keep Your Cards Close To Your Chest...

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One thing that you need to learn as you get older is that you shouldn't be showing your entire hand before you're sure you've won, as opposed to when you're younger and you want everybody to know how smart you are. Sadly, some people grow up and still want everyone around them to know how smart they are, something that will get them into a lot of problems. This story is a perfect example of a guy getting way too smug and throwing his cards on the table in the hope of making the guy behind the desk feel stupid. Thankfully, the guy behind the desk showed this man who was in control of the situation before it could all get way out of hand.

16 This Can't Be Scientifically Accurate

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This can't be true, can it? Is there anybody reading this that is smarter than us and can, therefore, explain to us how true this is? We know it isn't impossible, but we think it's more likely that the people who go to GameStop smell a certain way, thereby leading to the GameStop smell. We usually don’t mind being stupid but when this sort of thing comes along, we wish that we had enough knowledge in the world of science to prove whether or not this was true. Sure, all of the physics stuff is boring, but the science of smells is a wealth of knowledge that we really wish we could get involved with. Instead, we focused on fiction and how to describe smells.

15 Bit Over The Top...

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Look, even if Taco Bell was one of the greatest restaurants in the world, this wouldn't be an alright thing to say to someone who hadn't eaten there. As it is, Taco Bell is quite possibly one of the worst places to get food, unless you're purposefully looking to contract food poisoning. We can understand why people still go to places like McDonalds and throw that poison down their neck because while it’s definitely terrible for people, at least it doesn’t just make you feel absolutely horrible, putting you on the toilet for the next week. Taco Bell has become a laughing stock for exactly that reason, and yet people across the world continue to go to get food from there. Their food is terrible and we need to stop.

14 What A Smooth Talker...

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So, what is the follow-up to this story then? We really want to know if this worked out for the kid, and if it did, did they go on a date and are they still together? It's this sort of thing that works as a writing prompt for people with the sort of overactive imagination that we have. Seriously, if anybody knows these two people then we need to know what happened. That way, our imagination will stop running away with itself and we will know that there’s a new type of pickup line that might work on the next person we want to try it on with. Is that weird of us? Are we the sort of creeps that these stories are about?

13 Wow. We Couldn't Hate This Man More.

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There isn't a single part of this story that doesn't make our blood boil and hate a man that we haven't even met before. This is exactly why people don't want other people to talk to them if they don't know them because you end up having to have a back and forth with somebody who really shouldn't be allowed outside of the house. We can understand that some people out there just aren’t very comfortable in social situations. We can see why some people turn out socially awkward because of various different reasons, but there is no excuse for being a creep that makes everyone around you feel uncomfortable. You should just keep yourself locked up so people don’t have to put up with you.

12 You've Got To Be Honest

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At least this guy knows that he can trust the people at his GameStop to tell him the truth, whether he wants to know the truth or not. Plus, at least he can go and sell his new console to the nearest GameStop if he wanted to, thereby giving him enough money to pick up the game and console that he actually wanted. That being said, one of the many reasons we need to stop going to shops like GameStop is that they don't give you enough money for the things you bring in. Seriously, why do any of us still go these places? Every single one of us hates everything about them!

11 People Like This Should Make Us All Feel Ashamed

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This is the sort of thing that really makes us feel sick. There are still people in this world that think things like this are alright. Do you think we’ll ever get to a point where we can eradicate the concept of racism? Prejudice is such a difficult thing to fight, but we must believe there’s the chance of a world without it, otherwise we’ll never be able to achieve that dream. It’s down to us, not only as parents, but as civilians in the world to get out there and let people know this sort of stuff is not okay. The easiest way of doing this is to point out to people that what they’re doing or saying is just not okay.

10  Okay, This Is A Great Place To Work!

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We immediately take everything back that we've said about GameStop. Clearly, despite all of the horrible things that go on there which negatively affect both the workers and the customers, if you can get into conversations like this then there's a chance it's worth it. In fact, if you're used to working in depressing retail situations, at least you'd know that if you worked at GameStop you'd be able to get yourself into funny stories like this, rather than just hateful or depressing ones. If we got to talk about the most puerile and ridiculous video games, while getting paid for it, we know that we’d be pretty happy about where our career was headed, but then we’re pretty immature when it comes to every aspect of our lives.

9 Think It Through, People

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You've got to have a high level of courage to try and get away with something like this. The bravery it must take to go straight to GameStop to sell something off that you've just stolen is insane to us. We do not have those kinds of skills hidden within our heads. We're far too honest for all of that. We would like to think that, if we were the sort of person who did go out and steal from other people, we would have the smarts not to try and go and sell the stuff the next day. We know that they want to get rid of the stuff as quickly as possible while trying to make as much money as possible, but you’ve got to leave it a little longer than a day.

8 Where Did That Come From?!

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The thing about racists is that they gave up on logic a long time ago, otherwise they wouldn't be racists in the first place. This means they can find a way to place racism into any conversation that they're having, including a conversation that they're having in GameStop. You have to realize that when you can place what you hate into pretty much any conversation, no matter what you’re talking about in the first place, your hate is clearly illogical and irrational. This is alright, as long as what you hate isn’t other people! We don’t know how much we can write about the racism issue because this sort of thing really gets our blood boiling once we start getting into it. Just don’t be racist. It’s that simple.

7 Why Would You Bother Doing This?

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Look, we don't pretend to understand the inner workings of every single human being on this planet, but we'd like to think we have a pretty good grasp of why people do the things they do. However, this is the sort of thing that can leave us stumped for days if we actually sit and think about it. We’re no stranger to the concept of doing something weird because we find it funny or because we have an underlying urge that we just can’t explain. In fact, we give into that feeling so much more than we’d like to admit, but that doesn’t mean we can see where everyone is coming from when they engage in similar acts of random or gross behavior.

6 We Would've Said Yes

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This is the sort of thing where, if you get the right person on the other end of the phone, you're actually looking at quite a few free games. Sure, they may lose their job, but they'll gain a lot of some other stuff, which to some people is far more important than any sort of job. If you’re lucky, you can pretty much spend your entire life swapping weed for whatever you need in life. This might sound ridiculous to you, but there is a lot of this stuff out there and there are also a lot of people out there who smoke it as well. To some people, this sort of thing is like a religion, so if you get them on board you’re all good.

5 This Person Has An Interesting Life...

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Do you ever hear a story about somebody and think about how great it would be to have them in your life, not because they'd be a good friend, but because they'd bring stories and experiences to your life that are so out there that you couldn't even imagine them? We would be lying if we told you that we didn’t have any good stories to tell you, but there’s no way they’re anywhere near as good as this one! Seriously, you should spend most of your life trying to surround yourself with fun people like this because you’ll regret not doing when you’re dead. It’s worth coming up with a lot of stories while you’re still young.

4 Finally! A Happy Ending!

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Yet another look at how learning a different language can prevent silly little misunderstandings, as well as making a grand gesture to show that people who speak English don't see themselves as more important. Plus, it's nice to see that there are some stories that start out horrific at GameStop before becoming a happy story. We know that you were expecting just horror stories in this list, but you know that we need a little bit of light in our lives now and then. GameStop is so horrible that if we only brought you sad stuff you’d be done with yourself by the time you got to the end of the list. Obviously, we want you to be able to make it all the way through these lists.

3 Take No For An Answer!

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This is the sort of person who had terrible parents when they were younger, parents who never taught them to take no for an answer. If you have a child and you give them everything that they want or that they ask for, you need to know that you're essentially helping create a horrible human being that everybody else is going to hate when they've grown up. We know that it’s a lot easier to just give a child everything they want because doing otherwise is really hard work, but you need to know that you’re making the rest of that child’s life into a total nightmare. They will never be satisfied and they will make the world a worse place for everyone else.

2 Yeah, We Really Don't Have True Equality Yet...

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There are some men, and women actually, who continue to fight the concept that true equality doesn't exist yet, even though situations like this seem to happen to every single woman at least once a day. Honestly, go and ask the women in your life whether or not they are regularly subjected to inequality due to their gender. The answer may surprise you. Thankfully, there are enough people out there fighting for true equality that it doesn’t matter so many archaic people out there are still getting in the way. If enough of us make an effort, we will be able to make sure that nobody on this planet will be treated differently based on something they have no choice over. That is one of the most important things to get sorted in the modern world.

1 This Is How You Teach A Kid A Lesson

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Just like there are some people out there who shouldn't be having children, there are also some adults who are the perfect candidates for having children. These are the people who are going to bring up the next generation in the right way, teaching them a perfect set of morals to bring the human race forward. Half of the reason we don’t want to have children is that we know that, even know we’re fantastic with kids, we wouldn’t be able to bring up the sort of adults that we’d like to be around, at least not yet. We can barely look after ourselves at this point, so it wouldn’t be right for us to download all of this onto the brain of a baby.

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